Scorpio Man Predictions for March 2023 

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly February predictions for your Scorpio man. What will his mood be for the Valentine's season? Read on and discover.

Hi, there ladies! How was your February? Full of love and romance I hope! March is probably the most important month of the year, so hold onto your bootstraps because a lot is about to change in the world and the psyche of your Scorpio man. Everything is about to change!

Jupiter and Venus are both in the sign of Aries this month! Your Scorpio man is going to experience a lot of luck and blessings when it comes to his health and well-being. He may also experience some good luck at work.  

The Full Moon in Virgo on March 7 will give a boost to your Scorpio man’s sense of community and within his friendships. This is a beautiful energy where he may come to appreciate his friends and recognize how important community is to him. It is also a good time for him to network and meet new people.

Saturn enters Pisces on March 7 which is going to bring massive changes to the world and your Scorpio man is most definitely going to feel this in his area of romances, children, and creative endeavors. Your Scorpio man may decide to stop messing around and take his flings a bit more seriously. He may finally see that he wants to settle down and commit to the right woman.

Pluto enters Aquarius on March 27 and this brings a turning point in the world as this planet is going to stay in this sign for the next 20 years. The changes will start out subtle, but a very big shift is about to take place in the area of his home and family. Some big shifts may take place over the next few years related to his parents, or the place in which he lives.

scorpio man horoscope for march 2023

Theme of the month: A lot of change is taking place for your Scorpio man this month. He is on the cliff of a huge transformation and he may not even recognize himself after this process. Most of this energy is going to play out in his social life be that with his friends or within his romantic relationships. The bonds he shares with his family may also experience a subtle shift.

Magic Phrase: “I feel so protected whenever I’m with you.”

Text Magic: “I was totally dreaming of you last night.

Do: Be encouraging, talk about deep matters, give him space, add some levity and enjoyment to his life, go on an adventure, have fun

Avoid: Putting pressure on him, not listening to his need for space, rushing him into something he isn’t ready for

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Vital Boosts

Your Scorpio man gets some much-needed luck and blessings in the area of his health and well-being. If he’s been struggling with his vitality then Jupiter and Venus meeting in Aries is going to give him just the right boost to help him feel better again. 

This is an opportunity he has to grab with both hands as this energy is very fleeting and needs to be embraced. Encourage your Scorpio man to eat a little healthier, perhaps you can cook him some meals and make sure that he’s eating enough. 

Or you could offer to sign up for a gym or a sports club with him. Couples who train together stay together. This could be a new hobby the two of you enjoy together which can help you to grow closer as a couple. 

Taking on a healthier routine will help your Scorpio man to deal with his moods in a much better and more productive way which can only mean good things for your relationship!

Fun With Friends

The Full Moon taking place in Virgo is a great opportunity for your Scorpio man to spend some time with his friends. He may have been acting like a bit of a recluse recently and not been hanging out with too many of his friends, but now he might have more energy to see groups of people. 

This is a very good thing and you should definitely encourage him to see his friends and get out of the house. The healthiest relationships are those where the individuals in the couple enjoy lots of time apart. 

Seeing his friends will help him see that he has a community that supports him and that he isn’t in it on his own. Sometimes your Scorpio man can act like a bit of an island. So giving him the encouragement to socialize will help him get out of his head. 

Serious Feelings

Your Scorpio man’s life is about to change completely, especially when it comes to his romances so you better be sure to pay attention. Saturn going into his 5th house may put quite a serious spin on how he sees his romances. 

He may realize that the way he has been approaching his dating life has left him feeling unfulfilled and without the deep and intense connection he so yearns for. He may become more serious, committed, and disciplined in his romantic unions. 

This may also be the time that he figures out that he really wants children, so the two of you might have some serious discussions connected to plans for pregnancy in the near future. This may come as a surprise to you as it may be a big shift from how he was before. 

Another possibility is also true, he may also realize that the connection he is in right now isn’t working for him and that he wants greater freedom because the pressure is too much for him. Any relationship that ends is definitely meant to. This means bigger and better things for you both. 

Home Transformation

The subtle but totally transformative energies of Pluto are coming to make a major play in the life of your Scorpio man as it pertains to his home and family life. Big things are about to be undercovered in his psyche as this house also represents the past and his lineage. 

Your Scorpio man may discover some hidden secrets and truths about his family that can leave him reeling and very uncomfortable. He is going to have to face this if he wants to heal and experience the transformation. 

Luckily your Scorpio man is quite fond of the energy of Pluto and he is no stranger to the themes of death, rebirth, and transformation. The thing you should always remember about him is that he will always embrace the energy of the phoenix rising up out of the ashes. This is what gives him energy. 

This is a man who cannot stay the same so when opportunities for major change come his way, he takes on the challenge with the spirit of a warrior. This whole experience may be difficult for him, but moving through this energy will help him to be in a position where he feels a lot more authentic in his own skin. 

Support him through this process and let him know that you are there for him no matter what he needs. This is the energy he needs in his life, but I am not going to sugar coat this and pretend like this transit is at all easy. 

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My Final Thoughts

And there you have it my darlings, if this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

March stands to be quite an exciting month for Scorpio man and his companion, so make sure that you’re prepared for better or worse, and that you sharpen that sensual spirit within him. Be his rock and don’t take his changes personally, remember these changes are happening to you on some level as well. 

The two of you should be able to work together as a team to grow closer. Allow the energy of March to unfold naturally, and do your best to try and not control the outcome. Life is much easier when you can accept the shifts and live in the flow of the moment.  

This is a month of major changes and it may feel like a bit of a rollercoaster ride, but if your own spiritual practice is sound and strong and you know how to soothe yourself, then dealing with the changes of your Scorpio man shouldn’t knock your confidence too much. 

Ask him how you can support him and what he needs from you, but don’t forget about your own needs and take care of what you need first. Neither of you is ever going to be the same, but it is better if you can manage to grow together instead of apart. 

So have fun, go wild, and I’ll see you next time around, 

Wishing you love and luck with your Scorpio Man, 

Your sister and relationship astrologer, 

Anna Kovach

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