How to Attract a Scorpio Man in April 2020

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
How to attract a Scorpio man in April 2020? The planets change every month, and events in April might be significantly different than what you're expecting.

Every month, the planets change signs and affect our relationships. Depending on the planetary movements, it may be tough to understand the needs and desires of the Scorpio man. But with my tips based on the monthly energy, you can draw the attention of a Scorpio man or improve your relationship with one in April 2020.

Go With the Flow

April 2020 is a month of health and action for the Scorpio man and his relationships.

As a fixed water sign, the Scorpio man is naturally ambitious, intense, and determined.

But with the transit Sun in Aries highlighting his sixth house of health, service, and daily routines, the Scorpio man may come across more assertive, energetic, and work-oriented than usual.

In astrology, the Sun says a lot about what the Scorpio man wants to experience and achieve on an external level.

The Sun shows us how other people see him, how he experiences life, how he expresses his personality, and what his current focus is at the moment.

During this transit, the Scorpio man is most attracted to the partner who is organized, productive, and attentive.

He will most likely choose a mate who brings value and satisfaction to his life. So if you want to impress him, be a supportive partner who knows how to go with the flow.

If you find yourself trying to force things along or searching for answers that may not even be there, stop and calm yourself.

The Scorpio man is turned on by a confident woman, so focus on all the wonderful ways that you can contribute to your relationship.

Ask yourself, what do I have to give?

The more you focus on all the positive things that you bring to the table, the more confident you will feel when offering love and affection to your Scorpio man.

And as a sensitive water sign who needs affection to feel loved, he finds this very important.

If he’s being moodier or more irritable than usual this month, try not to take it personally. The impulsive energy of the Sun in Aries can influence the Scorpio man to be more quick-tempered and argumentative.

Instead of lashing out, just relax and go with the flow.

If you can support his decisions and overlook his impulsive behavior at the beginning of the month, you may notice a change in his mood and behavior by the end of April, especially once the Sun enters Taurus on April 19.

Attracting A Scorpio Man In April 2020

Get to Know Him on a Deeper Level

With so much misconception about the Scorpio man in astrology, I’ve found that some women are intimidated or hesitant to date the Scorpio man because they think he’s all about sex.

But this is because they haven’t gotten the opportunity to get to know him on a deeper level.

Underneath the frozen surface is a powerful, observant lover who has strong desires to get to know his partner on a psychological and intuitive level.

With transit Venus in Gemini highlighting his eighth house of privacy, intimacy, and secrets, the

Scorpio man is turned on by a charming, magnetic, and confident woman. He is turned off by simplicity.

In astrology, Venus says a lot about what the Scorpio man will want and need out of a relationship.

Venus shows us what he likes, the way he approaches relationships, the way he gives and receives affection, the type of woman he is attracted to, and his emotional relationship to material possessions and money.

During this period, you should find sensual ways to seduce him mentally.

Scorpio men can live inside themselves, so you should “bring him out of himself” as much as you can.

This will help him open up and keep the chemistry alive in your relationship.

For example, my client Kate was struggling to work through a rough patch with her Scorpio man when she reached out to me for advice. I told her to find a fun erotic/relationship card game to play at night before bed to break the ice and clear any mental clutter from the day.

Although my advice was outside of Kate’s comfort zone, she took it anyway. After playing a few times, I got this email from Kate a few weeks later…

“Anna, thank you sooooo much for your advice about the cards the other day. It was awkward at first, you know, just having to talk about our feelings and what we liked out in the open. But after a few questions, it got fun. It really helped me express and calm some of my fears about our relationship. And I think it was helpful for him too. He’s never opened up so much to me before, especially about private things from his past and ex-lovers. It was nice… I’ll be sharing this with my friends. Xoxo.”

You may not be like Kate, but think of some fun ways that you can get to know him on a deeper level without feeling forceful or invasive to his privacy. This is very important when attracting the Scorpio man in April 2020.

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Scorpio Man April 2020

Get Active

In astrology, Mercury says a lot about how the Scorpio man processes, receives and sends information on an internal and external level.

Mercury shows us things like how he expresses his emotions, how he processes thoughts, how he perceives life, and what he wants to communicate to the world at the current moment.

With transit Mercury in Aries highlighting his sixth house of mental health and work/life balance, the Scorpio man may be more distant and distracted than usual.

During this period, you should encourage him to get physically active and focus on his mental health.

Although he may feel that this is counterproductive to his short- and long-term goals, the more you can get him to focus on his mental and physical health, the better he will perform in all areas of his life, especially work and business.

Suggesting simple things like substituting his nightly glass of Scotch for an evening stroll outside, or opting out of late nights at the office for early dinners at home, etc., will open up more opportunities for growth and connection in your relationship.

