Scorpio Man Compatibility: How A Scorpio Man Matches With Women

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you thinking about dating a Scorpio man and wondering if you’re astrologically best for him? Here is how a Scorpio man matches with women.

Are you thinking about dating a Scorpio man and wondering if you’re astrologically best for him? Here is how a Scorpio man matches with women and the best matchups for the Scorpio man when it comes to women’s Sun Signs.

The Best Signs of Women for the Scorpio Man compatibility

First, of course, would be the Scorpio woman who would do well with the Scorpio man. They have much in common and likely can understand each other quite well. They will need to watch out for each other’s mood swings though. If they learn each other well enough, they’ll complement each other in life.

The next possible amazing match would be the Virgo woman with a Scorpio man. She’s practical and is seeking stability for the long haul. She’s strong enough to handle the emotional Scorpio man. Temper issues are probably very mild between the two.

Zodiac sign Virgo - How A Scorpio Man Matches With Women

The Cancer woman will understand his sensitive needs and they could provide each other with security. Cancer lady will give him the domestic life he wants as far as marriage and family building. She’ll always be there for him and he will return the favor. Click here for more about the Cancer woman/Scorpio man match.

Perhaps the steady Capricorn woman could help bring some order to the sometimes chaotic Scorpio man’s heart. She’ll give him a reason to stick around for the long term. The two will make an amazing match as they are both ambitious. They could also make great business partners. Click here to read about the Scorpio Man/Capricorn Woman mix.

There is also a chance of things working well with a Scorpio man and a Pisces lady. They are both emotionally driven however and sometimes there can be impatience or not being able to resolve issues that need to be worked on.

Zodiac sign Pisces - How A Scorpio Man Matches With Women

It IS possible but it would take some compromise. Communication will be a huge factor in whether these two can or will make it. They CAN find a way if they both want it enough.

The Other Signs with him

If your sun sign isn’t in the listing for the best matchups, don’t feel discouraged. There is always a possibility that you two may be good for one another. Moon signs play a huge role in matchups as well so there are always variances.

When dealing with a Scorpio man with a Leo woman’s match, the Leo woman will want more attention than the Scorpio man may be willing to give. He is busy trying to gather his own share of attention. Their egos may also clash. If they can agree to disagree, they could still have a shot.

Next up is the Aries woman with the Scorpio man. Passion is high here between them but at some point; the Aries will feel overwhelmed by Scorpio’s demands thus causing lots of conflicts. Scorpio man may not like Aries irrational actions either. Rough sailing here but anything is possible.

Zodiac sign Aries - How A Scorpio Man Matches With Women

Then there is the Aquarius woman with Scorpio man match. These two are attracted to each other but they are both incredibly stubborn. There would be a whole lot of effort and work required here but not impossible. That is if the Aquarius woman is willing to put in the time and relinquish her freedom.

The Libra woman may be able to look at both sides of the coin in arguments. She may delight in the beginning when her Scorpio guy is jealous. However, at some point, it becomes very taxing and old. Check here for more information on Libra woman with Scorpio man.

Lastly, are the Gemini woman and Sagittarius woman. These may be the worst matches for the Scorpio man. The Gemini woman will be too emotionally aloof and flaky for the secure Scorpio.

She won’t like the drama that Scorpio brings which will make her want to run for the hills. If she loves him enough though, anything is possible. Read more by clicking here.

Finally, the Sagittarius woman will be far too free-spirited for the Scorpio man that seeks security. They will definitely be drawn to one another sexually but their life values are a bit different.

Zodiac sign Sagittarius - How A Scorpio Man Matches With Women

It would be a huge compromise. It wouldn’t be impossible but it would take more work than the Sagittarius may be willing to do. For more information on these two, click here.

When the Sun Signs Don’t Match Up

Astrology and horoscopes concept - How A Scorpio Man Matches With Women

Try not to take it to heart too much if your two sun signs don’t match up that well. There are absolutely always exceptions to the rule and it depends on each individual.

This is why looking at birth charts becomes necessary when it’s time to determine who may be your best match. Comparing yours with his will be the only way to know for sure what will work and what may not.

There is always free will involved when it comes to love as well. Try not to focus too much on sun signs. Moon signs play a role in love as well as this is another facet of us.

Even our Ascending Sign (Rising Sign) plays a role in who we are. In fact, it’s the Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign that are most important rather than just the Sun.

With that said, knowing the information completely may help you better determine where love is at for you and with whom.

Looking more deeply and getting to know the Scorpio guy that you’re interested in is the very best course of action you could take rather than being reliant on what his or your sun signs are.


I hope this helps you figure out if you’re going to work well with the Scorpio man or not.

Do you know how a Scorpio man matches with women? Let me know! Also, click here to learn more about the Scorpio man and how he fits in relationships.

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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  1. the lady Bull is missing. I’m a Taurus involved w a Scorpio guy and let me just say we are extremely passionate and honestly we drive each other crazy. The flip side is that the love is just as crazy and passionate. I can’t and won’t give him up.

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