Scorpio Man Predictions for July 2023 

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly June predictions for your Scorpio man. What will his mood be this month? Read on and discover.

Hello Sweethearts, how are you getting on? I do hope that, so far, 2023 has been a productive and interesting year for you, but right now, we are going to be looking at the month of July for your Scorpio Guy and seeing what exactly is in store.

The highlights this month are the fact that Venus goes retrograde in Leo on the 23rd, which means it’s going to be having an extended stay in Leo, which is quite positive for Scorpio Guy’s public persona, his career and impressing authority. It’s also a great time for him to be making PR moves and improving his exposure.

He can benefit from improved relationships with authority and this should lead to smoothing his path to success. Often there is good karma and reward for the effort that he’s put in in the past. However, on the other hand, chickens may come home to roost, and there may be some sudden realizations and adjustments that he has to make to his life course.

In terms of love, this can be a particularly interesting month for Scorpio Guy in relationships with older women or with women in power and authority. He actually rather enjoys being somewhat dominated right now, and he enjoys women who are assertive, ambitious and driven.

So whether you are older than him, have a more powerful position in your career, or maybe you just want to show a more dominant, assertive side of your personality, these are sure-fire things to win his respect and get his attention.

Mars into Virgo on the 11th of July

Mars entering Virgo indicates quite a motivated aspirational time for him, he’s more likely to chase after ideas that a little bit edgy, thus this is a good time for more speculative adventures. He’s also quite interested in being more active on the social scene, so, if you are a very social person this is a great time because Scorpio Guy is eager to attend large-scale events and possibly hang out with new groups of people.

This is a great time for you guys to be getting to know each other’s friends. If you are recently in a relationship and haven’t yet had the chance to meet each other’s friends. Sometimes you do have to watch him going along with the pack as he’s more likely to be influenced, both negatively and positively, by his friends right now.

So if you like his friends, then you’ll be quite pleased because you could feel that they are dragging him in a good direction. However, on the other hand, if you’re not so keen on his friends, this month could be problematic because you may have to reign him in so that he doesn’t follow their lead.

Mercury enters Leo on the 12th of July

This is a great time to encourage him in his career. It is certainly a good time for communicating with people in authority, for job interviews and for doing any public speaking. He may also need to be more active in terms of going to work socials and hobnobbing with colleagues in order to make the right connections.

This is also a great time for decisiveness in terms of any money matters that are of importance to you both, so it’s quite important to discuss the future of your finances or how you can arrange your finances for any important career changes that either of you may be making.

New Moon in Cancer on the 17th of July

This is likely to put him in a fairly optimistic frame of mind, so the theme this month is that he’s quite open-minded, he’s feeling rather spontaneous and a little bit adventurous, and that means the sky’s the limit in terms of your relationship. You will feel a great deal more flexibility and a desire for positive change within him.

There’s a great deal of fresh air coming into the relationship, so this is also a time to be forgiving and look forward as you can miss an opportunity if you cling onto hurts and upsets because he’s ready to move forward and it’s probably great for you both to move forward together.

Venus retrograde in Leo from the 23rd of July

This particular transit encourages him to think more deeply about the direction his relationships are taking, so whether you are in a long-term relationship with Scorpio Guy or in are recently involved with him, he will probably be wanting to gauge your opinion on certain matters and have more discussions, or even negotiations about how to proceed or what you guys should doing.

He’s in quite an assertive frame of mind in relationships, he has very strong ideas right now about what he wants. He can be quite demanding, and he’s seeking your attention, so it’s important to be affectionate and encouraging, but sometimes he almost wants to be front and center of your life, so you have to have strong boundaries. He can be quite pushy in terms of forcing himself to the center of your life, and maybe subtly manipulating you to spend less time on things that are important to you, so you must be able to draw and enforce your red lines.

Theme of the Month – This is a month where he’s particularly curious and quite confident in terms of projecting himself to the outside world. It’s also a time when he’s more interested in going out, rather than spending time at home. He’s fairly driven, and if there’s anything that he believes is important, he can be quite focused on tackling it.

Magic Phrase “I won’t let you down as I know how much you care?”

