Scorpio Man Horoscope for November 2023 

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly November predictions for your Scorpio man. Things to know about your Scorpio man this month and how to help him in his journey.

Hello Sweethearts and a very special welcome to this reading for Scorpio Man particularly as it’s highly likely he will be celebrating his birthday this month, although let’s not forget the October Scorpio Men as well.

The birthday month is really important, not just because we like to celebrate our birthdays and use it as a time to bring joy into our life and to be appreciated by friends and family, but celebrating a birthday usually comes at the time of a New Moon in our particular star sign, which is a wonderful opportunity for a fresh start, getting a new look, invigorating ourselves, feeling more energetic and feeling inspired once again about our destiny.

So what’s really important for you to do with the New Moon in Scorpio, is help him seize the moment, encourage him not to let life pass him by, and help him to appreciate his unique talents and skills and put them to better use.

This month is also a very active phase for Scorpio Man because we have various planets like the sun and Mars in Scorpio triggering Taurus planets, for example Jupiter and Uranus. Mars and the Sun are conjunct in Scorpio, so there is an explosion of energy in his chart, this is just a fabulous month for achievement, competitiveness, improving his fitness and feeling rejuvenated.

Before I crack on with this month’s exciting predictions, I just want to remind you that our brilliant yearly guides will soon be released and I welcome you to take a look at those as we have the most comprehensive yearly analysis for Scorpio Man in 2024 plus really incisive and helpful monthly reports.

As you know I always like to give you inspiration to live your best life with Scorpio Man.

Mercury enters Sagittarius – 11th November

This is quite a good time for couples who need to have discussions about money and priorities, now this can mean financial priorities but also relationship priorities. So this is an ideal time to just get on the same page and make sure that you are both working together, rather than at cross purposes.

This is also a time to be highly pragmatic about your relationship, you should put illusions aside and focus on what is achievable and most important. Often couples create stress for themselves by procrastinating, so this is a time when you should try to get on top of things because then you free up energy for the important business of relating.

Scorpio Man is a planner and he likes to get his ducks in a row, so this is a good time for you guys to have discussions, debates and negotiations and to try and set the tone for what the next few months will be like.

Budgeting can be a big part of this period and I know it’s boring, but if you guys can agree on money, it sometimes helps to make you both feel a little bit more secure and like you know where you stand.

New Moon in Scorpio – 13th November

They say in the theatre world, “break a leg,” now obviously we don’t mean that literally but this is certainly a time when you should encourage Scorpio Man to step into the limelight, to make the most of himself and it may be a good idea to encourage him to get a few new pieces for his wardrobe, a new hairstyle, take on a different look and just send out a message to the universe that he is going to make the next year count and really set his world alight.

This is a wonderful time to initiate, for new intentions and for just taking life by the scruff of the neck and being proactive. Sometimes Scorpio is a little bit fatalistic and he can feel that what’s meant to be is meant to be, but this is a time to set an intention, to create a strategy and jump right in.

It’s a period where he should be more adventurous and you should definitely push himself to the next level. Even if your Scorpio Man is a little bit older or maybe he’s not in good health, this is a wonderful time for him to be using positive thinking to supercharge his well-being because it can increase his vitality along with a little bit of determination and effort on his diet.

Sun conjunct Mars in Scorpio – 18th November

This is a highly competitive and strong willed placement, Mars in the sign of Scorpio gives him a lot of gumption and courage, so this is a wonderful time for you to encourage him to tackle problems and these can be problems to do with his health, his work or his relationships. He should be the one to set the tone and set the direction, so encourage him to be purposeful and believe in himself.

In terms of your relationship, there is a sense that he’s a little bit self-centred, simply because he has a lot of fire in his belly and sometimes that gives him a focus outside the relationship.

On the other hand it increases his level of desire and his sexual prowess, so he’s often more affectionate, more willing to let his feelings show in relationships. So it can be a good time to get romance and affection going and if you are dating, this is a fantastic time to deepen the relationship, do more things as a team and really get to know each other better so that you can cement the relationship.

New relationships that have been just stumbling along can really get off the ground now but you have to cater for the fact that he can be a little bit argumentative so he’s not always a team player sometimes it’s better just let it go along with what he wants it is his month and let him be the star of The show

Mars enters Sagittarius- 25th November

This represents an excellent time to encourage him to go for goals! When it comes to business, it’s an awesome phase for him winning new clients or contracts, so it’s definitely a time for him to be extremely assertive and up his game. There are gains to be made financially if he is daring.

This is a time however, where it’s very important for him to be decisive and to focus, so encourage him to decide on a course of action and stick with it as this is definitely a time when he can flounder if he fails to really hone in on one specific goal.

He can be quite acquisitive at this time, and if you guys are so inclined, you can make unwise and impulsive purchases, so it’s really important to stick to budgets right now. It’s also a time when you may clash over money issues, but usually there’s a control issue lingering deeper underneath, so watch out for locking horns over money and understand the deeper psychological issues going on.

