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Woman cooking for her Scorpio man

Life with the Scorpio man is one of ups, down, turns and twists. If your Sun is ruled by an Air sign (you are a Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius), then you can expect fun and excitement coupled with heated debates. If it’s ruled by an Earth sign (Capricorn, Virgo or Taurus), plan to be watched carefully and questioned often about your intentions and whereabouts all while enjoying great sex.  [click to continue…]

how to make a scorpio man fall in love with you

Scorpio men are attracted to genuine, transparent and beautiful people. On rare occasions, you may find a superficial type of a Scorpio man, but know that this will probably result in a short term relationship good for only one thing. Scorpio men don’t need a whole lot of coaxing, but there are a few things you can do to stand out to him.

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Facts about dating a Scorpio Man

Scorpio men are intense, driven, strong and extremely passionate. Known to be dedicated and loyal to a fault, they are also highly ambitious and they like to feel secure. They make great partners as long as they feel safe.

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how to show your love to a scorpio man

Scorpio men are manly in bed where they prance and gallop like purebred stallions, but when it comes to love they are all girl. They love completely deeply and passionately and you can be sure that when a Scorpio man falls in love he gives his whole soul. Betray that and you get yourself an enemy for life.

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Signs A Scorpio Man Likes You

There are few gray areas when a Scorpion is hunting prey. A Scorpio man will undress you with his eyes from across the room and stare so deeply into yours that you’ll want to look away. In conversation, he will pay indecent attention to every word you say, and that is just how it starts out.

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what scorpio man wants in a relationship

The extreme and intense energy of the sign of Scorpio has specific needs and wants in a relationship. To get to the heart of the Scorpio, understanding what makes them feel passionate and happy with their partner is essential to the strength of the relationship. Transformation, rebirth, and discovery are the top three influences of this Zodiac sign’s life. Take a moment to consider how these play key roles in the needs and wants of a Scorpio in a relationship.

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How To Seduce A Scorpio Man

Seduction of a Scorpio man is a simple matter of allowing him to seduce you. The intense sensuality of this sign, ruled by Pluto, means he likes to be in charge at all times.

Loss of control is his greatest fear so allowing him to think he is boss of the seduction is key to winning the sexual soul of a notoriously passionate Scorpio man.

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How To Make A Scorpio Man Propose To You

The joys of marriage with a Scorpio man can be yours by simply trying out some tactics that would appeal to all water signs and some that should hit Scorpio’s heart buttons. Understand that this man is not easily swayed or wooed to start. Everything he responds to is usually set in motion from the result of something he initiated. So, if he was the first to approach you to date you, he will likely be the first to consider proposing to you…even before you think about it. He’s always a step ahead of the game with the right person. But if you feel like he’s dragging his feet or taking his sweet time, some of the following ideas may help you light just the right spark to get his commitment engine revving.

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Reasons To Date A Scorpio Man

Scorpio men give romance and love a whole new meaning. Intense, scorching experiences and mind-blowing sensuality are just some of the reasons you want to give your heart to a moody, loving Scorpio man. Of course, like any man, they have their down-side but read on to discover all the reasons why you should date a hot-blooded Scorpio man.

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Where to Go on a Date with a Scorpio Man

Fortunate for you, getting to know if he’s the right match can be readily discovered in the early stages of dating. This guy doesn’t waste any time! He will show you that he sees a future with you or not and you have to stay guessing for long.

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