How To Tell If You’re Wasting Your Time With A Scorpio Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Is your Scorpio guy is acting weird, pulling back from you, or being cold towards you? How can you tell if you are wasting your time this Scorpio guy? There are definitely some things you should look out for, and pay attention to if you don’t feel good about what is happening with your Scorpio man. 

Is The Scorpio Man Giving You The Cold Shoulder?

Is your Scorpio guy is acting weird, pulling back from you, or being cold towards you? How can you tell if you are wasting your time this Scorpio guy? 

There are definitely some things you should look out for, and pay attention to if you don’t feel good about what is happening with your Scorpio man. 

I’m here because I want to help you realize what is really happening so that you can either fix things with him, or so that you can walk away knowing you did your best. Keep reading to find out more! 

He Doesn’t Waste His Precious Time

The Scorpio man does not like to give his energy and time to someone whom he doesn’t feel he’s adequately matched with. If he sees something he cannot live with, he will go cold.

He will give women tests before he settles down. However, if he’s already made up his mind that he isn’t interested, then he will not bother testing them. 

A Scorpio man in love will typically put in the effort and be there for his partner. If he really likes you then he’ll also be fairly open and affectionate. 

But what if Scorpio man is only flirting for fun?

He loves to flirt – that is true. He isn’t into trying to do more than that if he feels there is nothing he sees as catchy. In other words, if you don’t have what he wants, he won’t bother. 

All this being said, if he’s backing off, ignoring you, or has lost touch, then he may very well have decided you aren’t for him, so he’s ghosting or letting go. He won’t pursue you any longer, and it’s a sign that it’s time to move on. 

Signs That The Scorpio Man Is Done

Are you wasting your time with a Scorpio man? Let’s hope not! Here are things to look out for when it comes to Scorpio man being “done.”

Not Returning Phone Calls Or Texts

Scorpio Man Not Returning Phone Calls Or Texts

If you aren’t hearing much return from your Scorpio guy then know that something is probably off. Whether he’s just taking his time answering or he’s not responding at all, he may be losing interest or has already moved on.

Clearly if a Scorpio man is ghosting you with calls, texts, or even social media then he is either finished with you, or he’s about to be. This is a problem. If you don’t hear from him for a day or two, that’s not grounds to worry quite yet.

However, if he goes several days or weeks without reaching out or responding then you may have lost him.

Intimacy Haults

Signs That The Scorpio Man Is Done

If your Scorpio man is lingering around but has basically stopped touching you, kissing you, or having sex with you, then it’s likely over.  Scorpios are super sensual and (typically) enjoys having sex as often as possible.

When he’s done with you, he will cut that off because that is now in reserve for the next woman if he hasn’t already found one behind your back. Sadly, that is a possibility.

If something was lacking in the intimacy department with you two, he could have found it elsewhere. When that happens, he’s pretty much ducking out of the relationship. 

Hot Scorpio Becomes Ice Cold

Hot Scorpio Becomes Ice Cold

In the beginning, he was always excited to be with you, spend time with you, and talk to you. Now that he’s not into you anymore, he has really cut the tie. 

While he may still be around a bit, he is really shutting you down. Every advance you make toward him for conversation or anything else, he will change topics or just not answer you.

An uninterested Scorpio is the guy that will act like you’re just not important anymore so that you’ll get the hint. He is ready for you to break it off.

He’d rather you do it than him, because then he doesn’t have to look bad to everyone else. It’s all about image for him. 

He Gets Mean

There is no nice way to put it. When Scorpio man is done, he is not a very nice guy. He will be very sharp with his tongue – if he talks to you at all. 

Words are his weapons. He may call you names, talk down to you, or enact revenge if you’ve wronged him in some way. This is not a nice way of handling things, but Scorpio always does it his way.

He will come across as cold-hearted, rude, or demented. He knows what hurts you the most and if you’ve done something to piss him off or hurt him, you can expect he will return the favor. Tread carefully!

Are you wasting your time with this Scorpio man? You may be if he’s doing these sorts of things quite honestly. 

Your Feelings Don’t Matter

The Truth About The Scorpio Man, Are You Wasting Your Time

He is done when he doesn’t care about anything you have to say and surely doesn’t give note to your feelings, either. He’s out, he’s shut down, and he isn’t open to you. 

He isn’t one that will let his guard down if you cry. He may feel a little bad, but not all that much. He won’t care enough to try to fix it. He will still do what he feels is necessary for him.

If you cry to him that you want it to work, he will tell you that there isn’t any reason to do that. Honestly, he isn’t a good one to sympathize with you. He thinks for his own feelings and that’s it. 

Again, this is only when he’s done with you. You have to make sure that is the case before you let go of him. Don’t flip out when he hasn’t gotten back to you in a day or two.

Sometimes he has to pull back in order to gain perspective or put things in the right frame of mind. When that happens, he’ll come back around and explain what happened.

