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7 Reasons Why Women Fall In Love With Scorpio Men

Wondering why so many women fall in love with the Scorpio man? This irresistible sign has qualities few other men possess, and an air of sexy mystery that makes him impossible not to fall for! This, and other characteristics, make him one of the most unforgettable men you’ll ever meet. What are some of the other reasons we love Scorpio men so much? 

The truth is, Scorpio is a sign that almost all women will remember. You can never forget what it’s like to be with him. His sensuality, sexiness and mysteriousness all make him one of the more desirable signs out there! 

Of course, he does have his dark side – he’s possessive and manipulative, but that doesn’t seem to put us off at all. In fact, it might make him sexier! We do love the bad-boys, don’t we! 

In my experience as a Relationship Astrologer, these are the men that you most often find in deeply committed relationships. They don’t let go easily, and once they open up, they are one of the most sensitive, vulnerable signs you’ll ever meet. Sigh. 

So, what are some of the other reasons why women fall for the Scorpio man? Read on and find out…

7 Reasons Why Women Fall In Love With Scorpio Men

1. He’s Completely Magnetically Seductive

Scorpio men seem to have magnets inside their bodies, particularly around their eyes and in their gaze. Your knees literally melt looking at him, and once his focus is on you, it’s pretty much impossible not to feel butterflies! 

Scorpio men just have that natural seductiveness around them. They walk and talk in a way that stimulates desire in us ladies, not to mention men, too. Guys want to be him, and women want him. He doesn’t seem to make much of an effort to be this way, either! 

It’s no wonder that we fall so hard in love with theses gorgeous and sexy guys, and want to be around them all the time. He’s a little bit addictive… if you know what I mean! 

2. He’s Mysterious

Reasons Why Women Fall In Love With Scorpio Men - He’s Mysterious


We all love ourselves a little bit of mystery, right? Right! When a guy holds himself back just a little, all we want is to know more and more about him. We want to be the ones to figure out what makes him tick, what gets under his skin. 

He leads us on quiet the merry chase, this Scorpio man! This isn’t a sign that lets it all hang out, until you really get to know him. Then, once you unpack his secrets, you’ll see that he has even more secrets (even ones he’ll never share with you). This creates even more romance between you. 

After all, we’ve all got to keep a little bit of ourselves, to ourselves. And this is another reason why we love him so much. 

3. He’s Highly Sensitive

The Scorpio comes off as a super-defensive sign. He has his stinging tail and his pincers, and he is ready to strike when he feels attacked or cornered. Yes, he can be poisonous, but that’s only because he’s hyper-sensitive. 

When you really get to know him, you’ll fall deeply in love with the vulnerable boy that lives beneath the tough-man exterior. He has such deep fears of being abandoned that he does tend to act in a very defensive way. When he trusts you, though he’s all soft underbelly! 

It’s impossible not to fall in love with such a deeply intuitive and sensitive, caring human being. 

4. He Wants To Get Up Close And Personal

Reasons Women Fall For Scorpio Man

Scorpio is a sign well-known for being all or nothing. He either wants you totally, or not at all (usually the former). When he’s with you, he really wants to get to know all of you – all your secrets, hopes, fears and traumas. He wants to get under your skin, and know who you really are. 

Being seen in this way can be profoundly healing, and make you fall deeper and deep in love with him. He will never be the type to live on auto-pilot, and will always challenge you to grow, to look deepen and to look within. Phew! 

5. He’s Deep

The Scorpio man does not live in the shallow end, ever, at all. He wants to know about all the things, from aliens, to metaphysics, to life after death. A conversation with him is like taking a journey into the unknown, and exploring all kinds of topics that may have been forbidden or taboo. 

How can we not love a man who’s this deep? He’s also not afraid to touch on emotional subjects, once he’s trusted you. It’s kind of like having the best of girlfriends in a man’s sexy body – and you get to snuggle him! Win-win! 

6. He’s Oh-So-Sexy

Scorpio Man Reasons Women Fall For Him

You know that Scorpio is the “sex” sign, right? This sign rules libido, lust, desire and primal sexual energy. Let’s face it, he knows what he’s doing in the bedroom. And for most of us ladies, our hearts are directly connected to our sexuality, so it’s a no-brainer that we’d fall straight in love! 

There’s really nothing more attractive than a guy who is sexually in control, and sensitive and deep. