Scorpio Man Horoscope For December 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
December 2023 horoscope for your Scorpio man. Check out the monthly predictions for 2023! How is December going to treat your Scorpio man?

Hello sweethearts, and a warm welcome to the December horoscope for a Scorpio man. Step into the enchanting realm of December festivities with open hearts. This is the season of merriment and celebration, where the world seems to slow down, inviting us to unwind and revel in joy.

Amidst the twinkling lights and the warmth of crackling fires, the spotlight turns to relationships. With more time spent with our partners, expectations soar.

For those flying solo, the potential for loneliness exists, yet it’s also a splendid opportunity to encounter new souls. Picture the mistletoe as a symbol of magic, ready to weave spells of good cheer, aromatic delights, and snug affection into our lives this December.

With Venus in Scorpio triggering Jupiter and Uranus from Scorpio, love and romance in December can be Pandora’s box; things are often more complicated than they first seemed, and that’s why he needs to be really clear about what he is getting into when he initiates romance.

Right now, it’s quite an odd environment, and there are many thorny issues in relationships, so he needs to be aware of it. Recently established relationships develop very quickly, although he does have to be careful of a certain amount of possessiveness because it’s highly likely due to the intensity of feeling that both he and a new partner will suffer bouts of jealousy, which can make the relationship a little bit volatile.

Here’s what the stars have in store for a Scorpio Man this December…

Mercury enters Capricorn On December 2nd, 2023

This can be a time when internet dating, dating apps, or long-distance relationships work really well for him. He enjoys the communication side of these relationships and finds it very stimulating and pleasantly distracting to find little romantic messages on his texts or message apps.

One problem right now is that although new romance develops, it can be quite confusing, so he’s not necessarily getting to know you as well as he thinks, and he’s inclined to jump to the wrong conclusions before grappling with who you really are on a deep level.

It’s important to share laughs, become comfortable with each other, and gauge each other’s sense of humor before anything particularly deep develops, as it will during this month.

Venus enters Scorpio On December 5th, 2023

In marriage, it’s time to renew the levels of affection and physical tenderness, so you and Scorpio Man should try to get physically close, whether it’s watching TV next to each other holding hands or doing other activities like dancing where you are more likely to have physical contact. Often, couples become quite cold with each other physically, and that can lead to losing touch emotionally.

Touch doesn’t have to be sexual; it can just be a tender way of showing concern and support, and you should use that, as well as being more aware of your body language in general. You should use mirroring and positive body language instead of adopting poses that show that you are closed off and perhaps indifferent.

Non-verbal forms of communication are very important in marriage, while in dating and romance he enjoys communicating via text message and electronic forms. In marriage, it’s important to show him love through touch and physical sensations, and you can also use this to show awareness of his feelings and also to show compassion.

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New Moon in Sagittarius On December 13th, 2023

Actions speak louder than words during this New Moon phase, so it’s all about following through with tangible signs of love. It’s a very important December for gifting, and those can be expensive gifts, maybe like fragrances or electronics, or less expensive gifts like liquor and accessories, but everything counts.

The process of letting go of any previous regrets, fears, grief, or pain can be quite cathartic. There’s an element of acceptance, where you both have to accept what you cannot change and then move on and make the best of your strengths.

This is a perfect time to renew your focus on the core values you share as a couple. New relationships that come about now are mysterious and unusual, and they are likely to become very intense and sexually exciting quite quickly. New relationships must have a strong physical attraction.

You and your Scorpio guy should start all the discussions you need in order to feel like you are both understood and heard. Don’t dwell on past events and resentments; look towards the future and what the two of you can change instead of what you cannot.

On December 13th, Mercury goes Retrograde in Capricorn

With the retrograde, it’s easy for him to be distracted by novelty and indulgences; he’s got his eye out for things that can pique his interest or provide some titillation, so he needs to set himself schedules and keep to his diary or agenda, so there’s nothing important that gets missed as his concentration is not always what it should be.

This is an ideal time for you both to meet your work colleagues and maybe get more involved in work events together. Showing an interest in his interests, being interested in his career, or the things that are currently on his mind is very important.

This is a time when he likes to get feedback and have good conversations, so it’s really important to be a good listener, but at the same time, you also have to be a good conversationalist. He’s looking to hear your ideas; he wants to know what you think, and at the same time, he wants to use you as a sounding board.

He is very impulsive and also restless in this phase, and he may not keep promises; he could become unreliable, but that’s a function of his life, which is in flux during that phase. Effective communication is a struggle, and he’s pretty awful at explaining himself, so you cannot pin him down, and you may not get definitive answers.

You both need added tolerance and patience in this phase. Don’t start an online romantic relationship with a Scorpio in this phase, as you will probably get off on the wrong footing or with misconceptions.

Themes for a Scorpio Man this December…

This month, the key to enhancing love relationships and marriage begins within. This is a month where Scorpio Man really does need to address his shadow self; any repressed emotions regarding envy, revenge, hatred, or anger need to be expelled.

It’s very important to understand projection; very often, the emotions that he suppresses by being diplomatic, people-pleasing, or conflict-avoiding end up erupting in another part of his life. Often, you, as his partner, act out these emotions subconsciously, or maybe they erupt through unexpected events or family arguments.

