Scorpio Man May Predictions 2022

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
The end of the month brings forth new beginnings and new blessings in both love and his daily life. Enter the May predictions for Scorpio man!

Hello my darklings, how are you? All is good and well I hope, for we are about to enter the predictions for May and you should be ready for it…

The beginning of the month brings some blocks to the Scorpio man’s third house of commute and communication, thanks to Pluto Retrograde. But, at the same time, Venus, Jupiter, the Sun, the Moon, and the North Node bring forth a rain of blessings on both his love and romantic life.

The 9th of May carries over some celestial lessons and opportunities for soul growth for the Scorpio man. All he has to do is let go of fear, anger, and anxiety, step out of his comfort zone and have (good) life happen to him.

On the 16th, there’s a mighty Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio, and this is going to be felt to the max by none other than the Scorpio man himself. It’s a perfect time for being brave, letting go of the past, stepping out of his comfort zone, and embracing both love and life with his arms open wide.

The end of the month brings forth some wonderful things; new beginnings and new blessings in both love and his daily life. All in all, this was a very powerful and fulfilled month for the Scorpio man!

Love Me Baby, Love Me Sweet

The beginning of May creates some difficulties in communication and commute in the Scorpio man’s life, as his ruler, Pluto, is retrograde and on the last degrees of Capricorn. This is bound to create unnecessary friction and blocks in his daily life.

But, on the bright side, his co-ruler Mars is in Pisces in his fifth house of fun and pleasure. And what’s more, Venus and Jupiter are there as well, conjunct on the same exact degree showering his fifth house with love, blessings, and pleasure!

Then, there’s also a big stellium in Taurus – the Sun conjunct Uranus, Uranus conjunct the Moon, and the Moon conjunct the North Node that is opposing the South Node in the Scorpio man’s first house of self. This means that his love life is going to be very active and in the spotlight right now.

The good thing is that both Luminaries are in his seventh house of long-lasting love, and this, coupled with the powerful Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Pisces, is bound to bring many blessings to both his love and sex life.

This is a very good time for the Scorpio man’s love life, and all love relationships that begin now were bound to happen through the ties of karma and destiny that have withstood the test of time and space.

Celestial Order Knocking On Heaven’s Door…

Around the 9th of May, the Moon throws light on the Scorpio man’s public life and career, this is not a very positive aspect as Saturn puts a damper on his parade from his fourth house of home. So, there are bound to be some struggles in his home life that overshadow his professional success…

Pluto is still retrograde, so there are no changes to that transit, he should be more careful in traffic though because the Moon is squaring Pluto.

Mars, his co-ruler, is drawing closer to Neptune in Pisces, in his fifth house of pleasure. So, this is a good time for relaxation, having light-hearted fun, and spending time in pleasant, relaxed company.

Venus has moved to Aries, this accentuated his sixth house of daily routines, health, and career. This is an excellent transit for the Scorpio man to bring beauty to his daily life, and he might do that by including his lover or love interest in his daily dealings.

The Sun is now sandwiched between Uranus and the North Node, and thus, it brings light to his seventh house of love and long-lasting relationships. He is asked to break out of his old mold, open himself to receiving love, and let go of any dark thoughts and doubts he might have when his love interest or partner is involved.

This is a good time for honest conversations, speaking the truth, and spending time together doing mundane things.

Changes Are Coming

On the 16th of May, we have a Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio (his 1st house of self) conjunct the South Node – the Node of destiny that shows the way towards the past. Opposite this stands the Sun conjunct the North Node in his house of love.

Mars is now conjunct Neptune and it makes a pleasant aspect to both the Nodes, the Sun, and the Moon. This is a perfect time to let go of the past, fears, and all things that stand in his way to happiness!

The Scorpio man will feel turbulent and challenged right now, but nonetheless, it’s still a perfect time for stepping out of his comfort zone, reaching out to his loved ones, and making peace in both his heart and his life.

This is a very good opportunity for spending time together, holding each other close, opening up, and sharing your innermost truths with each other. It’s a very intense time, and whoever spends it with him will win the Scorpio man’s heart for good.

New Beginnings And New Blessings

The end of May brings forth a New Moon in Gemini. This accentuates the Sorpio man’s eighth house of sex and carnal pleasures. Both the Sun and the Moon are on the 9th degree of Gemini – the degree of Sagittarius – so he will be blunt and free in the bedroom.

Although Pluto is still stuck in its retrograde walk on the last degrees of Capricorn, Mars has now moved to Aries (his home turf) and is conjunct Jupiter! Oh, how the blessings will shower his daily life, his job, and his health!

Venus has moved to Taurus, and she is going to bring love, beauty, and abundance to his love life and his partnerships. Mercury is retrograde and is moving closer to the North Node in Taurus, meaning that something that remained unspoken or unsolved will be hashed out and solved in good graces thanks to Venus.

Saturn is in the Scorpio man’s fourth house of home life and family, but it has moved away from squaring the Nodes, so the atmosphere is lighter and thus he is able to breathe better.

It’s a good opportunity to spend time together, wining and dining, opening up to each other, and being intimate. Talking about your fantasies and fetishes, playing lighthearted games, and being free around each other is the Universe’s message for this period.

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Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it my darklings; what a month, eh? It’s full of ups and downs, but more ups than downs, and more blessings than pain! And that’s what counts the most in the end…

The Scorpio man will feel both challenged and blessed during the month of May, at the beginning and in the end, he will feel especially blessed, but in the middle, he’ll feel super challenged and gloomy.

This is not worrisome, as May has come to teach him the necessary lessons and to open up and embrace life to the fullest, something that doesn’t come easily to a Scorpio man and the doubts he has all the time.

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All the love and happiness in the world.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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