What A Scorpio Man Wants To Hear (Sweet Thing To Say To A Scorpio Man)

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you finding yourself interested in a scrumptious Scorpio man and wondering what a Scorpio man wants to hear so you can get his attention?

Are you finding yourself interested in a scrumptious Scorpio man and wondering what a Scorpio man wants to hear or what sweet things to say to a Scorpio man to get his attention?

Well, falling for a Scorpio man sets you up for a path of ever-evolving mystery and shocking discovery. Expect to be seduced, emotionally manipulated, and totally thrown off your square!

These guys have intensely insatiable cravings, and in order to understand what makes them tick, you’ll need to know what lies beneath these particular personality traits.

There are a few sweet things to say to the Scorpio man that he just LOVES to hear! Luckily for you, I am about to share them all with you so that you can have the happiest relationship with your Scorpio guy.

Below are some of the things you can say to your Scorpio man and questions you can ask to get closure.

Do Scorpio Men Like Compliments?

Sure, they do! A Scorpio man wants to hear compliments, especially on his appearance. He works hard to look as sultry as he does. He has a natural glow that he was born with, but he’ll always try to look his best. It shows!

If you want to know how to compliment a Scorpio man, you can start by telling him how hot he looks, how beautiful his eyes are, or how enchanting his smile is. It will be very hard for him to resist compliments on this.

Stroke his ego often. It will put you on his “let’s keep her” list. It may even push you to the front of the line and win him over entirely. Give it a shot and see how it goes.

If you struggle with complimenting your Scorpio and finding the right words to make him feel special, I strongly suggest getting my Forever Love With a Scorpio Man guide. It will help you speak to his core, and make your bond so much stronger.

What A Scorpio Man Wants To Hear — 5 Tips On How To Compliment A Scorpio Man

“I Trust You Completely”

Loyalty, fidelity, and faithfulness are things that a Scorpio man needs in a relationship, so saying things to support those important qualities will make him look in your direction.

A Scorpio man is a natural introvert who spends time in his head overthinking. So it is very important for him to know that you feel emotionally connected to him. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, as long as you are honest about it!

He doesn’t ever want his partner to be fake. If you aren’t feeling the sexy vibes, then you don’t have to send them. Only do what you are comfortable with.

Sometimes you need to think outside of your normal comfort zone and take a chance, but if it goes against who you are, then you need to just be yourself. Here’s more on what a Scorpio man likes and dislikes in a woman.

A Scorpio man wants to know you, and he cannot know you if you’re not being true to who you are at the core. He needs to see that side. It’s really important.

“You Ruined Me For Other Men”

This works like a charm! Scorpio likes to be told that he is sexy. Complimenting his appearance is a very safe way to go, but complimenting his traits and the way he is treating you so that you don’t ever think about other men is a jackpot!

Scorpio men seem hard to get sometimes, but it’s because they like to test you and make sure you’re someone they want to invest their time and emotions in.

You will absolutely be able to make him go wild with these lines. He will feel valued, and yours. It’s an almost innocent appeal before adding on a layer of sultry charm and mystery. It’s playful communication that brings excitement to your Scorpio man.

Scorpio man needs a lot of attention; he is too down to earth for empty flattery, but he does want to be acknowledged for what he does to you, and this will go very far in his books.

“I’m Blushing Right Now Thinking Of You.”

This sounds so sweet and innocent that we will think it’s adorable, and he will definitely not leave you hanging. A Scorpio man just wants to hear these words.

A Scorpio man will probably want to know more about why and what makes you feel this way, and then you can dive a little deeper into the flattery.

Aside from complimenting him, the Scorpio man wants to flirt. So go for it! Here, you can grab some interesting tips on how to flirt with a Scorpio man.

If you can throw in a sexual innuendo in there, you’re golden. Scorpio is a very sexual man, and he needs to know if you are a sexual person as well.

There is nothing more of a turn-off than trying to get to know someone who is a bit of a prude. He’d rather put a fork in his eyeball than be with someone who isn’t into sex.

You don’t need to go overboard with it. Just a light flirtation will do the trick. Just letting him know you’re into him and are very drawn to him will allow him to open up to you.

