Scorpio Man’s Pet Peeves: 5 Things that Annoy Him the Most

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
So now you’re dating that really hot Scorpio guy you’ve been after for awhile. Find out what are Scorpio man's pet peeves and why he get moody sometimes...

So now you’re dating that really hot Scorpio guy you’ve been after for a while. However; he seems to get moody sometimes with you and you’re not really sure what it is that he doesn’t like.

These Scorpio man’s pet peeves may help you so that you can avoid making these mistakes with him:

1. He Really Hates Small Talk

The Scorpio man is very deep and intellectual. This is often why he chooses a woman who is similar. He wants content to talk about, not “how’s the weather”.  Not to say that you’ll never discuss the weather; it’s just not common.

He wants to talk about things that matter. He wants to talk about success, the next project that either you have going on or he was going. Talk about some new pursuits you’re considering taking on.

There is a multitude of things that you can talk about that will stimulate him. The minute you start small talking about mundane things, he’ll space you off or walk away from you while you’re flapping your gums.

Getting to know each other is important so this is one of the things you can definitely discuss while you’re still at the beginning phases of your dating. Talking about music, art, or other interests are good as well.

Keep the small talk to a minimum if you can or with your friends. That will be better off for you and your Scorpio man. Later on, you can complain about the weather if you want to; just don’t try to make a conversation out of it.

2. Never Ignore Him

The girl is sad that the young man ignores her - Scorpio Man’s Pet Peeves

The Scorpio man can be a bit complicated at times. He’s one that can become withdrawn and icy when he’s upset. However, if you ignore him; it will set him off and it will make him angry.

If you ignore his calls or texts, he will definitely not take that well. You will not get away with giving him the silent treatment if you are upset with him. If you are upset, you need to just tell him the truth straight out.

You have better chances of success with him if you can be honest about it. If you do need time to yourself to process things; just tell him that instead of giving him the silent treatment.

It will go over well. If you are busy, answer your texts or calls with an “I’m busy right now honey but I’ll call or text you back when I can”. At least let him know what is going on.

There is also the aspect of him being possessive and jealous. If you ignore him, he may suspect you or he may worry about your safety. Being protective makes him want to know where you are at all times as well as when you’re coming back.

3. Never Be Fake

When a Scorpio man selects you, he’s looked through your soul to make sure you’re exactly what he needs. One of these reasons he chose you is because you appeared “real” with him.

Do not ever try to play him or be fake. He is a human lie detector and he WILL know that you’re not being authentic. This could cause him to decide that you’re perhaps not what he was looking for after all.

So always be real with your Scorpio man. Even when you need to tell him things that you know he won’t like. At least he’ll get the truth and will work to get over it.

Always be you and you should be able to work just about anything out with him. If you try to be sneaky or underhanded; things will not end well for you. Plastic women do not win the day with the Scorpio man.

4. Do NOT Be Critical of Him

Scorpio men do not take well to anyone criticizing him. Try to communicate with him with honesty and without being critical. Such as instead of saying something like “you always mess that up”; you can say something like “this is an easier way”.

He’s one of those sensitive men that needs you to tell him the truth but do it in a way that doesn’t undermine what he feels is right. He wants to feel like he knows that he’s doing most of the time.

You can make suggestions to help him or to make things better. However, if you are harsh to him on anything he does; he will not handle it well and could lead to a break-up.

He wants a supportive partner who understands him. If you are critical; you clearly do NOT understand him. Be careful how you talk to him. It’s going to be crucial for the future of your relationship.

5. He Can’t Stand Busy Bodies

Couple having arguments at home and being frustrated with relationship - Scorpio Man’s Pet Peeves

Scorpio men are private people. They absolutely cannot stand people that get into their business. Sadly, this does often include his partner also. If you know he’s in a mood; don’t try and push him to open up.

That isn’t how he operates. If you get to know him and love him, you’ll understand that he will open up when he is ready and not a moment sooner. He isn’t a gossipy type of man.

You may want to keep your gossiping side to your friends because if you try to do it with him, he’ll be very turned off by this. He sees it a worthless waste of energy as well as time.

He wants to talk about ways to be productive, positive, and ways to succeed. Try to stay as positive as possible around your Scorpio man. Whatever you do; don’t try to dig into any business he hasn’t yet discussed with you.

Don’t try to ask him lots of questions about his day, his life, or how he feels. Scorpio men like to hold a lot of stuff in so they can process it their selves. He’s self-contained but read more about how he copes with life by clicking here.

I hope this helps you avoid making any big mistakes with your Scorpio guy.

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Do you know the Scorpio man’s pet peeves?

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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4 thoughts on “Scorpio Man’s Pet Peeves: 5 Things that Annoy Him the Most

  1. There are situation when we don’t talk and it’s usually because I tend to mess up things. He is ignoring me on social media’s and not replying my call/texts.. what way do I have to make it up to him?
    Do revert soon

  2. I am an aries woman dating a scorpion man since past 2.9 2years.. often he distances up for me as i mess up things(mainly because I am not so too w analysing things ). We are in long distance relationship since past 2months
    Also sometimes for mysterious reasons he ignores me on social media’s and doesn’t response my calls or texts.. He gets extra irritated on days and supercute on other..
    In what way can I make up things to him?

    1. Hi Alex! While some Scorpio men are capable of being hypocritical and narcissistic, not all of them are this way. Each individual person has all 12 signs in their birth chart. This can cause a mixture of personalities. If his moon sign or even rising sign are signs that are more stable then he may not be at all hypocritical or narcissistic. You cannot lump them all together and call them the same. It’s impossible chart-wise for them to all be the same. Perhaps you’d like to learn more about the good sides of the Scorpio man. Please check out my book “Scorpio Man Secrets” as it reveals so much more.

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