Scorpio Man And Gemini Woman: What He Likes

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
What is it that makes a Scorpio man drawn to a Gemini woman? Keep reading to find out what Scorpio man likes in a Gemini woman.

What is it that makes a Scorpio man drawn to a Gemini woman? What does she do that makes him curious about who she is and what she has to offer him?

Keep reading to find out what Scorpio man likes in a Gemini woman:

As a General Rule

It’s odd that these two would even get together in the first place as they aren’t the best matchup. They’re so different that it’s hard to even envision the two of them getting together for more than friendship.

They don’t jive well sexually as they are very opposite to desires. Scorpio man wants to be deeply spiritually connected to his partner while Gemini woman just enjoys the thrill and fun of sex.

They both have mood swings that would cause constant conflict between them. They don’t “get” each other on an emotional level. This makes it hard for them to understand one another on any other level.

They will find it hard to talk to each other about important matters and find it even harder to see eye to eye on life’s values. They have a different moral code and don’t get how each other operates.

Gemini woman has dual personalities that may change back and forth based on her mood and what is going on in her life. Scorpio man doesn’t have this but he can get upset, angry, or depressed easily.

The two would be an emotionally messy scene if they tried to make a go of it. It’s not impossible for the two to fall in love but it would not be something that would be very easy.

They’d have to learn as much as they can about each other and then try very hard to make an effort to compromise. Both can be hot and cold back and forth which makes a connection difficult to put together.

Why Scorpio Man Is Drawn to Gemini Woman

What a Scorpio Man Likes in Gemini Woman

Since it’s not a very common match up, what exactly what a Scorpio man appreciate or really like about a Gemini woman? What would make him give it a try even if it is difficult?

I’d have to say he admires the fact that she’s so cool, calm, sociable, flirtatious, and is optimistic about life. She’s spontaneous and loves to have a good time no matter what she’s doing.

This will likely draw in a Scorpio man who might not otherwise pay her any attention at all. Scorpio man is a water sign and Gemini woman is an air sign. Gemini woman has the ability to destroy the Scorpio man’s calm.

Scorpio man may find it hard to tie down a Gemini woman and that’s where frustration may seep in. However, in the beginning, these two are drawn to each other because in some cases, opposites attract.

I wouldn’t say that this would be a permanent love but if they choose to take that route, they will have to really work hard at it. Scorpio man will be quite frustrated with the Gemini woman after awhile.

She may want to just go ahead and move on to find someone who is more spontaneous and freedom loving as she is.

They may fall in love and they may want to be together. However, it won’t be an easy road for them to take. Again, the initial reasons a Scorpio man is drawn to Gemini woman is because of her amazing personality and easy-going demeanor.

Scorpio man is intense and so you can see how they are opposite. He is deep and can be demanding. Gemini woman is a free spirit and doesn’t want to feel chained down by her Scorpio lover.

Teaching Each Other

It could also be that a Scorpio man knows that the Gemini woman has something to teach him. She may be able to teach him how to be more open and free than what he’s used to.

She may teach him how being more social could help him find a faster track to the success he seeks in his life and career. Gemini woman could motivate him to do more in his life to bring about great enjoyment in his life as well.

Scorpio man could teach the Gemini woman how to be more reserved when necessary, how to be more passionately connected with someone, and how amazing sex should be.

Gemini woman will undoubtedly think of her Scorpio man often because let’s face it, he’s earth-shattering with his passionate approach. She won’t like this demands and wanting to keep her close to him all the time though.

While they could learn lessons from each other, they may grow to be very frustrated with one another thus causing them to want to let each other go. Scorpio man will be very jealous of his Gemini woman.

He won’t like her flirting with anyone else but him. He won’t like that she wants to go out so much more often than him and he’ll have a hard time trusting her. She won’t trust his sexuality all the time either.

Really these two have a difficult road if they decide to have a relationship. It’s possible but it’s not easy and it would take lots and lots of compromise in order for them to find a comfortable path ahead.

Likes Cannot Hold Them Together

What a Scorpio Man Likes in Gemini Woman

While the Scorpio man loves many things about the Gemini woman, he will have a hard time working past the frustration that also comes along with being with her. Once he commits, he means it and wants her to himself much of the time.

Gemini woman likes to keep busy and likes to have time to herself here and there. Perhaps if they can agree to take some time apart each week, they might find a way to work through their issues.


Scorpio man loves that Gemini woman is warm, easy to talk to, funny, and just enjoyable to be around. Even so, they don’t have much in common but again, it’s not an impossible match… just not easy either.

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