Scorpio Man Online Dating: What Can I Expect?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Have you started talking to a Scorpio man via a dating website or some other social network? Here is what can you expect from a Scorpio man.

Are you interested in Scorpio man online dating? Have you started talking to a Scorpio man via a dating website or some other social network?

Are you wondering whether or not it can ever develop into something else? Here are some things you may need to know about the sultry Scorpio man:

In the Beginning

Scorpio men are looking for their life partner but they do not have trouble enjoying a few “flowers” along the way. This means that some get into these websites looking for a “no strings attached”.

It may be hard to detect with him what his intention may be and you’ll need to spend some time getting to know him. If you live in the same city or area; you’ll probably want to meet up for coffee or something simple.

If you live in entirely different areas of the country, you will have to work at developing a long distance relationship over time. This typically isn’t something a Scorpio man has the patience for.

For Scorpio man online dating, he’s probably looking for a “quick fix.” So it will be hard for you to determine what exactly he’s doing or if he’s even honest with you.

Some Scorpio men are known to “catfish” people. They’ll talk to a woman for a long time and make her think they’re building an actual loving future when really, they’re just playing and seeing how far the woman will take it.

Truly, it depends on the Scorpio man himself. It relies on his age, his maturity, and what his integrity includes. These are hard to figure out online.

When you start talking to him, ask him important life questions. If he starts asking you for dirty photos of yourself, don’t do it! That’s a red flag. It means he isn’t serious and wants to use your photos for his pleasure.

If he can answer important life questions and seems to be serious about finding someone special, you’ll need to be patient and take your time learning more about him.

Always Be Careful Online

Beautiful brunette using notebook in cafe - scorpio man online dating

Certain things maybe are too personal to put out there on the internet. If you and a Scorpio man seem to be getting along and getting to know each other, you should take it to the next level and talk on the phone.

It’s all about comfort and what you both want. If he seems reluctant to talk on the phone or perhaps even video chat, he may be hiding something from you. This is another red flag.

A man that will come up with any excuse when it comes to talking to you on the phone or video chatting where distance is concerned, he’s not authentic. Naturally, if he tries to initiate sex in some way, it’s a trap, don’t do it.

Scorpio men are very sexual and until they find their soul mate; they will not have trouble doing this sort of stuff to get the attention he wants to satisfy his sexual side.

Whatever you do, do not exchange nude photos. If you two have not yet met in person and haven’t discussed trying to become more than what you are, he’s merely fishing for porn.

You also don’t want this guy that you don’t know sending your picture into cyberspace for anyone else to see.

He Will Ask Lots of Questions

If you’re interested in Scorpio man online dating, you need to know that they are suspicious by nature. If he truly IS seeking a mate; he’ll be very leery and will want to ask lots and lots of questions to get to know you. He’s not trying to be nosy; he wants to know what you’re about.

He may ask you some of the same questions over and over to see if your answer remains the same. Consistency will tell him if you’re truthful with him. That’s ultimately his goal is to see if you are telling him the truth or not.

You can try to practice the same yourself to see what answers you get from him. Why not use his tactic and see how much truth he’s giving you. If he’s a liar or trying to get some tail, he’ll give you different answers.

Just keep in mind that some Scorpio men are looking for flings and some are looking for the real deal. You’ve got to decipher which one he may be. If you are looking for something special, you’ll need to be careful.

With Scorpio man online dating, they can be real heartbreakers when it comes to online trysts. He’ll play; talk dirty, talk about love, romance, and maybe even forever. However, it’s part of his game online. He may not feel that way in real life.

Watch Out for Scorpio men Already in Relationships

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It can happen with any sun sign but with the Scorpio man, he’ll complain endlessly about the woman he’s with and how unhappy he is, etc. The problem is; he’s probably lying about it.

If he starts trying to promise to leave her for you, he’s not honest. Remember, once a Scorpio commits, he’s going to stick it out even if he isn’t that happy.

To end it; he’d have to have a pretty serious incident that would make him want to walk away. Otherwise, he’s playing with other women’s minds to get the attention he wants.

He’ll play the “hot and cold” game with you if he’s in a relationship already. He’ll come on strong to hook you and then when he realizes it’s going too far, he’ll back off and cool down or disappear.

These are all red flags. Basically what I am telling you is; it’s best that you don’t even get involved with a Scorpio man who is already with someone else. It will end badly for you, and you will end up hurt.

When it comes to online dating, caution has to be taken. Scorpio men are notorious for being alluring online but aren’t what they seem in real life. Just be careful!

I truly hope this helps you figure out if the guy you’re talking to is worth it or if he’s talking a good game.

To learn more about Scorpio men and their nature, click here to get to know him better. 

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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2 thoughts on “Scorpio Man Online Dating: What Can I Expect?

  1. I have a Scorpio guy I date online,we haven’t met. When we first knew each other ,he was all over me,he didn’t sleep at night just chatting me up. He asked for my naked picture but I refused giving it to him,he told me he can’t force me to do what I didn’t wanna do,he didn’t for it again. We still get along but recently he is acting cold we don’t talk everyday and even most times we talk he just replies me with just a sentence,he just always tell me that he loves me and isn’t going anywhere…I really don’t understand him,don’t know if he loves me or not…..please someone should please tell me what its really means. Should I go or still remain with him and be patient?

  2. I’m a Taurus and I have an online relationship with a Scorpio man.we are 1yr and 7months now. We talked even from the start everyday.he is very naughty and vulgar.he asked me some nude photo even sex chat but I refused and he didn’t forced me.he telling me I love you’s, cares a lot more that like a real boyfriend do.checking my every meal time if I eat.until now he keep on doing that.But i did a mistake before, he is a very jealous guy.he don’t want me to chat to another guy.he is a Pakistani and I’m a pilipina. I make an urdo writing saying I love you and coppeid to clip board and I sent to him.he was so angry because he thought I was cheating on him.he left me in 4 days.that time I felt dying,I never felt that before in my past boyfriends, I felt devatated.lonely.all bad emotions,I sent a lot of messages in messenger but that all didn’t reached to him.seems he’s off.I sent messages in regular number. Even I call but no answer no replies I’m so sad.I felt like dying that time.But he back.I asked him sorry.and I explained everything,we reconciled, we turn normal.until this last week.I know he have a problems.familyand job.he lost his job.I understand and I’m worried about him because he is in another country not in his place he is alone. He still seeking a job…But sometimes my weird feelings make me crazy too.even in his situation I felt like he still have another chatmate, only I said “you change “that words he get angry, he said to me how many times now to not say that words because he said he didn’t change. He said he lovesme.even he promised that words love.which is promised is very sacrade to him because he is a Muslim. But that time I said again that words.I had a problem too that time.seems we clashed.I said you change and he got angry.he said “I told you don’t say always that words because I don’t like it and don’t make me crazy “that message I can’t reply or read becausemy phone was shut power at morning when I wakeup i read his messages.He said.”honey, good night, sweet dreams and sleep well.”and kisses words.I replied but he didn’t online until’s 4 days now.I don’t know if what happened to him.i don’t know if he think I’m angry .My questions are:this time.Does he really leave for good? I message him a lot,even in regular number I message him even I called him but he egnore my call and messages messenger until now he is not online. Does he really leave me for good without saying anything? Can’t he forgive me again and come back?Does this relationship waste now for him?I know I hurted him but can’t hear forgive me and give another 1last try?or does he don’t have internet only? ? I don’twant this relationship gone.I love him so much.only I’m very jealous girl too.what should I do?please help me.I don’t want to loose him…please help me

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