What are the Scorpio Man’s Characteristics? Who is He Really?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
What are some of the things that make the Scorpio man who he is? Find out what are the Scorpio man’s characteristics. Learn more about your Scorpio guy.

What are some of the things that make the Scorpio man who he is? What can you expect when you meet or date one?

Here are some things that you may want to know when it comes to the Scorpio man’s characteristics:

He’s After Power and Success

This man wants to be a man that is in charge whether it’s his career or his family. This may mean he wants to be in charge of the relationship as well. Though he can be flexible depending on how you can handle him.

He wants to be successful in whatever career it is he’s seeking, has, or wants. Even if he’s working on various projects; he will want to find success with them all. This can often make him very busy.

The Scorpio man’s characteristics vary. He wants to be the leader and make sure that everything in his life is something he can be proud of. He’s an Alpha male. His emotions can make it difficult for him sometimes but when he focuses, he’s able to succeed.

He will make connections and friendships that will help him rise up the ladder to the area of success that he wants to beat. He may even at times decide to date someone who is already in power or has access to others that may.

True, it would seem he is then using the person but; it could actually work out well if he’s able to find the happiness he seeks and is able to maintain this relationship.

He’s Very Passionate

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This is a man that feels things very deeply. Not just sexually but about life in general. He puts himself “all in” when he signs up for a project, relationship, or even just a fling.

No matter what it is he is doing; he will always give of himself as much as he can. It does take commitment to get him there though. This can often be confusing when you’re trying to forge a deeper relationship but he isn’t fully there.

You’ll know when he’s “all in” when it comes to love as he’ll make it really obvious and spend lots of time with you. He’ll give you the world on a platter if he can. Until he’s at that point; he’s giving his “100%” to other facets of his life.

He will often seek out situations that seem risky or extreme. He wants to conquer them and be the “King” of solving problems or issues. He does well under pressure and tends to thrive when he’s most stressed out.

He’s a Bit Tight-Lipped

Many times, women think that this side of him is unflattering and downright confusing. I totally get why anyone would feel this way. Scorpio men always seem to come off as being secretive.

He’s a private person who doesn’t want the world to know his business. He’s also a bit untrusting of humankind. He’s naturally suspicious of anyone’s motives and thus makes him leery not to open up and share what is going on with him.

In relationships; he tends to wait until he trusts someone enough before he’ll start to open up. Even then, there will always be an air of mystery about him because he never fully discloses who he is to anyone.

Once you’ve won a Scorpio man’s heart; he will let you in on many of his secrets but he’s not likely to ever let you in on all of them. He’ll always feel the need to hold on to some things that are personal to him.

Expressive Intelligence

Typically whatever the Scorpio man is into career-wise, he’ll be very well educated. He will use his intelligence to gain more clout and recognition in what he’s doing.

He very much will show people the intelligence he has. He’s also very witty and tends to have an excellent sense of humor. You can expect him to have a personality that will make him hard to resist.

It’s likely he’s very well versed in many different topics as he does tend to have several interests. He’s much like a Gemini man in this way. He has to have many projects or “irons in the fire” to feel viable.

Scorpio men will do a whole lot of studying and research on the things he enjoys or takes classes to better himself when it comes to things he enjoys. You can often see him on his computer reading things he thinks may help him.

There are times where he may have to juggle his emotions where logic is needed. These are internal battles he will have which is why he seems overly emotional sometimes.

Holding Grudges & Vindictiveness

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Scorpio man’s characteristics vary, therefore they can be moody. As such, if they perceive that someone has crossed a line; they will absolutely fight back. They will also carry this around with them for a very long time; if not forever.

He’s slow to open up to someone he loves so if you happen to cross him, he will hold this against you and will likely use things that you’ve told him against you in the future.

If you tell him that your fears are of snakes; he may remember this later on and if you really hurt him or piss him off, you could find a snake in your home or vehicle.

He’s even more intense in emotional terrorism. He will know exactly what to tell you to make you hurt. He won’t do this though unless you’ve pushed him to the point where he feels very angry or hurt.


This is the guy that will push your “wrong” buttons on purpose just to get back at you for whatever it is that you did. It’s best not to get on the bad side of a Scorpio man.

As long as you consider his feelings and do the best that you can, you may not ever have to worry about things like this.

I hope this helps you see what a Scorpio man’s characteristics are like and what he brings to the table in a relationship. Click here to learn more about the in’s and out’s of the Scorpio man.

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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