Scorpio Man’s 5 Turn-Ons and 5 Turn-Offs Revealed

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
So you’re dating a super sexy Scorpio man that you cannot get enough of. What are Scorpio man’s turn ons and turn offs? Find out...

So you’re dating a super sexy Scorpio man that you cannot get enough of. Maybe you just met one and are wondering what turns him on. Perhaps you’re even wondering what are Scorpio man’s turn-ons and turn-offs. Here is a mixture of both for you get more familiar with.

Scorpio Man’s Turn Ons:

1. Being Mysteriously Delicious, Top Choice in Scorpio Man’s Turn-Ons

The Scorpio man himself is very mysterious which in some ways makes him very sexy. This is something he also looks for in a woman. He will be more drawn to a woman who doesn’t give the game away.

Be the type of woman that doesn’t want to talk about personal business in the first few dates. Make it something he has to work for. It’s a challenge for him and that will be exciting.

Give him just small bits of information he can bite off of until the next time he’s with you.

2. Your Own Brand of Style & How it Turns a Scorpio Man On

Dancing on the bed - Scorpio Man’s Turn Ons and Turn Offs

He isn’t into a woman that feels she needs to look like everyone else. He will prefer that you look feminine and beautiful for sure. If you have your own flare; show it off to him.

If you’re the type of woman that is into fashion but like to make your own version of it, definitely let him see this. It will make him feel exhilarated.

This man will desperately want to see your legs. Thigh high stockings are preferred as well if you feel comfortable wearing them. Darker colors are his favorite. This is one of the sexiest Scorpio man turn-ons.

Dressing to what appeals to him will make him think highly about you. Sending him photos of what you’re wearing may help heat things up before you actually get together for your date.

You can also do your best to describe in a naughty way what you’re wearing or what you’ll be wearing next time you see him will definitely get his juices flowing. Give it a try!

3. Showing Your Interest

This man will absolutely respond well to you doing things for him to show him that you are interested in him. Doing things like bringing him a coffee will make him take notice of you.

If he drops something, pick it up. If you’re out and about and he doesn’t drop anything; improvise. Drop a business card and drop it near him. Pick it up and say “I think you dropped this”.  He will, of course, say it’s not his.

At that point, you can say “Oh sorry, I thought maybe it was yours, what a shame, I was hoping it would help me start a conversation with you”. This will floor him and he’ll be turned on for sure!

Naturally, if you can appeal to the Scorpio man’s physical turn-ons by touching his arm or shoulder while talking to him, he’ll feel that sizzling chemistry. Offer up a shoulder massage if you can!

4. Show Him Your Excitement In Life! Excitement Turns Scorpio Man On

Since the Scorpio man is passionate about his life; he’ll want to see the same quality in a mate. If you’re trying to get to know him or are even dating him; show him that you’re also passionate.

Talk about things you love and want to do with your life with pizzazz. The enthusiasm he feels coming from you will make him want to do whatever it takes to help you achieve that goal.

5. Tell It Like It Is, This is how to Turn on a Scorpio Man

couple hand ring offer - Scorpio Man’s Turn Ons and Turn Offs

I’m not saying don’t use a filter but its best that you are candid with the Scorpio man. He prefers women who can tell him the truth rather than try to sugarcoat or lie about things.

If his tie doesn’t match his suit, tell him that it may look better if he uses a different color. He’ll appreciate your honesty and decide to dive deeper to get a better understanding of who you are. These are just 5 ways of how to turn on a Scorpio man.


Scorpio Man Turn-Offs:

1. Trying to Control Him

The Scorpio man doesn’t want to be told what to do. The way he sees it is; he’s already got parents and he doesn’t need to be guided by you or anyone else about his life.

If you would like to suggest a helpful hint; you can do that. Telling him what he needs to do or should do could get you walked out on. He isn’t into any woman that wants to control his life. Tread carefully when trying to get him to do things.

In fact it’s good to ask him to do something as though it’s a favor for you. It’s harder for him to get upset if you say “would you do me a huge favor and take the trash out?”.

