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7 Reasons Why Scorpio Men Are So Hard To Read – What’s Behind His Mysterious Aura?

Scorpio men are well—known for being some of the hardest signs to read in the zodiac! Mysterious and remote, he gives off this sexy take-it-or-leave-it energy. However, behind his mysterious aura, this is a man who is churning with secrets and feelings. You just have to get to know him a bit better! Here are some of the reasons why he’s a closed book :

Who doesn’t fall for a sexy Scorpio man? Charismatic and alluring, he’s an ocean of mystery – and doesn’t the just make you itch to get to know him better? Scratch beneath the surface and you’ll find him a man of many secrets and powerful emotions!

However, it does take time to get there, as he’s very controlled and very selective about who he lets in, and he has his own reasons why he keeps the doors shut. He’s like a wall – and it’s a challenge! But who doesn’t love a bit of a challenge?

Maybe that’s why we live Scorpio so much, because he pushes us and makes us work that much harder…!

Here are the top reasons why Scorpio men are so hard to read, and what’s behind his mysterious aura :

7 Reasons Why Scorpio Men Are So Hard To Read – What’s Behind His Mysterious Aura?

1. He’s Keeping His Secrets Close

Hard To Read Scorpio Man

Scorpio men are an ocean of secrets. They keep them very to their hearts, which makes him seem very mysterious indeed! Most of all, he’s not prepared to give any of his precious secrets to you, someone he barely knows or trusts!

Even if you were together r a thousand years, he’d still have certain secrets he keeps from you. He believes that everyone should have a few things that they keep to themselves, and that’s perfectly okay. And yes, often those secrets can be quite shocking!

2. He Loves To Be In Control

Part of the mysterious aura of the Scorpio man is the fact that when he’s a little detached, it means he’s in control. Scorpio men have very powerful and intense feelings, which can overwhelm even him! He works hard to keep those emotions under wraps, at least until he trusts you.

Hence, much of that control is emotional control. He may feel intensely angry or sad, but he’ll never let you see that, as that feels like he then loses all that control and becomes way too vulnerable. So you see, his mysterious aura is often just an act to hide his true feelings.

3. He’s Defensive

If a Scorpio man drops his mysterious aura, it makes him, in his mind, vulnerable to attack. If you look at Scorpions in the wild, the symbol that represents him, they have sharp, stinging tails and strong pincers.

But, if you peel back that armour, you’ll see the tender belly beneath. And that, ladies, in my experience as a relationship astrologer, is precisely what he tries to hide from you and all the world. He’s really not all that mysterious – he’s just a softie and very defensive of his softness.

4. He’s A Little Bit Twisted

Twisted Scorpio Man Hard To Read

It’s true, ladies. Scorpio men are rather twisted and pretty dark. They aren’t scared of the monsters that lie in the human being’s subconscious, which is what makes these signs excellent psychologists and forensic detectives!

Being mysterious means that he’s probably trying not to show the world how ark his soul is, how ward he can get and how macabre. It’s not like he’s a serial killer. It’s not like that at all, because he’s actually a teddy bear. But, he may be quite shy of some of his more 50 shades of grey kind of tastes!

If you like them a bit twisted, well, he’s your perfect man!

5. He Wants You To Desire Him

Hard To Read Scorpio Man Wants You To Desire Him

Part of why he acts so mysteriously is because he likes you to chase him a little bit. Not too much, because he is ruled by Mars which does make him a natural “predator”, but enough to have him feel desired.

It is a bit like playing games. He does have this push and pull thing going on, which can feel irritating. He loves to feel desired and like he has all the power and all the control in any relationship. You’ll just have to accept that!

6. He Doesn’t Trust You – Yet

Scorpio men and women have major trust issues. They often suspect that everyone is going to cheat on them, or betray them in some heart-breaking and terrible way. This is often why he puts up such a mysterious front or aura, which keeps everyone out and at bay.

However, once he does trust you, he definitely will drop that mysterious vibe and let you be one of the very, very few people he allows past his intense defences against the world!

Respecting him will go a long way to helping him drops his guard, as well as showing him that you are trustworthy and reliable.

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7. He’s Scared

One of the simplest reasons why our Scorpio men may be carrying a mysterious aura is simply because he’s scared of letting people in. Either he’s afraid to be “seen”, as if his secrets and desires are somehow shameful or shocking, or because he’s scared of showing his tender side.

It’s usually a combination of both, as well as being afraid of being betrayed or hurt by the person who gets to see into him. Intimacy is a big deal for Scorpio men, because once they open up, they latch on and hold on harder than any other sign in the zodiac!

This can seem terrifying to the Scorpio guy, as he’s often convinced that people are out to get him – and he’s likely been very hurt before. Hence, he has the most powerful armour you can imagine!

Sure, there are some Scorpio men who appear mysterious just to have the power and feel like they are in control, to keep woman running around after them and pander to their ego. However, this is only the unevolved ditype!

In conclusion, if you want your Scorpio man to drop his guard, go slow. Don’t force him before he’s ready and if you can, be the first it show him your vulnerable side. Don’t buy into any power games and let him know it’s really okay to open up and be emotional and tender.

As he begins to trust you, he is really one of the best, most romantic and open signs you’ll ever find – and you will be one of the very veer few who really know him!

Do you have anything to share about the Scorpio man? Any secrets, any stories? I love to hear from you, my loyal readers! Go ahead and share your stories – anonymously – in the comments box below!

If you’d like to really get to know the Scorpio man and get under his skin, my Scorpio Man Secrets book will tell you all the secrets you need to know. You will learn to capture and keep his heart for good!

Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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