“I Love Spending Time With You”

Saying to a Scorpio man that you enjoy spending time with him is a surefire way to win over his heart. This guy loves knowing that others feel good around him because knowing this makes him feel worthy.

He knows that sometimes he can be quite a pain, so it means a lot to him when you still enjoy spending time with him, despite all of his flaws. He tends to zoom into the negative side of his personality.

But by saying this to him, you are actually saying to him that you accept him just as he is, and he needs someone like this in his life! The more you express the joy and pleasure of being around him, the more likely your Scorpio will open up and become more comfortable in your presence.

“You Are So Sexy”

Scorpio is a very sexual sign. This is his common trait. He is so intense and packed with sexual energy that he radiates it even unknowingly. It is not just about his looks. The way he walks, and the way he talks resonates with pure sexuality. 

Tell him how sexy you find his body and how he evokes sexual energy within you. Tell him you want to jump in the bed with him as soon as you lay your eyes on him. 

This is simple and to the point. Encourage him. Compliment his looks. This is so easy as long as you are sincere.

You need to try to make it sexier and more mysterious, a little at a time. It’s like a sexy game you’re playing that makes him want to savor what you’ll be like with him in the future.

Scorpio also looks for inspiration. Oddly enough, getting sexy with him does inspire him in ways you couldn’t imagine!

More Sweet Things To Say To A Scorpio Man

“Let’s do this!”

Sometimes Scorpio men are very random. They may suddenly go from research mode to “Let’s go out and do something”. Many of the Scorpio men want to do things outside.

If you like to get out and about doing things such as hiking, walking, or simply exploring the outdoors, you may very well have this man’s attention. A Scorpio man wants to hear you say “yes” to him when he suggests doing things.

Not to say you have to always say yes when you don’t really want to. However, if you want to keep your Scorpio happy or capture his attention, you’ll have to bend a bit and go with the flow.

“I Am Proud Of You…”

This is one of the most important things to say to a Scorpio man.  Scorpio man’s worst critic is no one but himself. He is so hard on himself and you will often find him ruminating, thinking he is not good enough for something. He is drawn to drama but he doesn’t lack self-confidence. He just needs reassurance sometimes, from his lady love.

Somehow, he always likes to compare himself to someone else, even if he is obviously the most qualified for something. He is incredibly fearful of failing and will often talk himself down and not recognize his own accomplishments.

This can be quite heartbreaking to see, especially when you know how talented and hard-working he is. One of the best things you can say to a Scorpio man is how proud you are of him. The more he hears it, the more likely he is to believe it.

It would be really good for your relationship to help him with his self-esteem by boosting his confidence. You should often tell him how good he is doing and that you believe in him. These are the words a Scorpio man wants to hear to get him through the day.

There is nothing quite as loving as a woman’s encouragement. So, get your compliments in as often as you can, and you will soon start to notice the difference within him.

“I Missed You Yesterday”

Just like most people, the Scorpio man loves when a woman misses him and makes him aware of this. This is especially true if he is emotionally invested in this relationship.

A Scorpio man wants you to tell him how pointless your day was without him and that you missed him so much. He will definitely want to know you have his back and aren’t worried about what he’s doing while he’s out without you.

Keep up the good vibes when you tell him that. Be sweet, be cute, be funny, and be flirty. This is what he wants in a partner! 

What Do Scorpios Like To Talk About?

Talk About Common Traits

When you’re getting to know this water Zodiac sign, ask him what he loves in life, ask him what turns him on, ask him what his favorites are, etc. You can share what yours are and point out the things you have in common.

It’s better if you point out commonalities than differences. When you point out differences, it brings the mood down and may make him think you’re not compatible enough.

Be careful and try to highlight the strengths of what could be between you with the things that you see eye to eye on. What do Scorpios like to talk about?

Talk about life values and integrity. You can talk about how you were raised as a child.

You can talk about what you ultimately want for the future and what you believe is best for it. If he doesn’t volunteer his own information; ask him what it is he wants and believes. 

