Scorpio Man and Pisces Woman Chemistry – What Are The Signs?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Do the Scorpio man and Pisces woman do well together as a couple or even sexually? Keep reading for some significant signs.

Do the Scorpio man and Pisces woman do well together as a couple or even sexually? Keep reading for some significant signs about how Scorpio man and Pisces woman chemistry reads. Are they meant to be or meant to move on?

Scorpio Man and Pisces Woman Soul Mate Match

The scoop on the Scorpio man with Pisces woman is that they’re a fantastic match! They are such a fantastic pair that they absolutely could be soul mates or even twin flames. They will FEEL this almost at first sight.

They are both water signs and so they both get the value of their great emotional depth. This makes it easy for them to understand each other and connect on a much deeper level than other couples typically can.

The Scorpio man and Pisces woman match is wonderful. They have so much in common you’d almost think they share the same sign. They do have some differences though but nothing that should be too detrimental to their love.

Their love will most likely be so strong that they can get through just about anything that comes their way. These two really enjoy spending time together doing things they mutually love.

Their values are very close and so there is very little that they won’t see eye to eye on and if there is something that comes up, they’ll probably easily find a solution that works for them both.

If you’re a Pisces woman and you feel right away upon meeting your Scorpio man that he’s “the one”. You’re probably correct! If you don’t fall in love immediately but still have an inkling he’s possibly the guy for you, trust it.

You Feel Each Other While Apart

Scorpio Man and Pisces Woman Chemistry

Upon meeting, you two likely had a very special connection right out of the gate. That being said, when you are apart, you will still feel as though that connection is still intact.

What I mean by that is you two think about each other so much that to others you seem as though you’re obsessing. What is happening is that you think of him, he then feels it and thinks of you.

Scorpio man and Pisces woman always keep a connection intact when they are not spending time together. Whether they’re at work or just apart for other reasons, the feeling and desire are still there.

You may catch yourself daydreaming about your Scorpio man and he suddenly sends you a text message because he felt it. He may not know he felt it but he did and he will reach out.

This type of connection definitely shows you that there is some serious chemistry between you two. Cherish it because most couples do not have this type of closeness with anyone.

Intuitive Vibrations

When you start getting to know your Scorpio guy, Pisces woman; you’ll notice that you already know how he feels before he even tells you. You’ll know as soon as you see him or he calls.

The feeling you get will be so strong, you’ll wonder if it’s his feelings or yours. This is how closely tied you two can be and are likely to end up as. The chemistry is strong when you two can read each other.

He may be in the other room and yet you’ll be able to feel what his mood is and how to respond to him. This is the type of thing that many couples wish they had to understand their partner better.

This type of connection is something that is rather rare and something that is to be treasured with everything you can. Just be sure you’re always being truthful with your Scorpio man.

The intuitive bond you share goes both ways. He can feel you too which means that if you aren’t honest about something, he’ll know. Always tell him straight out what is on your mind or what you feel.

Fairytale Feelings

As a Pisces woman, you already know that most men do not dive into the dreams you have nor do they have the same types of feelings. Scorpio man is a bit on the practical side but he embraces dreams.

He just tends to want to take some action towards the dreams instead of just putting them off to the side. In this way, he will actually help motivate you Pisces lady!

You two feel like you’re deeply in love and you can visualize a castle for you two to live in, unicorns in the yard, and rainbows overhead. He’ll be a bit more practical but he certainly feels what you do and therefore he won’t be turned off.

The romance between Scorpio man and Pisces woman hits off very quickly and the two are prone to fall in love either at first sight or within a very short period of time. They just feel each other too easily and know it’s best to act now.

The chemistry between these two is thick and wonderful! Who wouldn’t want this type of romance? Both fall deeply in love, both want to spend lots of time together, and both want to share everything.

Emotionally, they get each other and are able to communicate quite well. Both understand each other well enough to be able to “get” what their relationship is as well as where it’s headed.

Knowing There Is A Future

Scorpio Man and Pisces Woman Chemistry

The biggest telltale sign of amazing chemistry between Scorpio man and Pisces woman is when the two instantly know they are going to be together for the long run.

This is the type of couple that will elope overnight and shock everyone. They might meet for the first time and then run off to Las Vegas to exchange vows for life. The thing is, they probably will actually make it.


These two have very little in the way of problems. Naturally, there is always something that may need a little work but it’s nothing that they cannot handle. The only thing that may break their bond is infidelity if someone feels shaky.

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9 thoughts on “Scorpio Man and Pisces Woman Chemistry – What Are The Signs?

  1. I have hurt my scorpio man ,i am picies but i did something very wrong because i was desperate to talk to him ,he now blames me and have blocked me from everywhere what should i do ?