If you are in a committed relationship (or want to be), try to keep this routine up for the rest of the year.

Even if you don’t think the Scorpio man is watching your every move, he is.

I’ve found that when Scorpio men have proactive partners, they become better men themselves, and this will only deepen your connection.

If you want to attract a Scorpio man in April, focus on pursuing your goals rather than talking about them. Attraction comes through action this month.

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Attractive Scorpio Man

Respect His Emotions

In relationships, Mars represents how the Scorpio man desires affection and sex and how he will respond to the expectations set by his Venus.

With transit Mars in Aquarius highlighting his fourth house of home, family, and emotional security, the Scorpio man may come across more family-focused and authoritative than usual.

During this period, take a nurturing approach in love.

However, with Aquarius being a fixed air sign prone to emotional detachment and rebelliousness, the private Scorpio man may be quieter about what he shares with the public involving family and emotional matters.

He may want to take a break from the media if you have a public relationship.

Instead of distancing yourself and risking the chance of severing your connection, bring the world to him.

For example, if your Scorpio man enjoys traveling the world and he cannot travel, then order or cook his favorite international food while playing international music—bring the culture to you.

If you have children, want children, or are around children, this would be a great time for you to focus on scientific projects and global initiatives like community service and world peace.

It may be fun to stargaze or watch documentaries about nature and science.

But with the fourth house ruling Cancer and Cancer ruling food, I highly suggest inviting diverse cuisines into your palates. Plus, the Scorpio man loves a woman who can cook!

Sexually, the influence of thought-driven Mars in Aquarius arouses the Scorpio man’s love for an intellectual and open-minded woman.

He is most attracted to a woman who isn’t afraid to keep things unusual and free-spirited in the bedroom.

If you can do the things I’ve suggested to attract a Scorpio man in April, I believe there are so many good things to come for you in May. So make sure you stay updated with the blog to see How to Attract a Scorpio Man in May 2020.

Just remember that the Scorpio man is full of secrets, so for you to build and maintain the relationship of your dreams, you need to understand the Scorpio man on a fundamental level.

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Share your experiences in the comments below—I’d love to hear them!

Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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4 thoughts on “How to Attract a Scorpio Man in April 2020

  1. Hi Anna
    I think my crush Scorpio is different from the rest. He’s kind of opposite to what you described about them. So not really sure if he’s actually interested in me. We flirts, embrace hugs, acting fool around each other and I noticed few times that he stares at me but when I caught him, he just smile and not look away. He can be very affectionate but next day turn cold. We’ve been flirting and affectionate on and off for over a year at work now. He nearly ask me out last year but never try again. I’m so tired of his game. I’m just going to give up on him. I tried sending him sign that I’m interested like sending him birthday card to his home address (which he told me) and also gave him thoughtful little gift but I don’t think he’s that into me. Problem is I can’t get him out of my mind, but give up on him is the right thing to do, I guess. Any advice will be great Anna. Thanks.

    1. Hi Fran! It sounds like your Scorpio guy has a moon sign or rising sign that makes him a bit different. Not all Scorpio men are the same. There are lots of things to consider when looking to someone’s sign. There is more to them typically. However, his hot and cold behavior IS Scorpio oriented. Why don’t you try asking him out yourself. If he accepts then you two can spend time together. If he doesn’t then you should ask him what his intention is with you so that you can figure out if he’s someone you want to continue with or not. There is no harm in asking!

  2. Hi Anna, would you comment on my relationship with a broad age difference – 16 yrs. He is 52 I am 68 and a Leo. He sought me out. I was not looking to be with anyone since my husband passed away 5 yrs ago. Scorpio came into my life. I was so intrigued I continued the friendship. It has been one year. From what I gather he has an attraction to older women. Never married, but spent 10 years with a woman. I noticed his intriguing qualities long before I discovered you and the confirmations you explained about a scorpio man. He is still around in the texting world amid quarantine. My deepest feelings and thoughts are that I will not see him again after this world crisis is overcome to the point we can be in close contact with people even if it is just for conversation. This scorpio man has brought me so much joy, fulfillment, confidence in myself, and happiness in my daily life. He always says and does the “right” thing. So what about us older women and a younger scorpio man?

    1. Hi Happy68! There is nothing wrong with desiring a younger man. Scorpio men are very passionate and it’s not surprising at all that he’d be attractive to a worldly woman who is very wise and experienced in life. Many Scorpio men prefer this over the younger women who are emotional and immature. I think there is a chance here. Don’t let the quarantine stop you from bonding with him. What I mean by this is even if you cannot see each other physically, you can via video chat. You can have dates that way as well. If you feel naughty, you can even do sexual things with each other via video chat. You’d be surprised how close you two can still be even if you cannot met up in person. Don’t give up on him just because of his age. He may prove to be someone you won’t regret!

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