Scorpio Man Predictions for October 2023 

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly October predictions for your Scorpio man. Things to know about your Scorpio man this month and how to help him in his journey.

Hello Sweethearts, are you ready for a brand new month of predictions for your Scorpio Man?

This month is very busy because we have all the inner planets changing signs, we also have Pluto going direct in Capricorn for the very last time in our lifetimes, and interestingly Mars and Mercury are heading into Scorpio so there’s a lot of action for Scorpio Man and plenty of energies for you to work with to improve your relationship with him, communicate better, come to some decisions and open some brand new chapters.

However, it’s also a good month for the subtle side of the relationship, so it’s important to work with the psychological energies and to use your intuition and also to play it a little bit cool, this is not a time to go for overkill, a little goes a long way so don’t feel the need to hammer home your point.

Remember that each year we produce a detailed guide for each male star sign, which will include a yearly overview with interesting monthly reports on various aspects of relationships to help you navigate dating, marriage, sex life and also understand more about money issues he may be facing. I will be releasing that at the end of the year so do look out for the notification.

Mercury enters Libra – 6th October

This particular transit is one that emphasizes his natural incarnation to keep secrets and to play his cards close to his chest,, so during this time it’s more difficult for you to draw him on certain subjects, he can be quite evasive and may even shut you down, so this is possibly not the best time for interrogating him or trying to get his opinion on certain sensitive issues.

This is one of those phases I talked about where you have to rely on your knowledge of him and your intuition to navigate the relationships, because he doesn’t always give you a clear cut answer. One of the things to note right now is he doesn’t want to be wrong and sometimes he’s undecided but he doesn’t want to show weakness, so he’s very keen to cover up any vulnerabilities and not reveal his Achilles heel, and that’s why he’s not totally forthcoming.

Thus this is not the best time for clarity of communication, however if you are able to use your senses and to sense what’s lurking between the words by being quite observant and a good listener, you can still get all the information you need.

Venus enters Libra – 10th of October

This indicates a time when he can be selfless in love, however it’s also a time when he can be a little bit paranoid, he tends to over exaggerate the negative in his mind and sometimes he can become a little anxious over inconsequential details, so it’s most important to be diplomatic and remember the less said the better, because sometimes he reads too much into things.

This is probably not a good time for any surprises, jokes or using innuendo because it leaves too much open to interpretation, which is often not helpful. Sometimes the best thing for Scorpio Man right now is to get out of himself, so if he enjoys doing charitable work, helping other people or getting involved in some sort of creative hobby, that is the best thing for him, because he can work off some of the more toxic energies within him in a creative way.

You also want to be encouraging any hobbies connected with water sports and photography because that’s suitable for helping him to relax.

The key now is getting him into a really chilled, tranquil mood because then the romantic juices really flow.

This is a fantastic time if you guys are soulmates, twin flames or have a really spiritual bond because it’ll be much easier, but if you don’t know him that well or your relationship is based on superficial traits, this can be quite a baffling time when you really feel at sea.

Pluto direct in Capricorn – 11th October

With Pluto going direct in Capricorn, there is an opportunity to set some new relationship rituals which can serve you well long into the future. Relationship rituals involve anything that you decide on specifically as a couple that you like to do which will help communication, problems solving and is a regular activity that becomes set in stone. These are often important for bonding and creating a sense of security and also consistency in relationships.

This may also be a time when events with his siblings come to a head and his relationships with them may have more of an impact on your relationship with him.

Mars enters Scorpio – 13th of October

Mars entering Scorpio represents an excellent time for him asserting himself, it’s good for his energy and it’s excellent for any competitive or sporting events. Certainly encourage him to go for targets at work, to aim higher and to push himself, because he has an extra bit of courage and audacity to open doors for himself.

However, the Mars energy in Scorpio can sometimes be a little over enthusiastic, pushy and even volatile, so sometimes you need a little bit of space from him because he can just be too intense.

He’s certainly likely to be more easily sexually aroused and if you have a very strong sexual relationship you should really enjoy this phase, because he’s feeling up for it and your sex life should be going really well.

If your relationship has been difficult, you have to navigate carefully right now because he’s more likely to lose his temper, or even if he isn’t a Scorpio who loses his temper easily, he can still carry around a little bit of angst and you may feel that a storm cloud is hanging over his head.

So the best way to deal with him is to be direct, straightforward and positive. Try to encourage him to be proactive about any problems and then it should be easy for him to find the solutions, but remember he’s a little bit like a spinning top, just one touch and it can skittle away, so handle with care.

New Moon – 14th of October

This represents somewhat of a reflective phase for him and that’s why for a part of this month he may want to spend time alone to have thinking time and to just allow himself to have an emotional break. If he’s been feeling emotionally exhausted, this is a time when he just needs to allow himself a little bit of space away from the pressure of romance, family pressures and children simply so he can ground himself and become centered again.