Talk About Your Adventures

This is another topic that you’ll want to approach but try not to overdo it. The idea is to let him know you’re independent and have adventures without the need for a man.

So talk about trips you’ve made with friends or alone. Talk about the things you really love to do as hobbies, crafts, traveling, or whatever it is that you really are into in life.

Every now and then stop and ask him questions. If you’ve been to Switzerland; ask him if he’s ever been or would ever want to go. See what I mean? You’re making it a two-way street while telling him how fun you are.

It’s also good to let him know that you are an individual that doesn’t NEED him. This will make him feel more confident about you and what type of relationship you can have.

A Scorpio man isn’t into clingy or needy women. The more you let him know that you’re not this way, it will help you get to him and help the two of you grow something solid for the future.

Talk About Your Friends & Family

Scorpio men love to hear about family and are looking for a wife and future mother for his children. Family is important to him. When you talk about your own family and/or close friends; he will see who you really are with them.

Seeing how you feel about them and how close you are or maybe not, he’ll get to know you a bit more. I wouldn’t tell him everything though as if you do that he’ll get bored and feel he knows all he needs to.

Just like with the other topics, you’ll want to ask him questions after you’ve talked about your family. Ask him how many siblings he has, how he was raised, and how he wants to raise his kids when he has some.

14 Words A Scorpio Man Wants To Hear…

Have you ever heard of a 14-word elixir that can rejuvenate a relationship with a Scorpio man?

Just as communication is the most important aspect of a relationship, one of the most important aspects of communication is knowing how to overcome disagreements and misunderstandings.

I know many women who have tragically failed with Scorpio men simply because they underestimated the importance of conversation.

Some didn’t talk to them enough and some talked too much… Others talked just enough, but they said a few wrong things here and there that made their lovers pout and brood.

I’m telling you, you never want to make a Scorpio guy pout over something you said.

It’s best to resolve such conflicts as soon as possible because his negativity might escalate until one day he just snaps and decides you’re not the one for him and it’s all over.

The worst part is that in 9 out of 10 cases women don’t even realize that they said something wrong… or didn’t say something he expected them to say.

He doesn’t send signals when he’s hurt or disappointed. Instead, he usually just goes quiet… but women never notice. And even if they do notice, they don’t know what to do in time.

That’s why whenever you have a disagreement, it’s best to defuse it with words that can save your relationship.

Click here and find out the 14 words your Scorpio man needs to hear to melt his heart <<

xoxo, Anna

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23 thoughts on “What A Scorpio Man Wants To Hear (Sweet Thing To Say To A Scorpio Man)

  1. I’ve been interested in this guy who’s a Scorpio for about over two years I told him how I felt and he was like why didn’t you say something sooner!! I’ve haven’t repond cause I don’t know how to answer it..

    1. Hi Passionate! It shouldn’t be that hard though. If you told him and he asked why you didn’t say something sooner, it may because he’s liked you this whole time. Then again it could also be that he got involved with someone else in the time that you liked him. There is no harm in just telling him that you were thinking that he was out of your league and that maybe you wouldn’t be receptive so you waited. Now you figured you would go ahead and tell him to see what happens. Good luck sweetheart!

  2. Very good points. The shared values point is key! And loved the tip on needy… I don’t like that either.
    Question:Why can’t we save this article to pinterest? I keep trying but it wont let me.

    1. Hi River! I’m glad you enjoyed my tips. I try my best to help as many women as I can. Scorpio men can be difficult at times but they’re also extremely passionate and can make for an incredible life partner to the right person. As far as your other question, I’m not savvy with pinterest. Sorry.

  3. I have been seeing a Scorpio man on and off for 5 years. He just cannot commit. When I get fed up with his on and off relationship, I stop talking and seeing him. He goes silent for a month or more, then texts or calls and just wants to check in. We try getting together again and 2 weeks later he disappears or ignores me again. It is a vicious cycle. He tells me he loves me in many special ways….whatever that means. It drives me crazy because I fell in love with him. I can’t deal with the disappointments over and over again and if I try to talk to him about it, he turns it on me and saids i blew him off which is not true. I haven’t seen him in 8 mo but he still calls and sends a text always on a Sat or Fri evening. I haven’t responded. What do I say to him? I still care but I don’t want him to take advantage of me. Please give me some advise what I should say to him.

