Your Match: Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman Love Compatibility

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Both Scorpio man and Cancer woman are water signs, which means you are both highly intuitive, intensely emotional and more imaginative than the other signs.

A  romance between earthy Cancer and a watery Scorpio is a surprisingly good match with great long term prospects. Sensitive and emotional Cancer is happy to take a passive role and let Scorpio’s passionate intensity show the way.

Here is everything you need to know on how compatible are Scorpio man and Cancer woman:

Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman Chemistry

In terms of physical chemistry alone, this match is explosive. The two of you can set each other off in ways that will have you both completely enthralled.

Both Cancer and Scorpio are water signs, which means you are both highly intuitive, intensely emotional and more imaginative than the other signs.

Luckily Cancer woman has a hard outer shell because she can get hurt when tangling with a Scorpion, but she tends to make him protective and loyal so she doesn’t have much to fear. Cancer needs constancy in her life and she loves feeling protected by someone stronger than her so Scorpio’s powerful personality is a huge turn on.

A Cancer woman may be surprised to discover that the Scorpio is more insecure than she is in a relationship because although Cancer can feel jealous at times, Scorpio takes possessiveness to a whole new level of obsession. Cancer’s warm devotion and loving attention is just what a suspicious Scorpio man needs to feel wanted, powerful, sexy and completely in charge.

With the moon ruling Cancer and Pluto ruling Scorpio, you two have a high level of transformational power between you, which you can both use to grow as individuals, as a couple, and to change the world. Cancer and Scorpio share an easy understanding based on instinctual emotional empathy that can’t be put into words but translates into the kind of deep bond that other couples envy.

The Cancer Woman

Cancer brings some common sense and calm in order to balance the darker side of a Scorpio man - Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman

Cancer is known as the homemaker and caregiver of the zodiac, which is good because this is something that is rarely said about Scorpio. The practical nurturing instinctive way Cancer is able to care for others is just what the moody, intense and very passionate Scorpio man needs.

Cancer brings some common sense and calm in order to balance the darker side of a Scorpio man, and your capacity for sensual depth and love is enough to meet Scorpio’s need to an intense, unquestionable bond. At your best, you are devoted, affectionate and generous to a fault and that is, in a lover, exactly what a Scorpio man wants.

Instinctively protective Cancer women tend to miss out on many chances for love out of fear of getting hurt. Luckily for you, a Scorpio man has the intensity and drive to blast through your fears and capture you, body and soul before you even think to run.

You enjoy all the jealous and possessive expressions of attention from a mysterious, brooding Scorpio man because this makes you feel both desirable and safe. You are unlikely to give a Scorpio man any real reasons to be jealous, and he will feel so protective of you, that the two of you forge a subconscious, unspoken connectedness that others long to have.

The Scorpio Man

Highly sexed and emotionally charged Scorpio is known around the zodiac as “The Sorcerer”. Natives of this sign are often magnetic, powerful and apparently invincible people who get what they want and go to any lengths to achieve their desires.

A Scorpio man has high expectations and he waits for the right opportunity before taking the plunge. When he decides on a conquest there is not much that will stop him from achieving his will. Scorpios love the feeling of comfort and emotional gratification is part of their game, so they find a strange comfort in a Cancer woman’s arms.

Those who don’t understand Scorpio men find them scary, overpowering and dark with unknown desire, but for fellow water sign Cancer, the emotional needs of a Scorpio man are neither impenetrable or impossible to fulfill. Cancer women bring out the best in these men, who are capable of crazy love and loyalty when they feel secure enough to expose their weaknesses and express their deepest desires.

What Works Between a Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman?

There are many things in favor of Scorpio and Cancer compatibility but the greatest of these is their mutual respect and ability to trust each other. These two share an instant eye-locking bond and a sensual attraction that is fueled by an eerie understanding of what the other needs.

Cancer and Scorpio share a sensitive nature and childish imagination, especially when it comes to love, so they make perfect playmates for each other. This relationship has all the potential to mature into a long bond marked with warmth, affection, undying love, and emotional support.

Scorpio man and Cancer woman share an instant eye-locking bond

What to watch out for (if you want to keep your fire burning)

Nurturing Cancer is more compassionate and less ambitious than Scorpio, who can become resentful if he doesn’t get enough of his Cancer woman’s attention. Scorpio may dismiss Cancer’s feelings as silly and sentimental they might be, while Cancer will find Scorpio heartless and arrogant at times.

Both signs tend to hide their hurt feelings, and both feel hurt pain, and emotional turmoil more than most other signs do, so this couple needs to find a way to express fears and pain in a healthy and constructive way.

Cancer is more loving than lusty while Scorpio’s approach to sex is more instinctive and raw, and this difference in style may wear down the initial spark of attraction that springs up between these two.

The Score…

The powerful sensual intensity of Scorpio meets its match in the kind and caring love of a Cancer woman. This match is one of the better ones either sign can make, with huge potential for a long term satisfaction and lifelong happiness for both parties.

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