When a Scorpio Man Wants You: Be Patient and Do This

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
What should you do when a Scorpio man wants you? Give in right away or make him wait? Find out what is best for you to do when a Scorpio man wants you.

What should you do when a Scorpio man wants you? Should you give in right away or make him wait a little longer? What is the right thing to do?

Keep reading to find out what is best for you to do when a Scorpio man wants you:

Scorpio Man Tests You

If a Scorpio man is interested in you, wants you, or wants to be with you, he will likely test you. This is his way of figuring out if you’re the one that he’s looking for and that you’ll be what he needs.

He is very careful about who he sleeps with, commits to, or even marries. The level he plans to put you at will depend greatly on his tests and how you respond to them. This is why patience is imperative.

He will ask you lots of questions to see how you answer. He’ll also watch your eyes to see if what you’re saying is authentic or if you’re keeping something from him. He’ll also be able to weed out mistruths as well.

You will always want to be honest with you because he’ll know if you aren’t. He’s a bit psychic typically. At the very least, he IS empathic which means he can feel whether or not you’re on the level or not.

He may also watch your body language when he asks you questions. Your body will tell him if you’re comfortable, uncomfortable, and honest, not being truthful, or any other signals he feels he should be aware of.

He could ask you what your plans are for the weekend without any intent on asking you out. He could sort of stalk you and see if you were truthful about what you told him.

Scorpio men are natural detectives. If you’re after one, you had better be aware that he will do whatever research he has to before he tangles with you in bed or a relationship.

Other Weird Tests

When a Scorpio Man Wants You

If he has sex with you, he’s going to test you this way as well. He wants to see how connected or disconnected you are with him. Are you willing to please him? Are you ready to open up your soul to his?

He’s a deep type of man who wants a soul connection even when he’s only having sex without a commitment. If he doesn’t feel passion or fulfillment with you, he’s not going to bother to waste any more of his time or energy.

Scorpio man won’t have sex again with someone he doesn’t feel passion with. That’s across the board meaning with our without a real relationship. A sex partner has to match him in eroticism and pleasure.

It’s also clear that if you aren’t connected to him in the deepest sexual capacity, he’s not going to have a real relationship with you. Sometimes a Scorpio man wants to push for sex quickly so he can see if you’re “the one.”

He knows whether or not he will want to go further with you by how you are in the bedroom with him. Alas, you have to be very careful with this unless you’re ready for adventure without consequence.

What I mean by that is, he may or may not want a relationship, and it will take him a while to figure out if he does base on a series of tests he’ll give a potential partner. This can be frustration which requires much patience.

Best Approach

When you’re sexually drawn to a Scorpio man and want to have sex with him or want a relationship, you’re going to need to try to hold off a little bit. It may be VERY tempting to dive right in with him but watch yourself.

He will want to put you through tests right away whether you’re only having sex or if either of you is pursuing a possible relationship. If he hurries, he may not completely appreciate or feel what he should if you two wait a little while.

Try to get to know him more, let him grill you with all his 101 questions but try not to give it all away up front. He does like a little bit of mystery in his woman but just enough honesty to let him know you can be trusted.

Once you establish interest in each other and he lets you know that he may want a relationship, then you can perhaps test the waters with sex. If all you are after is sex then, by all means, patients may not be as much required.

If you’re only interested in a trust, you can go ahead and dive in if he’s gung ho about it himself. He isn’t always into having one night flings, but he IS capable if he’s attracted to someone enough.

You’ll have to figure out what you want with him and then decide accordingly. He’s a super erotic lover and someone that you could have an amazing tryst with. He’s also an incredible partner should you want a relationship.

He can be frustrating when he does the hot and cold bit, but if you have patience, you’ll give him time to figure out what he wants. Sometimes Scorpio men make a woman wait before he has sex.

Bottom Line

When a Scorpio Man Wants You

Scorpio men can be rather complicated when it comes to relationships. Sex is sex, but each Scorpio man is going to respond differently. Some may have several one night stands and think nothing of it.

However, some have matured and want something more so they may not be as willing to jump into the sack. If he’s showing you signs of wanting you, you may want to hold off on sex until you can figure out if you want more than just sex or not.

Ultimately if you want more than just sex with him, you’re going to have to slow it down a little bit and let your interest in each other flow naturally. Patience is key!

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