Scorpio Man Predictions for August 2023 

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly August predictions for your Scorpio man. What will his mood be this month? Read on and discover.

Hello Sweethearts, I am really pleased to be bringing you another guide for your Scorpio man and I believe this will help you to understand his needs, motivations, and moves this month.

It’s quite an interesting month because Venus is retrograde in Leo for the entire month, and this affects his solar seventh house of marriage and long-term relationships. The New Moon is in Leo and Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo, so it’s all to play for this month and there’s a lot of exciting stuff in store for new and blossoming relationships with Scorpio Guy, as well as in terms of marriage, but his emotional side is stimulated so you have to tread quite delicately.

I do hope you’ve been enjoying these monthly guides, we understand that the world of love and romance is tricky to navigate and we aim to bring you useful monthly guides, but don’t forget we also have a yearly guide packed with extremely interesting information and, we hope, the answers to all your questions.

So without any further ado, let’s have a look at how the planets are affecting Scorpio Guy in August.

Venus retrograde in Leo – all of August

In terms of his career, this can be a very favorable time for him to work on or revamp his image. So if he is taking a little bit of time off in August, maybe you can help him to redo his profiles, his website or just make sure that all his public portals look really modern, and accessible and portray him in the best light. It’s very important right now for you to support him, he needs his partner to be a diplomatic and reliable person and he certainly could use your skills in terms of helping him to create a good impression either online or in-person when it comes to work.

One of the problems right now in terms of love can be a certain stubbornness. Scorpios don’t like to admit when they’re wrong and they often resort to making excuses. Sometimes it’s important to subtly let him know that while you do accept his apology, and acknowledge his version of events, you may not necessarily agree with how he carried something out or conducted himself. Thus a relevant phrase for Scorpio Guy this month is: those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

It’s important to remind him that if he wants to pass judgment on others, he should keep his own slate clean. So don’t let him get away with double standards or any moral arrogance.
It’s important for you to keep the moral high ground, so just because he has done something, doesn’t mean that you should do something back – two wrongs don’t make a right.

New Moon in Leo – 16th August

For Scorpio Guy, the New Moon is a really opportune time for him to exploit opportunities in terms of career. It’s a time of the year when he should be more visible and more social, so even though a lot of activity is winding down at this time of year (for the summer holidays, particularly in the Northern Hemisphere) and there’s a much more laid back and less motivated vibe, he can actually gain right now by being a good communicator and keeping his eye on the ball in terms of business.

When everyone else is focusing on holidays, he can make his move so encourage him to chill, but not to totally detach from work because he may gain while others are totally off the game.

He can be experiencing some secret vulnerability this month, he actually needs a lot of mothering and good advice. In some cases, he may be communicating more with his mother and may be more inclined to need her support, but on the other hand, it’s also likely that if you guys have a really strong friendship or relationship, he may need to bend your ear and get your perspective.

It really helps him right now to get a female perspective on his problems, be they problems to do with his family or his work, and so be there for him, be a good listener, and give advice, but as always with Scorpio, don’t overdo it, keep it succinct or he won’t process it.

Mars in Virgo opposite Neptune – 23rd August

During this phase, it’s important when dating Scorpio Guy to be mindful of his past. After a certain age, everyone tends to have accumulated baggage, and as you get to know him, it’s very important to contextualize his attitudes, his priorities or his triggers in terms of what might have happened in a previous relationship.

If he is particularly shy or reticent in love, it’s probably because he hasn’t quite shaken off the trauma or disappointment of a previous relationship, and you just have to be a little bit sympathetic and realize these things take time and sometimes in new love, old sores get opened and it can be one step forward two steps back, but it’s all part of the learning experience.

Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo – 24th August

While Mercury only actually turns retrograde on the 24th, it’s slowing down as it goes into a station and this is important to appreciate as it means that activities regarding communication, social media and networking can begin to slow down or become more complicated as the month unfolds.

The Mercury retrograde in Virgo will certainly affect those of you who are in platonic friendships or friendships that have recently turned romantic with Scorpio Guy, and he may be a little bit more undecided and evasive.

It’s quite important to acknowledge aspects of your relationship with Scorpio Guy that need work. As you go into a developing romance, sometimes it is a seamless transition from friendship to dating, and at other times there actually are some problems and pitfalls, especially this month. It can be a little bit harder to communicate with Scorpio Guy, often he’s more vulnerable and that makes it a little bit more tricky when you get into a romance because he tends to be easily triggered.

So, if you are recently dating Scorpio Guy, this is an important time to be a good listener, to watch out for signals and signs that he gives, to observe his behavior in certain situations, and from all this, to get a more detailed and fuller picture of what he’s really like. Sometimes understanding him doesn’t come from communication, it comes more from observations, so be a good observer in all situations – fun, work and leisure.

