How to Attract a Scorpio Man in September 2020

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
How to attract a Scorpio man in September 2020? Draw the attention of a Scorpio man or improve your relationship with one in September!

Every month, the planets change signs and affect our relationships. Depending on the planetary movements, it may be tough to understand the needs and desires of the Scorpio man. But with my tips based on the monthly energy, you can draw the attention of a Scorpio man or improve your relationship with one in September 2020.

Attracting a Scorpio Man in September 2020

1. Relax and Focus on Your Friendship

August 2020 was likely a busy month for the Scorpio man, but September 2020 brings a slower pace. 

With the Sun in Virgo transiting the Scorpio man’s eleventh house of friendships until September 22, the Scorpio man is ready to take a break from work and relax. 

During this transit, the Scorpio man is attracted to the woman with a calm and steady demeanor. Instead of rushing into a relationship, he wants to take things slow and build a friendship.  He wants to study your behaviors and make sure your romantic gestures are not an act. 

To make sure the relationship flows smoothly, take a quiet and even-tempered approach. 

Because he is a mutable Earth sign, Virgo season inspires the Scorpio man to think deeply about his environment. So you should do your best to surround him with positive and relaxing experiences. 

Small group outings with close friends, a weekend stay at a bed and breakfast, going for a bike ride, singing karaoke, and getting dressed up to take pictures are the types fun experiences that the Scorpio man will enjoy in September. 

If you find that he is mentally or emotionally detached from his daily affairs, encourage him to spend more time getting to know himself and professional desires. Maybe suggest a good book or article for him to read, YouTube video to watch, or inspirational podcast to listen to. 

Because the most important thing to focus on in September 2020 is that the Scorpio man needs you to be a loyal lover and a genuine friend. Regardless of your relationship status, reach out to the Scorpio man and let him know you’ll always be there for him. 

Show him through your consistent actions that he has a true friend in you—especially because when the Sun moves into Libra on September 22, the Scorpio man will enter a period of isolation and seclusion. 

The Sun will illuminate his twelfth house of Libra, which brings a time of healing and ending. It is the Scorpio man’s time to prepare for a new Solar season and year. 

Therefore, use the first half of September to strengthen your bond. New beginnings come in October. 

2. Think Long-term

In Astrology, Venus says a lot about what the Scorpio man will want and need out of a relationship.

Venus shows what he likes, the way he approaches relationships, and the way he gives and receives affection. Venus also represents the type of woman the Scorpio man is attracted to and his emotional relationship to material possessions and money.

And with Venus in Leo highlighting the Scorpio man’s tenth house of career and long-term achievements from September 6 until October 2, September 2020 is a season of commitment for the Scorpio man. He will go above and beyond to provide for those he’s loyal to. 

The tenth house deals with professionalism, wealth, and long-term commitments, so the Scorpio man is most attracted to the woman who he knows is ready to be faithful and 100% committed. 

With the Sun in Virgo for the majority of this transit, this is an excellent time to get serious about the details of your future without worrying about the outcome. 

For example, ask the Scorpio man what his ideal partner is. If he could choose three traits that his wife must have, what would they be? Another fun suggestion would be making a vision board and choosing two couple-based goals you would like to complete together in the next three years. 

Use Venus’s transit in Leo to have fun while still getting down to business. Make sure that whatever decisions you make represent what you would like from the relationship long-term. 

Try your best not to get lost in the moment. Let your passion be a slow burn, not a wildfire. 

3. Give Him Space to Heal

When it comes to how the Scorpio man perceives and processes relationships in September 2020, he may be more cerebral and emotionally detached. 

From September 5 until September 27, Mercury in Libra will sweep into his twelfth house of healing and seclusion. If you think about this from the Scorpio man’s perspective, Mercury in Libra is a rather emotional transit filled with self-reflection and lots of forgiveness. So make sure you give him the space he needs to rest his mind and heal. 

As his partner, this transit gives you the perfect opportunity to nurture and pour selflessly into him. You can be the light in his life. 

To keep your connection strong amidst any struggles, I suggest making it a routine to do something spiritually soothing and uplifting together. If he’s into yoga, meditation, and other forms of holistic wellness, maybe it’s time to call up your favorite guide or esthetician and plan a spa retreat. 

If he doesn’t want to be out and about, try creating him a healing playlist filled with binaural beats and high-frequency healing tones. 

Although some of the suggested methods may be out of the Scorpio man’s comfort zone, both Libra and Pisces (ruler of the 12th house) are music and art enthusiasts, so music is beneficial now. 

You may start to notice the Scorpio man becoming more social and action-oriented towards the end of the month. Just remember that the majority of September is a time of quiet and inner sanctuary for the Scorpio man. Save the wild parties and “have you ever” conversations for October.

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4. Be Consistent

With Mars, the planet of action and willpower stationing retrograde in Aries on September 9, the Scorpio man is ready to make positive changes to his mental and physical health. 

Instead of overthinking and trying to calculate every situation, the Scorpio man is learning how to do things more freely without stress and worry. He’s learning to let go of his perfectionist tendencies. 

Therefore, from September 9 until November 13, the Scorpio man is most attracted to the woman who is level-headed, thoughtful, and empathetic. Someone who knows how to help him strengthen and balance his body and mind. 

During this transit, you should focus on fun ways to help the Scorpio man be grounded and establish a consistent routine. The more consistent he is, the less he has to act and make a decision spontaneously on his feet. 

If looking for ways to help spruce up his routine and calm his overactive mind, text and call him at the same time every day, and have a set schedule for the days and times you will meet. Anything that helps him feel safe and at peace. 

Sexually, Mars retrograde in Aries inspires the Scorpio man to be more deliberate and intentional with how he makes love. If you’ve ever wanted to give him a few gentle pointers on how to please you in the bedroom, this would be a great time to speak up. 

Just do so in a kind and loving manner. Remember, Mercury is in his house of ending, so he’s more sensitive now. Don’t hurt his feelings. 

Overall, if you want to attract a Scorpio man in September 2020, I suggest you focus on building a healthy friendship, thinking long-term, giving him space to heal, and being consistent in your demeanor and approach.  

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Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach 

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