Scorpio Man Predictions for June 2023 

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly June predictions for your Scorpio man. What will his mood be this month? Read on and discover.

Hello sweethearts, and welcome to this month’s guide for Scorpio man. I hope that you are all having a good year so far, and I hope that you’ve been enjoying the love horoscopes, the tarot and the monthly guides for your man’s star sign.

Now May was an extremely hectic month, and it was quite demanding in many different ways: often we made new starts, we made mistakes, there were miscommunications, and yet there was also a feeling of excitement and change, but June has a very different feel to it.

The energies of June are a lot more stable and consistent, and this is certainly a time when you can focus and get to work on different aspects of your life with Scorpio Guy. Scorpio Guy tends to be quite intense and stubborn, he is very single-minded, and he has a great deal of chutzpah. When he puts his mind to something, he can be particularly charming.

In romance, he’s full of charisma and is highly persuasive, but he’s not particularly compromising, so it can be hard to debate with him. He can be quite inflexible when he’s made up his mind, and he also tends to feel quite strongly about things, so if there is an issue in your lives that he feels demands attention, he’s going to go all out to tackle it this month. If you’ve recently started dating and he’s developing a real taste for you, he will let you know, and he will probably want to step up the level of intimacy in the relationship.

Sun in Gemini Square Saturn in Pisces (19th June)

What’s good about this particular transit is he’s willing to take responsibility for himself and for his actions, however, he can be quite sharp and a little bit critical. He really wants to get to the heart of the matter and he is quite relentless when he is trying to resolve something or find the truth.

It’s extremely important right now, to be honest and straightforward with Scorpio Guy; this is not the time to conceal anything or try to sugarcoat the truth. The fastest way to resolve problems is by being totally honest, but you should still be positive and keep things on an even keel. You don’t want to be irrational, however, at the same time it’s not a time to be evasive, it’s a time to accept what’s in front of you and work on it.

Mercury enters Gemini (12th June)

This particular transit piques his curiosity and his interest in what is mysterious and hidden. This can make him quite an intrepid investigator, which is why I say it’s a good time to get to the bottom of problems. It’s also a time when he can increase his psychological awareness, so it’s very important for him to uncover the roots of any emotional problems from a psychological point of view.

It’s not a case of him addressing his concerns then wallowing in self-pity; it’s about him being honest about any pain, anxieties or feelings and then looking for the root of it because the root is very often within something in the past, rather than something in the present, even though it’s something in the present which is triggering it.

He’s likely to be more suspicious right now, so you don’t want to give him any excuse to doubt you, or to question your motives.

Mercury Trine Pluto (12th June)

While he’s likely to enjoy the company of other people, he doesn’t suffer fools gladly, and this is not a time when he wants to be bothered with people who are superficial or annoying. It’s not a good time for you to foist upon him friends or family members whom he doesn’t particularly like.

Don’t make any dinner dates and invite around the neighbors or people he doesn’t care for, because he’s very irritable with meaningless conversations. He’s more likely to want to have a peaceful, private time with yourself or even spend time by himself, as he often likes to do, in his den or a secluded spot reading or paying attention to his hobbies.

He can’t feel quite fidgety and anxious, and so hobbies like crosswords, Sudoku or even video games (if he likes them) can actually be quite therapeutic and a good way for him to just cut loose and get totally distracted and highly involved in something rather than obsessing about his life.

Mercury Square Saturn(16th June)

This aspect once again triggers Saturn in Pisces, which is in his fifth house. Now while happiness can appear muted during this transit, what you experience together is actually more impactful. So it’s not necessarily about having a rip-roaring, fun and frivolous time, it’s having more meaningful interactions with him that actually bring about greater happiness, rather than something that’s ephemeral and impulsive.

Sun enters Cancer (22nd June)

This particular entry of the Sun into Cancer is perfect, as so far this month, you guys have been dealing with a lot of issues to do with children, to do with his psychology and a series emotional matters, but now is the time to lighten the mood. It’s very important for you guys to reestablish optimism about the future, to make plans that are aspirational and that help encourage you both.

You guys should marvel at your self-development, as it’s an important time to be philosophical but also to inject optimism and self-motivation. Yes, so far this month, he’s been quite psychological, now it’s time to be philosophical in terms of understanding the true meaning and purpose of your life and your relationship.

Venus enters Leo (6th June)

This particular transit indicates an excellent time for his career; it’s a favorable time for making a good impression on a boss, attending a job interview or being appraised. It’s also suitable for any public speaking or public relations activity as he is particularly charming and persuasive right now, and that can certainly help him in influencing people at work or getting approval for his projects.

He may need to socialize in connection with his work, and you may have to attend work events with him or host dinner parties. He often doesn’t enjoy these things but do support him and encourage him to see the positives in terms of his career.