He may be more likely to say “sure, no problem” and won’t think anything of it. Getting him to co-operate through sweetness is generally a good idea and should be practiced.

2. No Movement In The Relationship

Annoyed couple ignoring each other in the kitchen - Scorpio Man’s and Turn Offs

When the Scorpio man feels that things have become stale or aren’t working well; he’ll be ready to bail out. You may want to do some work to keep him engaged or excited to avoid things from becoming stagnant.

He always wants to find ways to improve his life and his relationships. If you can meet him halfway and try to implement fun in the relationship; he may stay active in it and things can continue moving along nicely.

If things seem to be staggering or not going anywhere; it’s time to talk to him! Don’t let your relationship slip through the cracks. Remember the Scorpio man’s turn-ons and stick with those!

3. Possessiveness or Jealousy

I know this sounds really weird considering HE himself is this way. He will not tolerate you being this way with him. He feels he should be trusted and that you shouldn’t question him.

So though he may have these qualities; it’s a matter of “do what I say, not what I do” with this guy. If you really want the truth, ask him and watch how he responds with his eyes. It will tell you everything you need to know.

4. Withdrawal of Sexual Activity

The Scorpio guy is very sexual. If you get pissed off at him and decide to withhold sex; he isn’t one to deal well with this. It may work once or twice but after that, he will see it as manipulation.

If he gets to that point and sees what you are doing; he will drop you like a bad habit. Be careful and try not to withhold sex unless there is a really good reason. If there is, talking it out is usually best.

Cutting you off from sex is a clear sign something isn’t right. Don’t let it go further without finding out what is wrong so that you can try to do something in order to fix it.

Let him know you realize something is amiss and you’d like for him to tell you what it is. That way you can work at it and possibly salvage the situation. Getting back to normal sex shows that he’s working on it with you.

5. Anti-Social Behavior

Two girls chatting while the boy bored - Scorpio Man Physical turn ons

Scorpio men are able to blend in and have a good time no matter what crowd they are with. It’s not that he can’t handle someone who is more introverted; it’s that he doesn’t understand it.

If you act shy around him or anyone he knows; he’ll figure that maybe you’re just not that into him or not into whatever it is that you’re out doing together. This will definitely turn him off fairly quickly.

The Scorpio man may seem confusing or “hard to get” sometimes but if you really get to know what he’s all about, you’ll be able to vibe with him better. Click here to learn more about him today!

I hope this helps give you a bit clearer picture of what he’s into and what he’s not into so that you can start working your mojo on him!

Conclusion, Attention to Scorpio Man’s Physical Turn-Ons is Important!

While he can be rather cerebral, physical intimacy is very important to the Scorpio man. There are plenty of ways to turn him on, you simply have to give him time and attention.

Answering how to turn on a Scorpio man can be a complicated answer but it doesn’t have to be. I truly hope that this article helped you to understand what works and what doesn’t.

Being what he wants and what he needs should help you in winning his affections. You just have to use the right formulas. Turn Scorpio man on with what you now know.

Oh by the way, did you know that the super delicious actor, Gerard Butler is actually a Scorpio man? Whoa! Certainly something to think about isn’t it?!

Did you successfully turn on a Scorpio man? Tell me all about how you did it!

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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3 thoughts on “Scorpio Man’s 5 Turn-Ons and 5 Turn-Offs Revealed

  1. Hello, I’m an aries woman and I’m currently in a relationship with a scorpio man. We’ve been together for 24 years, everything was going good; well at least I thought it was, until I found out he cheated on me four months ago. Even though he hurt me the thought of him being with another woman turned me on and by letting him know that it made our sexual relationship more electrifying and mind blowing.

    1. Hi Joyce!

      Wow well that’s different! I don’t think I’ve ever gotten feedback like this before. Have you ever considered having an open relationship to which you can do this? It might be worth exploring. Scorpio man certainly loves lots of sex and appreciates variety. You might consider it because it could keep things exciting for you two. I wish you all the best!

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