The Truth About The Scorpio Man, Are You Wasting Your Time?

Look, it’s obviously up to you whether or not you think he’s worth all the time and effort you put into him. If you notice he’s being incredibly cold and mean with you then he either has a problem with himself or he’s ready to end it.

You have every right in the world to call your Scorpio man out when he’s displaying any of the behaviors I’ve mentioned to you. Tell him that you need to know why he’s being this way.

He should give you closure at the very least if he is ready to back out. The truth is, you should be able to ask and you should get an answer. 

In the case where you’ve done something to betray him, hurt him, or make him very angry well, you’ll have to work on trying to make it up to him so he doesn’t act with revenge.

If you didn’t do anything that would set him off then it’s obviously something going on with him, and he really does owe you an explanation. So don’t be afraid to ask when you notice things have changed drastically. 

Open up and tell him how it makes you feel and ask him why he’s doing this. Maybe he doesn’t always realize he’s doing it either. If you don’t ask, you won’t know and that is a fact.

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Celebrity Scorpio Talk

Delicious and noteworthy actor of many acclaimed films, Leonardo DiCaprio is a Scorpio – though many think he’s a Leo for his ability to shine and light up a room. He was born on November 11, 1974. 

This passionate Scorpio man is one of the highest paid actors in the industry. He’s sought after and can play almost any role. He’s multi-talented and knows what to give the camera as well as the fans.

Who is this luscious Scorpio man currently cuddled up with? Well, he happens to be engaged to Camilla Morrone. This Argentine-American actress is a beautiful talented Gemini woman. No wonder these two are steamy! 

They both have mood changes that come and go quickly and they probably understand each other pretty well.  He’s passionate and she’s talented in all she does in life. 

These two make a pretty picture for sure and will probably make some incredibly adorable babies. There is a rumor going around that there is a strain between them when they are distanced due to work. 

Bizarre magazine says “DiCaprio is enjoying the domestic life with Morrone.” These two are snug as bugs in a rug when they’re together. Staying home and cooking is their thing. 

So tell me, did you have a relationship with a Scorpio man who you felt you were wasting your time with? What did he do to make you feel that way? I’d love to hear your story!

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

And you’ve got to try my free compatibility quiz to see if you and your Scorpio man are a perfect match! Check it out here.

Wishing you all the luck of the universe.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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4 thoughts on “How To Tell If You’re Wasting Your Time With A Scorpio Man

  1. I met a nice Scorpio friend September last year and he was very nice, sweet, calm and composed even though I know he is being calm cos he’s still trying to know me..but it was hard for us to properly communicate because im an Aquarius and when I like u I take time to know u and I cat shy around u until im comfortable enough..all the while though I was too detached, I didn’t show him how I felt at all even though I liked him, he tried to connect but I scared him based on how we became friends in the first place..story short he left me after his birthday and stopped talking to me ands his male friend that is my friend also and this happened after inviting him out for a show on his birthday and asking my gf to dance with him while I was there..honestly even though I could feel it that he likes me but he was hard to read, I didn’t know..he never mentioned anything but I could feel it and I’m not used to expressing my feelings as I’ve never done it b4..but I didn’t expect him to leave like that..I was hurt and still very hurt..still feel like yesterday for me Because I really like him obviously I did something he didn’t like hit I am hurt cos he didn’t tell me and left like that..not taking calls, not replying messages, stopped visiting us and cut all forms of communication and it’s been 7months I’m still looking for him cos I’m pained and I want to explain myself, I want us to meet and talk so he can tell me what happened that made him ghost me…he is a very sweet boy and I miss him around a lot…I am praying to see him again soon so we can talk and probably date..I figured I like him after he stopped communicating..and I am so hurt by everything

    1. Hi Aj!

      I am so sorry that you’re feeling hurt and rejected. That’s never a good thing to experience. I agree that talking to him might be the best thing.. if you can find him. Do you two have mutual friends? Perhaps you can speak through them to him if you do. If not then I’m not sure how to help you sweetheart. I do wish the best for you and hope that you are able to find him and talk.

  2. I’m with a Scorpio man now with 2 boys. We met 10 yrs ago but he was in a relationship with his other baby mother during that time he left her to be with me things didn’t work out so I ended up ghosting him for 8 and a half years he got back with his other baby mother and I ended up having a baby with another guy we met back up when his sister moved into a house literally 5 minutes from where I lived we both broke it off with the partners we were with just to be together in 2022 we had two beautiful boys on in Jan n another in dec since being together the relationship has been nothing but one melo drama after the next. We have some serious trust issues and although we both know we need to let this situation ship go he refuses to leave when I make him leave he comes back in sleep in his car in front of my house. If his feelings aren’t genuine n he refuses to change respect my feelings or even put me 1st before his family why the hell this man won’t just completely leave me alone !

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