    1. HI Anne Marie! If your Scorpio man cannot commit then that’s one of those things you have to either accept or let go of him. Which feels like the best option for you sweetheart? Trust your intuition. If you haven’t seen him in 8 months then he’s not really committed to you like you are to him and you should probably just tell him he needs to step it up or you’re moving on. Don’t threaten though. You have to follow through if he doesn’t step up. Do what is best for you and your life honey!

      1. hello. My Scorpio and me was almost 6 years together. I never needed any advice to date him. After few weeks he already told me he loves me, even though we had lots of conflicts. After one year he said that he is sure that I am right one! He wandet marry me. ( didn’t ask me couse we said we wait). I got pregnant, we got first child. Then was Corona time and our relationship broke down. We stayed together and got two kids. He works abroad and i am alone 7 out of 12 months per years! He left me alone with kids becouse he wants work for our better foture. But he stop to be interested in me, we don’t do things together. He block me when I complain. He is rude. We broke up couse ai can’t wait for him anymore to come home and be family man. He ask why he would bond his life with me? So in begging I was his dream, we got kids, now we are there that he doesn’t care at all me! What should I do? Let it go or hope? How is possible that from love he hate me? How? I am Aries women.

  4. I met this Scorpio guy last year December, he asked me out for about two weeks then I finally gave in.he was so nice and lovely,he wanted to see me all the time,visit me at home and work.even asked to married me but I refuse and asked him to give me a year to think since we just met.but ever since he traveled back,everything changed, when ever I called he don’t pick. he mostly call me but never replied to my text.I don’t feel the love any more and when he call,we don’t have anything to discuss about, everything is boring. Please help me out I love this guy

    1. Hi Santy! He sounds like one of those types of guys that prefers calls instead of texting. There is nothing really wrong with that but it may be less convenient to you. If you aren’t feeling any love when you talk to him though, then it may be time to let go and move on. That’s especially true if it’s boring. Scorpio man isn’t typically boring unless he’s not giving his best. Tell him how you feel and then ask him how he feels about it and what he wants. Maybe you two can salvage it. If not then you’ll have to consider moving on.

  5. Hey Anna I’m interested in a scorpio guy actually he’s really weird i really like him we’ve been talking for 2 weeks now the first week he was passionate always starting conversations now the second week he never starts i started but then I feel like there’s nothing to say how should I deal with him why doesn’t he start I’m a Capricorn and i hate to start conversation and what should I say to him once we’re talking to make the conversation interesting

  6. Hey Anna thanks for the scorpio tips it as been of help,my sis is now enjoying her relationship with her scorpio boyfriend. But her bf ( scorpio)is kind of afraid to get married because of my sis (Libra) stubbornness.

  7. I have been dealing with a Scorpio man for 8 months now. He approached me. He flirts like crazy… He is in constant contact with me 14 – 16 hours a day 7 days a week for 8 months now. We talk about everything and have a wonderful friendship. He is relentless in the flirting. I have never had a man pay so much attention to me… But only in texting, video calls, and phone calls. We did spend a weekend together after we had been chatting for 3 months. But ever since that weekend he has never asked me to spend time with him and if I ask him… He always has excuses why he can’t. I do know for sure that he is not seeing or involved with anyone else. I have become so confused and frustrated with the situation and have tried discussing it with him many times. He tells me he is “broken”, doesn’t know what he wants or too busy… But he is still in constant contact with me at all times and the flirting never stops. Last week I ended it with him because I finally had to give him an ultimatum… Either spend time with me or leave me alone… He chose to end everything… But this same thing happened about 3 months ago. I didn’t hear from him for a week… But then he contacted me and everything continued as before. I don’t understand why he puts so much effort into this “cyber relationship” but simply refuses to physically spend time with me. I can’t take it anymore. I like him alot but I need more from him and he says I deserve someone better than him. I don’t understand why he is so hot and cold. Can you explain this to me please?