Remember to give him a lot of encouragement in terms of his public presentation and maybe a few words of advice on how he’s coming across.

Venus Square Jupiter (12th June)

This is an excellent aspect for marriage, landmark events in relationships, for entertaining, partying and having some time off with your partner. This particular week is ideal for you guys to have date nights, to rekindle romance and to do positive and indulgent things that make you feel good about yourselves. It’s very important right now for you both to reward yourselves and splash out a little bit.

Mars in Leo Square Uranus (25th June)

The Mars Square Uranus energy is extremely disruptive, and most star signs will have a rather unpredictable end to the month. It’s more likely to affect Scorpio guy through his work; there may be certain irritations, strikes, hiccups or equipment failures at work. Electronic devices tend to go wrong and it can generally be a time where there’s a lot of wasted time, and, thus a lot of frustration.

Theme of the Month – Anything you do right now to spread positivity to other people also boomerangs positive energy back to yourselves, so share the good times, be generous, be forgiving and focus on tomorrow. This is a time to forget about the past and be future-orientated.

Magic PhraseYou always make me believe in tomorrow”

Magic Text“It’s time we had a damn good laugh!”

Do: The New Moon waxes from the 6th to the 21st, and this marks the best time for any new projects, dating, date nights or anything that you and Scorpio Guy are doing for the first time and which is new to you both.

This favors Scorpio Guy making changes to his appearance, and that could include the appearance of his website or office, because the presentation is everything, and first impressions count. So encourage him to be sharp.

This is also a good time for competitive activities, so if he’s competing for a job or in sport, that’s a good thing. Sports activity, in general, is favored, this is a good time for any new learning experiences. This can be a great time for money, and his passive income via investments may increase, or there may be good news about an insurance claim, a settlement or a tax refund.

Avoid: He should probably be cautious about spiritual matters, this is not the best time to dabble in the occult. It may also not be a good time to do mindfulness, meditation or hypnotherapy. It’s better for him to use his own experiences and intuition to solve these problems rather than relying too heavily on other people. This is a good time to get away, but not necessarily to retreats; he feels more positive when he is among people.

This is a time to avoid dealing with bureaucracy if possible.

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Week One

During this time, he often struggles to know whether he’s doing the right thing. There are things that inspire him, and he feels compelled to do, but at the same time he may experience a little bit of guilt, and he may feel that there are other things that he is neglecting. It’s important to let him know that it’s impossible to please all the people all the time, and there’s only so much one person can do. He often feels a great weight of responsibility now, but some of that is down to his nature and his desire to please.

He wants to know that he’s making a difference, this boosts his ego. What really helps in a relationship now is him drawing strength from you, his partner, so be his rock, be that solid, reliable, common sense force that anchors him even when he’s having an emotional wobble, and he will really appreciate you.

Week Two

This is an excellent time for making financial decisions that will have a long-term effect; it’s a good time for you guys to plan for the future in terms of pensions, wills, grants or education for your children. It’s a very good time to speak about difficult issues to do with your children, and that may also involve their further education.

This is a time to appreciate what you each bring to the relationship, it’s a slightly more serious transit, but that doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyable because knowing that you both value each other’s characteristics, traits and abilities is very rewarding and gratifying. So take time to complement each other and appreciate what you each bring to the relationship, which is unique.

Week Three

During this phase, it’s important to come to terms with whatever is preventing him from achieving closure on a certain issue. He is required to deal with some baggage from the past, this could be baggage from a previous relationship or an emotional issue, but things will tend to rear their head this month and give him the opportunity to resolve those things, especially if he’s willing.

In terms of intimacy, romance and affection, things are significant but not necessarily easy, but with hard work and a commitment to loyalty and a concerted attempt to understand each other’s needs, there’s no mountain you cannot climb together.

“Ain’t no mountain high enough,” nothing can keep you from each other when love is true.

Week Four

It’s important for you both to be tolerant this week, to give each other some space and to cut each other some slack. There is a pressure cooker situation going on in the atmosphere, and it’s bound to feed into arguments and annoyances in relationships, but this is quite a general theme, and so you shouldn’t let anything that happens between your guys, get you down. If things are said in anger, just walk away, it’s part and parcel of this week.

The best way to deal this week is to expect the unexpected and be spontaneous.


This is definitely a month when passions are deepened and when a love relationship with him will feel much more significant, and while there can be teething problems because there are some issues on which you will clash, you will have to learn each other’s red lines.

June can be quite exciting, as even if you’ve been with him a long time, there’s always something new to learn in relationships. Understand that these are not necessarily problems but learning experiences that you have to embrace this month to make the relationship even more fulfilling.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Scorpio Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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