Magic Text“Show how deep you love is!”

Do: The new moon phase extends from the 17th of July to the 30th of July and this waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective and being proactive.

The waxing phase is great for new personal goals regarding his health, image or new fulfilling activities. This is good for his physical activities i.e. sports or physical work and also physical therapy. Competitive activities and also careers like acting, modelling or entrepreneurship are favored.

Avoid: This is not a great time for brand-new career or business management decisions. Public events and public speaking or PR are not favored. Not a good time for him to go up against authority and also not the best time for job interviews or appraisals.

This is not a good time to start internet romance or meet Scorpio Guy via a dating app. Short trips for pleasure are not favored.

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Week One – Career-focused

This week there can be some conflict between relationship priorities and his career. If you are both in the same career, this can be a fantastic time to bond as you may both really encourage each other and feed off each other’s energy, spurring each other to greater heights.

However, if you are not in the same industry or really don’t understand his work, this could prove a frustrating week where you have to be more patient. He’s very eager to talk about things that are high priority to him, and he sometimes is a little bit selfish in terms of elevating his aims, needs and concerns over yours. So it’s important for you to be self-sufficient and if there is something bothering you, you have to force it onto the agenda, because as I say, he’s more eager to think about his particular aims and concerns over family matters which are not at the forefront of his mind.

This is actually a very exciting time, however, to be dating Scorpio guy because the relationship is moving at pace and while it can be a roller coaster, there’s never a dull moment. At times you may question his motivations because he’s not wearing his heart on his sleeve, and it’s not always clear what’s in his heart as he’s not always very affectionate.

Week Two – Avoiding Negative Vibes

His curious side is primed this week, and it’s important for you to engage him in conversation and to be bright and bubbly, as what he doesn’t like this week is someone who is negative or a Debbie Downer. So even though it may be important for you to caution him, because he can get carried away with some of his ideas, it’s important not to seem like a wet blanket.

This week the friendship element is vital to him in a relationship, he wants you to be his buddy whom he can joke around with, and he also wants a little bit of affection and care. It’s important for you to be upbeat and very self-confident; he can become a little bit impatient with a partner who is rather needy or regressive, so everything with him right now is about fast forward, so try not to bring up the past in a negative way.

Week Three – Needing Space

This can be a tricky week for romance and dating in terms of Scorpio guy, he’s a little bit more distracted and detached. He’s likely to want a little bit of space, you already know that Scorpio Guy is a loner and this is one of those weeks where he probably prefers his own company, wants to do his own thing and doesn’t want to be tied into any commitments. So it’s important right now to just give him a little bit of space.

You may feel right now that his friends are more important to him than yourself, he quite enjoys hanging out with the guys, impressing them and his friendships are a little bit of a distraction from romance, so try and be patient with that aspect of his life.

Week Four – Love and Affection

This is the best week of the month for love and affection, he’s a lot more patient, he tends to be more kind and considerate and he’s a lot more likely to want to respond to you in a one-to-one situation. During this phase, he wants to cultivate relationships, he wants to see depths and he’s probably more in need of emotional support and reassurance.

So while a great deal of the month is hectic, quite unpredictable and he’s very spontaneous or spending a lot of time either at work or with friends, during this week he’s more likely to want to enjoy quality family time, and it’s a time where you can gain his attention in order to have heart to hearts.

He’s been quiet brave in July, but during this week his vulnerable side will be more on display and so that’s a great opportunity for one relationships to flourish.


So July continues to be a month where you can foster romantic progress with your Scorpio Guy, in terms of subtle changes to your relationship that can improve the level of satisfaction you get and the extent to which your needs are met. Scorpio guy continues to be in quite a flexible frame of mind, occasionally he is spontaneous and quite outrageous, and that can open doors to new discussions, and windows of opportunity to change the direction of your relationship.

At other times, he loves it when you take the lead, offer ideas and be the one to take the relationship forward. So this is certainly a time in his life where he is malleable and less fixed in terms of his expectations, and thus this is a great thing for the growth of relationships and better understanding.

After July, you can emerge stronger, more self-aware, and emotionally empowered as a couple.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Scorpio Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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