Sometimes he’s a little bit analytical and too attached to material things, as right now he tends to be more territorial and possessive so watch out for these traits. This is definitely not a time when you want to step on his toes or invade his privacy in any way.

He’s certainly very responsive to affection, so doing things like back massages, having a hot tub together or enjoying some aphrodisiac foods can get him in the mood, because he’s fairly sexual. However, you have to be quite careful about the way you stimulate his desire, be very physical and use body language more than conversation.

Theme: He’s more excitable and ready to embark on a new adventure this month. He’ll need to experience new things in order to find the satisfaction in romance that he desires. He’s quite excitable and often impatient and so get ready to experience his wilder side.

It’s going to be a hectic month where he’s ambitious and thinking big, but where he’s not necessarily always reasonable or cooperative as he’s wilful and he’s living in the moment.

Do: The new moon phase extends from the 13th of November to the 27th of November this waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective and being proactive.

The waxing phase favors networking, group goals and any high teq or scientific aims he has. This is good for political and social organizing. This also favors his social life and making new friends.

Tax affairs, accounting and management of money is successful. Business involving organizing large amounts of money in behalf of others is successful.

Avoid: New career moves, job interviews and dealing with authority isn’t advisable. Not favorable for PR, corporate entertainment or brand new career or management goals.
The waxing phase is not great for home improvements, real estate deals or house hunting. Having family to stay or organizing big family events isn’t advisable. New business connected to catering, hospitality, tourism and the care industry isn’t favored.

Not good for long haul travel, publishing or starting an academic course. Advertising and promotion is less successful.

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Week 1 – Setting up a brand new stage for the relationship

This is a fabulous time for him to make progress in his life and to experience more fulfilment and so don’t hold him back or be perceived as a Debbie Downer.

He could want to take risks, but be bold and expand your vision of the world along with him and you may end up finding a much more fulfilling love.

Success is found in the most unlikely places and surprises are in store for both of you, so don’t be bound by the past or your previous experiences, positive new presidents can be set.

This represents the start of new journeys, which is a wonderful indication for new relationships and bodes well for those of you who are just embarking on a love relationship with Scorpio Man, remember to embrace the excitement and live for the moment, don’t try and plan anything, just enjoy.

When you guys, as a couple, open yourselves up to the world, even in the face of uncertainty or trepidation, you may find what you are looking for.

Week 2 – Breaking new ground

This week the sheer level of physical and nervous energy he will experience can often be very difficult to control. It often seems that every little thing that could go wrong is going wrong, and there may be nothing you guys can do about it. It’s quite a demanding time for him and yet he’s able to cope as long as he’s helped to keep things in proportion, as he’s more likely to over-react and expend more energy acting out his frustration.

Let him throw a temper tantrum if he needs to, but detach from his drama.

This is not the best week for you guys to schedule important appointments or situations that call for cooperation and compromise, since he’s likely to be more stubborn.

In new or existing relationships he’s needing a little more space and freedom, as he’s impatient, reckless and impulsive in his actions.

If you guys have been in a rut or spending time unwisely, the craziness of this week can actually help you to break away from and limiting circumstances even if it’s going to cause temporary chaos. Dating is very unpredictable so make allowances and stay calm.

Week 3 – All he needs is the air to breathe and to be loved

This is a week of the unexpected and there will be many surprises in love and relationships, but you guys should be confident and have faith that all things will work out well. Instead of getting flustered or discombobulated, stay present, keep trying, and look at circumstances with an open mind.

True love with Scorpio Man requires open-eyed innocence and positivity this week.

He can be quite impulsive but try not to dampen his natural excitement and desire to improve his life, even if you don’t support the individual things he does, let him know you always support him and have his back.

It’s a time to give him wisdom rather than advice and so focus on the bigger picture and never argue about the smaller things. It’s a fabulous time in new relationships to impress him with your smarts, your ambitions and your positive attitude to life.

Week 4 – Easy does it

With Sun in Sagittarius square Saturn this week, it’s important to take care of money matters.

This is a difficult week for all star signs because the energy is lower and more confining and it could be struggle for him emotionally. He’s much more demanding of himself and highly self-critical, and tends to judge himself against impossibly high standards that he’s set for himself.

Encourage him to cut himself some slack, help him to feel a sense of inner fulfilment.

His need for personal happiness and contentment is heightened, but so is his stubborn nature and he’s often a little closed off. So communicate carefully and give him affection and physical closeness as part of supporting him.

Carefully handled this week can improve trust and mutual respect which will feed into the intimate side of the relationship going forward.

Closing Thoughts

As long as you embrace events, this month can be refreshing and through determination, passion and also impulsiveness he and you by extension can break the shackles and begin to bring authenticity back into relationships.

It can be an exciting but also a frustrating time, but with a spirit of adventure things can begin to take shape for a bright new future.

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