Do You Make These Mistakes with a Scorpio Man?

by Anna, relationship astrologer
Scorpios are famous for their strength, and passion. But, Scorpio man should be handled with care. Are you making these mistakes with a Scorpio man?

Men born in the sign of Scorpio are famous for their strength, determination, and passion, and if they are genuinely attracted to someone they have the highest chance to turn into the faithful and devoted partner.

However, Scorpio man should be handled with care. Let’s see how to recognize and avoid mistakes with a Scorpio man in a relationship:

You Have a Rich, but Shallow Social Life

There is one thing a Scorpio man values the most and this is his inner peace. He needs to feel relaxed and protected in his home environment and especially with his partner. If you tend to have a broad social circle and people seem entitled to call you all the time or your home has an open door for anyone who needs to talk, spend some free time or cry over your shoulder, a Scorpio man will recognize this fast and pulls back.

He is a type of guy who wants his home to look like a fortress, and you as his queen should have the strict rules who is allowed to enter into your space, under which conditions and at what times. If you don’t have those boundaries already settled, then you will have to develop them in order to keep the Scorpio man.

You Are Addicted to Social Events

Mistakes with a Scorpio Man

Every man loves a girl who is positive and joyous because this describes clearly her inner energy and passion. On the other side, being a party girl is a big no-no in the eyes of a Scorpio guy. Everything shallow, mixed with lots of alcohol, empty conversations or big gatherings, is always boring and often annoying to him.

You have to learn how to respect his need for privacy, deeper meaning and rest if you want him to stay beside you. Weigh honestly what is more important to you and then make the definite decision, because there is no going back once you start the committed relationship with a Scorpio man. In this case, your social life can exist, but your friends and contacts will be carefully chosen and pointed and pinned by his plans.

You Are Strong, but Vulgar Sometimes

Watch out, because this trait can get you out of the love game in a second. Scorpio man loves to see a strong woman and even more, he adores the idea that such a woman will be loyal and focused solely on him. But, and this is a big “but”, he repulses the idea of a vulgar woman. And this applies to literary everything you do in your life.

No, yoga pants are not supposed to be shown out of the gym. Scorpio guy hates these clothes, as well as other fashion mismatches girls often do.

Combine your clothes with your daily schedule and you will do fine, so sustain from the need to have your sexy heels while working in the garden, but also sustain from the need to wear cargo pants when you go to work or dinner.

The same is true, if not even more, for your way of communication. Get rid of all slang terms you used before even just for fun. No “bitch please” or something similar is allowed to be heard in his company. You can be strong as a dragon on steroids, but your language, your manners, and gestures should show a lady, not a grizzly bear.

You Use Popular Psychology

Don’t do this even if your favorite word is “narcissist” or you love to use the spectacular “law of attraction”. Among the things Scorpio hates the most, is the modern tendency for many people to use the terms they don’t quite understand, and at the same time their total lack of basic education.

If you haven’t read at least a thousand books regarding psychology, sociology, history or economy, please don’t try to sell yourself as someone who knows worldly or inner and spiritual concepts. He’s been there, he had to experience some dramatic transformations and most likely he knows what it feels to be on the bottom as well as on top.

Don’t make him feel stupid. Once labeled with this title you won’t ever reach his heart. This another one of the mistakes with a Scorpio man that you can make. 

You Show a Lot of Doubt and Insecurity

Mistakes with a Scorpio Man

This is also a big negative part of a woman’s character which can make a Scorpio guy run as fast as he can. Of course that it’s not such a big deal when a woman is vulnerable and needs to feel protected, and Scorpio man loves to act like the powerful dragon around the damsel in distress. But being feminine and being helpless like a small child is an entirely different story.

If you need to ask him numerous questions about some basic stuff, like shopping, family connections, weather forecast, your hormonal fluctuations and anything which goes through your mind all day long, then you should know that he won’t respect you and therefore he won’t see you like the marriage material.


Another one of the mistakes with a Scorpio man is: don’t ask a Scorpio guy to tell you is this or that dress better looking on you, why are people so cruel, or should you go there and do that… Scorpio guy falls for a grown-up woman, so please act like one.

Don’t give yourself such luxury to treat one Scorpio man like he is your mother, because he can easily sting and leave you without any regrets. Did you recognize some situations which happened to you and your passionate lover?

I would love to read about your experiences with Scorpio men? Have you ever been with this deep and dangerous type of guy? And what were the things which annoyed him the most? Feel free to comment.

What are the mistakes with a Scorpio man that you’ve made? Let me know!

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer, Anna Kovach

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  1. Hi,I knew there was something special about this man,the first moment I put my eyes on him.Tried to start conversation with,we danced together. We became dance partners in time,but I wanted more.In the beginning,he did not,cause I m married,now I m getting divorced(partly cause I want to be with him),we started relationship (mostly based on sex)but…I m desperate now cause most of the time I m the one who s sending messages,planning activities.I ask myself am I wasting my time,is he really into me??!!!Do not want to push him,but wanted to stop it all,but can not…it hurts .Do not know what do….

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