    1. Wow I must have the same guy or his brother. So hot cold relationship? Never know where you stand. He says he loves ya then gets moody about something stupid they say or do but it’s our fault and we need to grow up and stop being insecure when they are the cause of most of it,

    2. Wow!! I’m just blown away by the stories here! Sounds like a guy I dated this last year!! I have been “involved” with a Scorpio man named Dan M. for the last year. It started out amazing and he was sweet, romantic, caring, had me meet his parents twice, his daughter, his friends, gave me drawers in his room, a closet in his bathroom and was very much taking care of me and my son.
      He also told me he loved me all the time… It was a dream until I needed clarity on where we stood. He did some of the same things mentioned in these posts about 5-6 months in and preferred to call, sometimes wouldn’t respond to texts, would get mad when I tried to establish boundaries and also tell me I was “insecure” or silly when I found out he was texting and talking to his ex girlfriend. He has taken me for a huge ride over the last year! I broke up with him twice…but he always came back texting, emailing and messaging me in every way possible. So, I thought maybe there was really something there? It was pretty much like torture. When I would finally agree to see him, we’d have an amazing time and then, Pouf, he’d disappear again for a month, then contact me again. It was crazy! I’m done with his total madness but he continues this behavior to this day trying to get me to see him and then takes me for a trip down memory lane. Telling me how amazing our time together was! ?????
      Why do Scorpios act in this insane way?
      I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life!!

      1. Hi Marie!

        I am so sorry you had to go through that sweetheart. That push and pull is just awful. I’m glad you figured it out and showed him the door. I will say this, for a Scorpio man, it greatly depends on other things in their charts. The main things that have to be looked at are the Moon, Rising Sign, Mars & Venus. Those are the best facts to really know a Scorpio guy and if he’s reliable or a flake. Don’t totally shrug off the sign because some of them can be very different. Next time you can ask for their birth information and then have their chart looked at. It will save you the trouble or it will show that he IS different and better. I wish you all the best sweetheart!

    1. Hi Priti!

      Yes this should help you but hey, if you need more tips or education on Scorpio men, I can help! Check out my book on Scorpio Man Secrets. There are many hints, tips, and tricks you can use to get a Scorpio man’s attention. I wish you all the best!

  8. I was with a Scorpio man for over two years only to find out he was married with two kids. Now he is with his wife but says he can’t stop thinking about me and I’m the woman of his dreams and he loves the bones of me. He said he made the wrong choice I told him to change it but said he made his choice and it’s not fair he saying this stuff to me as I can’t heal and move on. He has ignored me ever since and actually is talking bad about me what does this mean…
    I am very much in love with I’m

  9. Me and my scorpio have not been together long, only 3 months, but I agree they are hard to figure out. We have been in this kinda limbo for the past month starting when we had our talk one Friday night on the swing. He talked about his confusion of not feeling he could love me. It was a crazy time in my life dealing with a lot of personal issues. I didn’t get upset with his words I just looked at him and told him I understood and just started talking about the many things in our life together that I would miss and the next thing I knew he was crying and begging me to forgive him for his words. I did. But being a taurus, I could not forget those words. That feeling of stability, that I felt, was completely gone. So I had a mental break and finally could not take it anymore. The break up lasted for all of a week and I begged to talk. We finally talked and I was telling him about how I was feeling and this uncertainty. We agreed to continue the relationship because we both missed the other. I’m just still wondering if this is smart move for me? When I’m with him I feel a rush of emotions that I have became addicted too. But when we are apart, you know scorpios, it is very rare occurrence to get a text or even a call. What if he cannot truly love me, and I am just wasting my time?

    1. Dear Stephanie,
      Taurus and Scorpio are the two most jealous, demanding and stubborn signs of the zodiac, so this relationship can either be really good or really bad, depending on how you use it to understand your worst traits and change the behavior that destroys your happiness.
      How you handle conflict and how much you can see your own faults without being defensive is key to how much you will get hurt when things go wrong.
      You both love money and sex and if you keep your lives slightly separate instead of getting obsessive, you stand a chance of weathering the many storms ahead.
      Best of luck to you both!

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