How To Attract A Scorpio Man In July 2021

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
How to attract a Scorpio man in July 2021? The planets change every month, and events in July might be significantly different then what you're expecting.

This is one of those rare months where the Astrology is spot on. Cancer, the ruling sign of the current season, is considered soulmates with Scorpio. They’re both empathic, intuitive, creative, and soulfully-inclined water signs, and they both possess similar qualities in addition to these four personality traits. The New Moon in Cancer on the 10th provides a doorway to a potential new relationship, or at least strengthening your bond! Read on to find out what to do and what not do during Cancer season to score yourself a sexy Scorpio man!

How To Attract A Scorpio Man In July 2021

1. Avoid Manipulation

Scorpio’s intuition is amplified to extremes this month. The Cancer Sun is making him deeply self-aware, instinctive, and sensitive to people’s intentions and internal motivations. He can sense everything, so there is no point trying to play games or manipulate his emotions this month. Scorpio is actually one of the most intuitive signs regardless of the month or season, therefore think twice before underestimating his power and intelligence.

It’s funny to think that people often see Scorpio as shy, reserved, or secretive, because this sign is ruled by Pluto. Pluto is the planet of power and transformation, rebirth, and positive alchemy. Scorpios are intense! They’re soulful and instinctive, and when the Sun is in fellow water sign Cancer, Scorpio’s intensity really comes out. In terms of avoiding manipulation, this means it’s paramount that you be completely authentic. No mind games, no seduction to gain power or control over him, and certainly no superficiality.

Positively, if you can stay clear of this things and shift to a purer, more loving, and “higher self-aligned” vibe, you will find a very beautiful and soulful least to mention sexy man who isn’t scared of being vulnerable.

2. ‘Instincts, Intuition, & Sex Appeal’

Attracting A Scorpio Man In July 2021

It is well known that Scorpio is irresistibly sexy… Well, Cancer’s energies provide an extra dose of magic, mystery, and sex appeal! This potent magnetism is tied into his watery sensitive nature. Scorpio’s sexiness doesn’t arise from some majorly extroverted, outgoing or gregarious vibe (unlike Sagittarius), nor is it rooted in lust and desire (not solely anyway…).

The Scorpio man is magnetic, receptive, and charismatic in a deeply nurturing and gentle way. All you have to do is turn your attention towards Scorpio in bed to confirm this: he is both romantic and nurturing, sensual and giving, and wild, passionate, and in touch with his primal self.

From the 10th onwards is a prime time to use powerful instincts to show him how you feel. The New Moon in Cancer is a gateway to deeper connection, intimacy, and soul sharing. He wants to be wanted, but he also needs to feel seen and heard, and shine without being misinterpreted or judged wrongly.

Yes, everyone has an ego times, however Scorpio will always be a soulful and compassionate water sign at the start and end of each day. Make sure you understand him and the way he ticks before going after him.

3. Open Sharing

Linked to the above is the emotional influence of the month. Emotional intelligence, empathy, and a desire to merge and bond on an emotional and even telepathic frequency is heightened this July.

Scorpio is naturally attuned to being emotionally authentic which implies a certain level of vulnerability as well. He’s looking for intimacy, some depth, and no drama. Sharing openly allows you to connect on all levels, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical.

Do you consider yourself someone who always like to keep things upbeat and rooted in jokes and laughter, even if it means sacrificing depth and the like? Cancer season isn’t the time for this – best to wait until the Sun enters Leo on the 21st/22nd. Even honest intentions of optimism and good vibes can be misperceived, and you don’t want your Scorpio God to think you’re some gossipy, superficial, mean spirit, do you?!

Cancer rules the 4th house of home, security, family, and roots. This signifies that we’re all feeling a pull towards domestic and family topics, talking about our childhood and upbringing, and helping each other heal through our wounds and traumas. Family and ancestral wounds run deep.

For the Scorpio man, the topic of healing is strongly linked to metaphysical and esoteric topics of wisdom and awareness, thus you can find a powerful connection here if you’re willing to open up and share.

4. Practice Mindfulness And Self-Awareness

Tips To Attract A Scorpio Man In July 2021

Cancer and Scorpio are both two of the most spiritual, aware, and conscious signs. They’re both water, therefore when the Cancer Sun shines it’s compassionate and deeply present light on Scorpio, he starts to get all the feels.

He may pick up on things that were previously unconscious, from his or another’s past… He might begin to unravel deep mysteries of the universe, his family or past relationships – and further seek to integrate the wisdom and insight into his present situation.

All in all, he is extremely in tune and touch with himself and his surroundings. His physical environment provides clues and messages for self-discovery, healing, learning, wisdom, spiritual illumination, and forgiveness and letting go, so mindfulness is essential! Try to stay present in the current moment, which of course links to being intuitive and instinctive to his emotions.

If you wish to take the lead a little, shift the focus to how you can gently push him towards deeper intimacy and sharing. Despite everything shared above, Scorpio is the most secretive and privacy loving star signs. He needs to always keep some of himself back regardless of how comfortable he feels around you.

You can project the image of a powerful and independent, yet equally kind and considerate, nurturing and caring, woman by simply being mindful. Stay self-aware and work on your intuition before meeting.

5. Idealistic And Ambitious…

Cancer is silently ambitious while Scorpio is incredibly resourceful and determined. Scorpio has his ancient ruler to thank for this hard-working and success-minded influence: Mars. Mars, the planet of action, will, and passion currently ruling Aries, provides a foundation in the Scorpio man’s life for which instinctive and emotional powers are formed and evolve. His character is defined by a sensitive and spiritually-inclined evolved soul who is also aligned to a path of prosperity, abundance and achievement.

July sees a Full Moon in idealistic Aquarius on the 24th, so you can anticipate a desire to converse about dreams and long-term goals. The Aquarius Moon occurs while the Sun is in fiery and bold, independent and playful Leo, and Leo and Aquarius measure high in compatibility.

The message is to lighten up and level up from the 22nd onwards! Dream big, share your dreams, connect to your visionary self, and know that Scorpio is strong on the world-change and “be the change you wish to see vibe.”

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Final Thoughts & Key Astrological Transits

Cancer and Scorpio certainly have true love potential, therefore all of Scorpio’s best qualities are amplified while the Sun is in Cancer.

Use the New Moon on the 10th to your advantage, then when the Aquarius Full Moon arrives adopt a more fun and playful, intellectual and future-focused mindset and energy. Talk about how music, art, community and culture can lead to a global shift in consciousness…

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Wishing you light, love, and all the luck in the Universe on your journey!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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