Theme of the Month – His own neediness and desire for love and relationships to be the magic solution, gets in the way of true understanding and effective cooperation, and you may be following this pattern of super excitement followed by a letdown in love, and now it’s time to learn that lesson.

Magic Phrase – “Real love means breezing through the rough and the smooth.”

Magic Text – “I wanna be more than a lover, I wanna rescue you.”

Do: The new moon phase extends from the 16th of August to the 30th of August this waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective and being proactive.

The waxing phase is great for his new career directions, new business ventures and changes in life goals. Pioneering action, reputational improvement and being head hunted is possible. A time for major new initiatives in supercharging life direction.

A great time for PR, public events and public speaking. The waxing phase is excellent for building momentum for his promotional activities, competitive goals, higher education, publishing and team leadership.

A great time for psychological renewal, affirmations, creative visualization and gaining insight. This is a great time for artistic work. It’s also a good time for retreats and meditation. A time to deal with any repressed anger honestly. Dreams are more vivid and should be analyzed. Affirmations and positive thinking are very important.

This is a great period for his finances, cash flow improves. It’s a positive waxing phase for investing, buying new assets and gaining new clients. A good month for financial analysis and changes.

An excellent time for getting married or engaged. Working from home is ideal. Real estate and home improvements are favored. Large scale family events and having family to stay is suitable.

Avoid: Venus is still retrograde meaning that market research, compliance and understanding the protocols or respecting authority is important.

The waxing phase is not a suitable time for joining groups or organization or attending meetings or forums. Social media marketing is not favored. Not a great time for romantic relationships or business partnerships with friends.

Not a good time to seek loans or apply for more debt. Managing large amounts of money for new clients is not advisable. Not a good time for tax changes.

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Week 1 – Broadly speaking

This week is an excellent time for turning friendship into romance, so it favors all of you who have known Scorpio Guy for a long time and have now become lovers and are looking to cement your relationship. Progress in terms of love goes really fast, and this is also a time when, in marriage, he’s a lot more expansive and willing to try new things.

So this is not a time to stick to routines, the first week should be a week when you guys embrace joy and fun and reduce the need to stay in touch with office. You should both have a free flow or exchange of emotions, this is not a time to bring up any contentious issues, it’s a time to learn to laugh about your problems and see the funny side of things. Keep everything in perspective and overlook the more unpleasant details to focus on the broad positives in your relationship.

Week 2 – Dare to dream

This is an excellent week for those of you who’ve been with Scorpio for a long time and have decided to get engaged. It’s quite a positive time to be getting married.

No matter what stage of the relationship you’re at, it’s a time when you guys should be talking about the aspirations you both have for your future. If you dream the same dreams it’s always easier to overlook the hitches in the road, so it’s important right now to focus on your vision for the future and how you’re going to get there.

It’s a time to make love not eat, and to keep your eye on the longer term prize.

Week 3 –  Dust Storms

This can be a more tricky week, sometimes issues connected to his career and events in the outside world can cause pressure and strain on the relationship. It’s important to keep a constructive dialogue ongoing, try not to show your anger or frustration because everything is changing, so you don’t want to get to upset about any one thing that’s happening, because it’s highly likely that that won’t be an issue eventually.

This is a week where things get stirred up, but they also tend to blow over, so it’s so important to just stay calm and balanced. Keep an even keel, just take a wait and see attitude, because even if he’s saying or doing things that seem a little bit extreme, it’s all probably going to calm down and the dust will settle.

Week 4 – Emotionally Flat

Those of you involved in social media relationships with Scorpio Guy, where you perhaps haven’t met, but you navigate your relationship by communicating via the various apps, this can be really awkward period and it can also be a time when the relationship gets disrupted simply because so much of it happens online and is public. So it’s quite good to develop more privacy.

If you’ve been in a friendship clique and are now dating, be sure to get more time by yourselves away from friends, so a proper relationship can develop.

The theme of this week, with Mars going into Libra is: back to the grindstone. This can be a time where there’s a need for some organizing and some thought before the rather frantic finish to the
year kicks in.

There’s a slight sense of disappointment and regret within him, there’s a feeling of deflation for Scorpio Guys almost like he’s come down to earth with a bump. He can be a little bit more withdrawn and silent, he is simply a little bit drained or over tired, so it’s a good idea for you both to get a rest, respect each other’s boundaries and just have a bit of time for yourselves. Stay supportive, it’s definitely not a time to ignore each other, it’s just a time to not to be crowding each other.


This is an excellent month for the development phase of relationships. Remember, relationships are full of ups and downs and you have to take the rough with the smooth. However, overall he is beginning to respect you more and relationships should develop a greater degree of cohesion and excitement.

Even when there are problems, remember it’s all about showing him you love him by being a consistent force and bringing a bit of stability and calm, so be his anchor.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Scorpio Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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