This is not generally a good time to overburden him with demands and sometimes he prefers to deal with things in his own time and his own unique way, so it’s important to respect his patterns of his behavior and his innate responses to things. Scorpio Man tends to be quite specific and quite baffling in the way he copes with life, and this can be frustrating for other people, but you often have to just let him get on with it in his own way, he know what he has to do.

Mercury enters Scorpio- 23rd October

While Mercury entering his sign is quite good for communication, it can mean that he has a lack of objectivity and detachment. Yes indeed, he’s more eager to communicate but sometimes he can be a little bit preoccupied with certain points of view and less willing to listen to the opposing side of things, which is unusual for Libra Man who is usually quite balanced.

Theme of the Month – You guys also have to respect universal energies right now, it’s really important to pay attention to your mind set, thought patterns and using affirmations or mantras can actually be really helpful.

This is a marvelous time for any couples who enjoy going on retreats, doing meditation or who just like to get it away from it all, particularly to the ocean or by a lake. Remember, it’s important to respect his time for thinking, that’s why it’s good to get away from all the social media and the telephones as well.

Do: The new moon phase extends from the 14th of October to the 28th of October this waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective and being proactive.

The waxing phase is great for home improvements. Property and real estate matters are favored. A good time for large family events, entertaining and celebrations. Renovations and adaptation of the home is favored. Great for business involving catering, hospitality and the environment.

Avoid: He should be cautious in publishing, public speaking, PR and leadership roles.

In week two, he should avoid extreme sports and stress on his body. Don’t try and introduce sensitive topics this week as he’s quite volatile.

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Week 1 –  Body Language

Week one is actually an excellent time for romance, but it’s not a good time for communication, so romance should be all about the senses, thoughtfulness, showing each other kindness, unconditional love and forgiveness.

So what you need to work on as a couple this week, is letting go and encouraging healing within the relationship, sometimes improving your sexual relationship is part of that healing and is an important facet of your relationship.

Week 2 – Rolling the Dice

This week he’s quite conflicted, he doesn’t tend to know what he wants, sometimes it’s good for him to try a few options and just see what happens. It’s a time when he resists both pressure and convention, he almost has to muddle his way through, so therefore in a relationships, it’s important to be supportive and patient with him. It’s all important not to tell him how to live his life because that tends to make things worse.

During this this week, you guys should tie up any loose ends, it’s important to clear up any confusion or disagreements that you have had. It’s not necessary to agree on everything, but at least agree to leave things and pick them up later.

You should at least be clear on where things are currently standing and resolve to come back to them. What you don’t want to do, is just sweep things under the carpet and hope they will go away, because they tend to fester. If you guys have already planned on a goal, this is a fantastic time to redouble your efforts and succeed in doing it, because you certainly can come out on top.

Week 3 – Setting the Agenda For Love

This is certainly the start of a busy period when he should be setting goals and he can accomplish much, this is also a great time for you guys to have more debate within your relationship, to sit around the table, to negotiate and to come to some agreements, however you have to be firm with him because he is in quite a powerful debating mood, and is very persuasive and determined to get his own way.

If you want to get his attention, you also have to be succinct and direct, so when you chat with him, almost set an agenda as if you are in a meeting, and make sure you stick to it.

It’s important for him to pay attention to his health, this is a time where he should watch out for excessive stimulants like coffee, because he can become a little bit too hyper.

Week 4 – Staying Middle of the Road

Now this is going to be a tense and challenging week for all star signs, Mars in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus indicates a momentum for change versus resistance to change and some sudden and surprising events in the political and social order. Therefore everyone will be experiencing a fair amount of disruption and also stress this week, but it’s also a great time to be alert to opportunities.

You can support Scorpio Man by encouraging him to eat well and getting an adequate amount of fresh air and exercise is absolutely vital, plus food should preferably be very light.

This is not a good time to surprise him or make him doubt you, he is more reactionary and sometimes he wants to throw the baby out with the bath water, so make sure that you remain quite consistent, keep promises and are true to your word.

This is definitely a time when he associates very strongly with his ego, he reacts more potently to any threats, so it’s not a good time to have discussions about contentious issues or things you are likely to disagree on. Support his efforts and give him compliments about his sexual prowess, and you’re good to go.


While this week starts rather slowly and he can be rather introspective, he soon clicks into a much more vibrant, energetic and imaginative phase, making this a great month for initiating new activities together as a couple. Coming together as a team, problem solving and also improving your sex life is important.

His increased amount of energy means that he’s quite amorous, so it’s important to take advantage of that and use the positive experiences when you come together in the bedroom to reinforce your entire relationship and promote healing, a sense of togetherness and camaraderie.

Don’t let him lose motivation, at the same time encourage him to do things at his own pace.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Scorpio Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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