How To Attract A Scorpio Man In February 2021

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
How to attract a Scorpio man in February 2021? Draw the attention of a Scorpio man or improve your relationship with one in February!

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet of rebirth and transformation. There are some intense, spiritual and empathic energies when it comes to the Scorpio man; he is deep, intuitive, creative, and imaginative. But he’s also resourceful, intelligent, determined to succeed, and ambitious. In love, he is loyal, devoted, caring, and sweet. He is the ideal lover! Luckily, February has many strong prospects for love and beginning a new relationship. 

How To Attract A Scorpio Man In February 2021

1. Allow Yourself To Feel

Scorpio Man February 2021 Attraction

“Showing up for yourself” is the key to attraction in February. This guy wants someone who can feel deeply. You need to be in tune with your emotions, senses, and beliefs in order to win his heart or even catch his interest. Superficiality and shallowness don’t appeal to him. 

Communication and connection are very important to him, and this means feeling should be a developed trait. It then shines through effortlessly in conversation and adds to your emotional intelligence!

I know, this may sound strange- surely everyone feels? But you’d be surprised. Some people have a problem with intimacy and feeling, with being in tune with their own emotions and internal needs. The Scorpio man does not have a problem with this at all, therefore he expects you to be comfortable in the realm of emotions and feelings as well. 

This isn’t suggesting you need to be solely instinctual, emotional, and disconnected from your thoughts this month – quite the opposite. When the Sun is in Aquarius in the first half of the month, his cerebral and mental gifts will be lit up; he is wishing to connect intellectually and mentally just as much as he desires emotional and spiritual bonding. Just be mindful of how you come across and how honest you are with your own beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and desires.

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Be Deep

Pisces season hits on the 19th and lasts until mid-March. Pisces and Scorpio are wonderfully compatible, so Pisces traits and qualities will be shining a beautiful light on Scorpio’s strengths from the latter part of the month. Something really hits home for this man when the Sun is in Pisces – he feels deeply connected to his senses and body and to the world around him. His creativity and imagination soar, and everything has a unique sparkle and shimmer…

Depth of emotions is paramount. Intimacy will appeal to him more and his need for a magical, spiritual connection will really be shown. You should work on your intuition and emotional intelligence if you don’t already feel strong in these areas. Being instinctive and intuitive are traits that will work to your favor, especially when conversing and connecting with the Scorpio man. 

He likes a woman who knows how to respond too, not react. Responding to his emotional needs in addition to his intellect, wit, ambitions, and spirituality are what does it for him for this month. 

Soulful passions and being in alignment, or in flow, with your life’s path and destiny are beautiful traits. He admires them in fact, he wants a partner who has her own life, career and ambitions and is further passionately deep about them. 

3. Show Charm And Charisma

Attracting A Scorpio Man In February 2021

Despite the mystical and ethereal energies, he is still looking for that charm and charisma – the inner fire! Scorpio’s old and ancient ruler is Mars after all, the planet of action, vitality, and war. All aspects of competition, masculine sexuality, primal needs and urges, and motion come under Mars’ influence. This makes him fiery despite being watery in nature. 

Charming, charismatic, fearless, and possessing a unique inner strength, he seeks the same in a partner. A significant part of this man’s life, motivations, and desires is to find a lifelong partner who is in it for the long haul, and this means adventures and lots of passion. You should be interested in things, genuinely, and with zest. Energy and vitality are traits he seeks in a potential soulmate. 

You need to have some “get up and go.” Romance, emotional connection, and beautifully sensitive displays of love and affection are more than welcome – essential in fact (when committed) – yet spontaneity is also a very attractive trait. 

4. Seduce His Mind, Body, & Soul…

How To Attract a Scorio Man February 2021

Scorpio is the most seductive and sexual sign. It’s ok to seduce him this month… what may be considered taboo by others is warmly received by the Scorpio man. Any attempt to seduce his mind, body, or soul will captivate him and stir his emotions in powerful ways. Providing you do it in the right way, without coming across as seedy or sleazy, he will see you as a Goddess!

Pisces season leaves him feeling open and stimulated on multiple levels. His intuition is soaring and his inner instincts are off the chain. He oozes sex appeal throughout the month making him extremely modest and open-minded, further wishing to connect on an intellectually intimate level. Heard of mind sex? Telepathy is the ability to communicate through emotion, feeling and body language – subtle vibrations through internal projections (thoughts, sensations etc.).

You might want to consider engaging in some transcendental meditation and spiritual healing to raise your vibration. When your instinctive and intuitive-psychic gifts are soaring, you’re better able to sense what he wants and needs. A man’s likes and passions become your likes and passions when you’re spiritually connected and sharing a soul bond.

5. Play It Cool

In spite of the intensity throughout the month, you still need to play it cool and know when to tone it down. He is both craving connection and feeling very independent. He has his own life, ambitions, talents, and resources and don’t forget, he’s reached a level of achievement and accomplishment in life, not to mention emotional satisfaction and self-worth. Thus, easy-goingness and self-respect with healthy boundaries are desirable traits to possess.

In other words, don’t come off as too eager or keen. Of course, show your emotions – be open, deep, and authentic! But remember to detach every once in a while, and project a friendly and “kindred spirit” vibe.

A self-empowered, independent woman is irresistible to Scorpio. There’s a full Moon in compatible Virgo on the 27th too. This is lighting up his need for self-sufficiency and bringing order to his practical affairs.

His role and status in the world will be on his mind as will his resources. Virgo is a responsible, dutiful and generous earth sign, and Virgo is genuinely considered harmonious with Scorpio. Because full moons are all about completions, this guy will be reaching a sense of personal completions and ‘coming full circle’ in one area of his life. If you want him to believe you’re intelligent and perceptive, perhaps include this topic in your conversation at some point!

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Final Thoughts And Key Astrological Transits

February is a beautiful month for love and spiritual bonding. The Scorpio man is feeling energized, balanced, and open to new connections – even a new relationship (lucky for you!). He’s still independent and someone who enjoys his own company, so always bare this in mind. But, with the right intentions and efforts you can find much progress if wishing to catch – and keep – his interest.

Remember to familiarize yourself with the Scorpio man secrets to really wow him!

And let me know which of these tips you found most helpful to score your Scorpio. The comments are totally anonymous!

Wishing you love and light on your journey.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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