Healthy Scorpio Man Relationships: Stand Your Ground!
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Healthy Scorpio Man Relationships: Stand Your Ground!

Healthy Scorpio Man Relationships

If you are trying to forge a healthy relationship with your Scorpio man; there is something you need to know. When he was looking for a relationship; he wanted an independent woman that was strong. Here are some helpful pointers for you to keep working on it and make it last.

Scorpio Men Can Be Difficult and Argumentative

No doubt your Scorpio man will test your patience at times. He often thinks that his way is the best way and can be stubborn about learning other methods. However; if you know what you are saying is right; stand your ground.

I’m certainly not telling you that you should fight with him all the time when you disagree with him. What I am saying is that if there are important issues that you’re trying to work on; don’t back down.

Scorpio isn’t the best at seeing both sides of the coin in an argument. He needs to learn how to see your side of what is going on so that when you two argue; it’s more productive than destructive.

You will need to figure out what is important and what isn’t worth the fight. Figuring out what is priority will help you to work best at your relationship. Not all battles are worth it.

An example would be battling him because he always leaves the toilet seat up. Is it really worth getting into a knock down drag em’ out type of argument? It’s probably not. Arguing about getting the bills paid on time is a much more worthy cause.

Figuring out between the two of you what the most important things in your relationship are worth fighting for and what is best left alone.

Show Him Why He Chose You

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You’ll at times; need to remind him why he chose you as a partner. He can become so comfortable that he forgets that you are a strong woman who will not be swept under the rug.

If he keeps repeating mistakes that you’ve argued about before; you’ll need to put your foot down and make sure that changes happen. This may mean telling him to find middle ground or there could be dire consequences.

When he tries to push off his beliefs or his ideas on you that don’t go along well with your own belief system; talk about it. Argue about it if you have to get his attention.

Scorpio will want to be in control as much as he can. He needs to know that it’s not always Ok for him to do that. He needs to know that you have ideas and thoughts of your own.

Don’t allow him to choose for you when it comes to important situations. You have a mind of your own and shouldn’t be expected to adhere to his expectations of what you should do or be.

Again, this isn’t something you should implement about every single little thing otherwise; you’ll be fighting constantly. That’s not what this is about. Prioritizing will help you figure out what is worth fighting for.

Do Not Be a Doormat

Scorpio men will push the limits sometimes with their ladies. Sometimes they aren’t even aware that they’re doing this. If the woman isn’t careful she’ll lie down and just take it.

I realize that sometimes it’s exhausting to deal with him but it’s far better for you in the long run to stick up for yourself than it is to deal with a lifetime of bending for someone who isn’t bending for you.

It may feel like war sometimes while getting through this relationship. Scorpio is hard headed and wants things HIS way. However; if he loves you enough; he’ll have to bend and find middle ground.

Once you get to that point; everything will be smooth sailing from there thus allowing you two to live happily ever after. It’s just getting to that point that will be rather bumpy.

If your Scorpio man is doing or saying things that you are absolutely not ok with or go against your core beliefs; do not let it slide! If you do he’ll always think he can do this or say things like this.

You’re teaching the Scorpio man how to teach you by what you allow and what you do not allow. That’s effectively the core of what you’re trying to do here is teach him what is Ok and what isn’t when it comes to you.

Fair Is Fair

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You’ve got to keep in mind that you’re going to get as good as you’re giving. So he will also let you know how he wants to be treated. It should always be a two way street with you two.

Once you can open up that highway of communication; you should be able to work through just about anything that you go through together. Just keep in mind that if you’re railing him on unimportant issues; he’ll retort with some of his own.

Think of all the things that are crucial to your relationship together and what you need to make it work. Write it down if you need to. Sit down and talk to him and let him do the same.

Getting on the same page will help you both understand each other better and will make heated moments less and less over time. I’m not telling you to go into war mode with your Scorpio man.

I’m just simply telling you not to lie down and take whatever he dishes out. He only wants a strong and independent woman. If you expect it to last; you have to show him that you ARE strong.

Keep that strength going and don’t let it up. He may lose respect and love for you if you allow him to steamroll you. Once you two establish what is healthy for you both; you’ll have a love that lasts a lifetime.

If you need a bit of help to figure your Scorpio guy out a little more; click here for more information.

I really hope that this article will help you to establish a healthy boundary for you with your Scorpio guy so that you can grow together in a wonderful way.

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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3 thoughts on “Healthy Scorpio Man Relationships: Stand Your Ground!

  1. Hahah I can say this article is very good, something that I never found out elsewhere. It is so f*cking true, relate to my situation with my scorpio guy.
    Before I read this, we already do those as well. We fight A LOT, especially in our new beginning. I have beliefs for a relationship, in my perspective. I play fair game. I will not give effort to someone, if he doesnt to me too.
    But by those fights, I believe we strengthening our bond to blend. To know and respect each other better.
    Yeah it must be 100-1.000 fights, or more, in front between us. I never regret the fights, meanwhile I thank for that. 🙂

  2. Do Scorpio men mean what they say in an argument? When were better he’ll say he didn’t mean it but in another argument he’ll say the same things. Is this just to hurt me? He’ll criticize my insecuritys. My body, family life ect.. and say I’m annoying.. but when the fights over here would say he’s sorry and he didn’t mean some things. What do you think?

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