So it’s very important for him to own his frustrations, his anger, his hatred, etc., and to begin to work on them honestly, in private, by himself, and these will be much less likely to disrupt your relationship in unpleasant ways.

Magic Motto: “Laughter is our magic love ingredient, and I will wield the wand of affection, turning our winter nights into magic.”

Magic Text: “I just wanted to sprinkle a little affection your way and remind you that my day is brighter when touched by your playful spirit. Babe.”


The new moon phase extends from the 12th of December to the 26th of December. This waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, and starting anything proactive.

This is an excellent time for marriage and engagement. excellent for new marriage goals and turning over a new leaf. Romantic getaways and travel to retreats and sanctuaries are favored.

It was a wonderful time for music, poetry, and inspirational artistic work. Spiritual growth and holistic emotional healing are successful. It was a wonderful time to take time out for pampering and relaxation.

Affirmations and positive visualization are wonderful for relaxation and bringing about prosperity. Meditation and mindfulness are successful.

This is good for him: getting Christmas bonuses, achieving targets, and having a great end-of-year financially.


The waxing phase is not great for important management decisions or negotiations with people in power. Legal matters are not easy to understand.

Effective communication after the Mercury retrograde is a struggle, and he’s pretty awful at explaining himself, so one cannot pin him down, and a partner may not get definitive answers.

You guys both need added tolerance and patience in this phase. He shouldn’t start an online romantic relationship in this phase, as you guys will probably get off on the wrong footing or with misconceptions.

December 2023 Horoscope for a Scorpio Man

Week One: Strong desires and sexual healing

This is a fantastic time for reconciliation and forgiveness in both marriage and any relationship with a Scorpio man.

This is a time to bring issues to the surface and to deal with them with openness and honesty. You should be straightforward in love and work hard to move things forward. So even if there’s been an impasse, with a broad-minded approach, you should be able to move it on.

Be careful during this phase of impulsivity and excess spending. It’s important right now for you to let him know that not all that glitters is not gold, as he tends to jump into things even when they’re not legitimate opportunities.

There’s quite a strong desire for relationships that are a little bit risky, that require secrecy, or that involve some sort of shenanigans, so don’t lead each other into trouble.

This is quite a passionate time for both new and existing romances; his desire level is much higher; he’s more affectionate and more interested in intimacy; and this can be quite an enjoyable time to get to know each other at a deep level and to begin quite a rewarding sexual experience together.

Week 2: Love means understanding

Love and intimacy are not just about sex because there’s a spiritual connection happening as well, which makes the relationship rather exciting and holistically fulfilling.

Often, people are very demanding of him; friends, family, and acquaintances can be needier in terms of seeking his advice or his support. So he needs to have strong boundaries. In many ways, he needs a certain amount of privacy this month. That’s why he doesn’t want to spread himself too thin on the social scene, both at work and at home.

Nothing that you guys plan or discuss now should incorporate a degree of vengefulness or vendetta (between you or towards others). You guys should focus on a fresh slate, and you should be willing to give each other and third parties a second chance. Encourage him to be less critical of himself and ensure that he is releasing guilt from the past and is working toward some sort of absolution, either through meditation or good communication and discussion.

Week 3: Get into the groove, boy you’ve gotta prove your love to me

This is an excellent time for date nights—maybe going to a concert together or doing something that you used to do when you were dating—in order to reignite the energy and excitement in your relationship.

It’s almost like there’s a well of sexual energy and chemistry between you that is not being tapped into. Perhaps you guys aren’t allowing yourselves time to get into the right kind of mood, so this week you need to be doing leisure and fun activities that really help you get into not only a romantic frame of mind but a passionate mood.

This week, it’s important for him in his career not to try and run before he can walk; there’s a sense of heightened expectation and wanting to bite off more than he can chew.

Sticking to plans and staying within the guidelines he’s already set for himself is important. There’s a temptation to get carried away in the moment and to rush on tangents, and these can land up being quite expensive.

Week 4: The Anchor

In relationships, he does need an anchor. This is a time when there’s a renewed need for trust and faith in the relationship, and he actually has an increasing reliance on you as his partner.

So the paradox is that while he wants more freedom, on the other hand, he also needs more support and stability from you as a partner. He needs to know that your emotions will remain consistent, which does represent a challenge for you, as you need to show him love and affection and be that stabilizing force when he’s occasionally really erratic or even unreliable.

While romance is tricky and requires sensitivity, the effect of Jupiter means that there are advantages when it comes to marriage; however, you may have to take the initiative and take the lead.

Jupiter’s influence means positive willpower will affect relationships, which can be improved, and there can be pleasant surprises as you both begin to welcome a different phase of life. The key is to reinforce trust, work on affection, and re-establish familiarity and camaraderie.


This December represents a wonderful potential for constructive but also romantic communication, which happens on an analytical but also a deeper level, and therefore understanding is bound to grow as you both begin to grasp each other and tune into each other’s wavelengths.

Not everything has to be spelled out in words of one syllable; you’re getting into a similar groove mentally and really understanding each other more comprehensively.

Now this is an ideal time for me to wish you all a very merry Christmas and to thank you for all your support throughout the year. I hope you have enjoyed these guides, and I would like to remind you all that our exciting 2024 guides for your Scorpio Man and for yourself (the 2024 women’s series) are ready to go along with the audio podcasts, so please keep checking back on the website.

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