    1. ouch sis! I’m a Pisces too and I’m dating a Scorpio man.. yes he will definitely block you and good luck on talking to him again.. he is not like Leo guy that will just rest and get back to you… Scorpio men are very positive and confident… they don’t like bad vibes… and if you done them wrong… it’s girl bye… 🙁

      1. The good thing though is that while Scorpio can hold a grudge, they don’t often totally burn someone out of their life. When you make a mistake and actually apologize for it, they will talk to you again. It may take time but they will listen to what you have to say. Unless of course it was something so bad that he cannot forgive then that’s something different. I think Pisces can get through better than most signs though.

    2. Hi Raya! I’m sorry to hear that things have gone so terribly wrong. I think you need to find out what it is that you did. Tell him that you don’t understand what you did that upset him so much and you want to apologize and make sure you don’t repeat it. Perhaps when he gets past whatever it is, he’ll be more open to talking again. If there is a way for you to get through to him somehow, apologize, apologize, and apologize. Tell him you’re sorry but he needs to tell you what it was you did wrong otherwise you cannot fix anything. You’re not a mind reader after all. I hope you are able to get through sweetheart. I wish you the best.

  2. Hey Anna i definitely love the helpful tips of my Scorpio man and I are totally a fairytale i feel ! I’m a Pisces woman with a Pisces moon as he’s Scorpio with a cancer moon we amazingly feel that we are soulmates actually met on eharmony been nothing but sweet romance with each other. Thanks for all the great tips and secrets of Scorpios as that’s definitely helped me understand my man much more on a deeper level that he just told me he’s giving me a key to his house now after a great week with him and my daughter.

    1. Hi Tristan! The two of you are connecting with that watery connection that makes for an emotional bond. I”m glad to hear that you’re doing so well with your Scorpio man. How wonderful that he’s giving you the key to his house! It sounds like you’re on the right track. If you need any more help, you might check out my book “Scorpio Man Secrets”.

  3. Pisces woman here, completely star struck by a Scorpio. We’re from the same hometown and have many mutual friends but have never actually met each other irl. We randomly messaged each other over social media one day after both recently leaving long relationships. What transpired was this immediate chemistry that has kept us chatting for a couple of months now. Sometimes it seems like we talk about everything and nothing but it is so electrifying to hear from him. He has expressed a clear attraction for me, both physically and intellectually. The flirting between us can get quite heavy at times, and I find myself with intense feelings for a man Iv never actually met. I do not know if we will ever meet, as we live 5 hours away from each other, and while i have expressed that I would love to meet him, he has been vague on those terms, suggesting he has other things going on in life. I’m left with this intense desire to have him, but it is quite possible that it will never be.

    1. Hi B! Flirtation via online can be very exciting and exhilarating because you can fantasize about anything and it be sexy. While attraction can happen, it’s still a bit different when it comes to face to face. If he’s being vague about meeting up it’s because he may be comfortable with things as they are and may not want more. I think that I’d be asking him about meeting up and if he gets sketchy tell him that it’s time to find out if the chemistry is there in person. If he still resists then you may want to consider that all he wants with you is what it’s been. If that’s something you don’t want then you may want to let go and move on. Do what is ultimately best for you!

  4. My bday is March 8th, I have been speaking to an October 28th Scorpio for almost a year. September 17th will make a year. We started out conversing as he and his fiance split and I ended my relationship with my ex.
    I usually play the field, joining in the game so many men play, BUT instead I opted to respect, honor, and cherish him as I deemed him worthy of my time, energy, affection, and love.
    Once things ended with my ex last December the Scorpio and I really started to converse more, and then began kicking it heavy closer to “Covid” months so the only place we could convene was my house as he mentioned that he and his fiance sold the house and he moved to an air bnb. I have NEVER been to his air bnb because he explained that he only pays for a room and bathroom. I GET it BESIDES I have my own place, so long story short most of our meets have been at my home. We were intimate about 5 times between end of March (24) and April 16th. He left and went to see his family in Florida for a week and didn’t call me while there AT ALL. I felt this was a red flag since we haven’t spoken much 2 weeks prior due to his phone being damaged so I ghosted him for about 2 months. The distance ate at me for 2 months as I felt we had genuine chemistry.
    He is 44, I am 30, he’s a military retiree, served about 15 years, he has 5 children and I have one. He is a hard worker whose determined, he’s a GM, says he works 16 hour days on salary, and manages maintenance department. He just started 2 months ago, I don’t pressure him.
    In the beginning our conversations lasted for an hour or better. Now I can barely get a text back let alone a phone conversation….even if he gives me his word. He seems amazingly candid, and he still tells me how he loves me. Is this all a facade, are his actions payback for my ghosting, or does a part of him still want to build this? he mentioned my moral compass when I asked what he wants from me and he replied “My heart.” We now see one another once every 2 weeks, I may get a sporadic text, and he’s usually available for about 2 hours anticipating intimacy.
    I’d be lying if I said that lately his presence didn’t warrant a sexual encounter. He told me he loved me first and it was well before our first intimate exchange. NOW, he will give his word about coming to see me or text me, yet never explains what happened when it falls through.
    I want to hang in and keep the faith BUT I have now developed a bit of doubt, is it worth seeing through, is this payback for “my disappearing act” , or am I wasting my time just for sex?

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