5 Ways to Show a Scorpio Man You’re Serious (Without Seeming Needy)

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
It’s no secret that Scorpio men are among the most mysterious, and most magnetic men in the Zodiac! How can you let him know you’re seriouly interested about him without seeming needy? 

It’s no secret that Scorpio men are among the sexiest, most mysterious, and most magnetic men in the Zodiac! But they also like to be in control—so how can you let him know you’re serious about him without seeming needy? 

In my experience as a relationship astrologer, women fall harder for Scorpio men than most other signs. Why? Well, he’s a total mystery. He’s also deep, intense, and has this sensual aura that just draws you in—in short, he’s irresistible! 

The thing is, Scorpio men need to be the ones in control. This means that it’s better to let him be the one to set the direction of your relationship. This helps him to feel empowered and comfortable in his masculine energy. 

Admittedly, it does make it harder for you to show your interest without seeming demanding or as if you want to take control. It’s a balancing act, for sure.

So how do you show him you want him without coming across as pushy, insecure, or needy? 

I get this question often! So, I’ve compiled five tried-and-true ways to subtly let him know how you feel without coming on too strong.

However, let’s first explore whether he’s into you. After all, who wants to of through all that effort unless you can be sure he’ll respond? 

Is He Interested in You? Look for These Signs…

He’s Possessive of You

Possesive Scorpio Man

If your Scorpio man is already showing signs of possessiveness (e.g. calling you “his” woman), you can be quite sure that in his mind, you really do “belong” to him.

This can feel thrilling, and it’s a good sign he’s very into you. 

Just be sure it’s the healthy kind of possessiveness, ladies—this is one guy that can go too far in rare circumstances. 

He Gets Intense When He’s with You

A Scorpio man may seem remote when he’s away from you, but when he’s withyou and getting really intense, you know he wants you. 

What does intense look like? 

It’s when he wraps his arms around you, tells you how crazy he is about you, or gets emotional with you. You’ll feel it—Scorpio intensity is unmistakable

He Behaves Insecurely

If you’re intuitive and tuned in to your Scorpio guy, you’ll see small signs of insecurity. 

Jealousy, for example. Perhaps even mentioning things like he’s worried you’ll cheat on him. 

These are all clues that he’s getting very attached to you and that his heart is beginning to melt. Keep your eye out for this, and let him know you’re all his. 

He Wants to Make Things Exclusive

Woman Passionate With a Scorpio Man

This is the most sexual sign in the Zodiac. And although Scorpio men don’t usually play the field, they do have their phases where they, well, explore. 

If a Scorpio talking about being your boyfriend, or taking things to the next level, you know for sure that things are getting serious. This can help you feel much more secure and confident to show your interest in him. 

He Opens Up to You

Scorpio is one of the most closed, defensive signs there is. However, his hard shell covers up a very, very soft inner world. 

This guy is ultra-vulnerable. And ultra-scared of getting hurt or betrayed. 

If he is opening up to you about his past, his family, his exes, or painful memories, then he trusts you. And this is a sure-fire signal that you can proceed without worrying your advances will be taken the wrong way! 

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5 Ways to Show Him You’re Interested—Without Seeming Needy

1. Let Him Know He’s the Only One

The Scorpio man wants—no, he needs—to know that he’s the only man in your life. This is not a guy that will be happy if you have any kind of “rotation.” If he finds out you’re dating other people along with him, you can wave goodbye forever! 

The one way you can show him you’re interested in him, and only him, is to let him know in no uncertain terms that you’re not seeing anyone else, nor do you want to. 

2. Be Passionate With Him

Woman Being Passionate With A Scorpio Man

You can show your Scorpio man that you’re very interested by being completely, unabashedly passionate with him. Emotionally and physically—get totally involved in the moment, and let yourself loose! 

He will notice, and he will match you. He will love how you throw yourself into him and will drop a lot of his own defenses. 

There’s nothing needy about a woman in touch with her feelings and passions, and he will agree! 

3. Show Him He Can Rely on You

Scorpio men want to trust you. Trust is, along with passion, their biggest must-have for a happy relationship. 

Trust means that you let him know where you are, what you’ve been up to, and when you’ll be back, at least until he knows he can rely on you completely. 

Trust is sexy. Reliability is sexy. Both get him to open up. It also shows him that you’re willing to be accountable, which translates to you being serious about him. 

Of course, if you’ve just started dating, you don’t need to check in with him every moment. But be open and willing to let him know the details about your life. This will lay a strong foundation for your relationship in the long run. 

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4. Seduce Him

Seduce A Scorpio Man

With Scorpio being one of the sexiest and most sensual signs in the Zodiac, the best, most fool-proof way to show him you’re serious is to simply seduce him! 

Dig out (or buy) some drop-dead-sexy lingerie, light a couple of candles, and invite him over to your love den. Do this consistently so that he knows, without a doubt, you want and desire him. 

This is a straightforward and uncomplicated way to communicate your interest without seeming needy in the slightest. On the contrary, this will paint you as confident and in control of your sexual desires. 

5. Share Your Secrets With Him

If you want to show your interest in a Scorpio man, you need to open up to him. 

Tell him your deepest and darkest secrets. Be totally vulnerable—he finds it sexy. It will also encourage him to open up to you, and whilst he won’t do it immediately, it will happen. 

Let him know subtly that you trust him with all your baggage—pretty or not. There’s nothing this guy won’t want to hear, and once he opens up and does his own tell-all, you’ll see that your secrets probably have nothing on his! 

So, ladies, are you in love with or interested in a charismatic and addictive Scorpio man? Have you ever been hesitant to show interest? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Scorpio men have loads of secrets, but I’ve done the work and decoded him for you—check out my blog to get to know your guy better! 


Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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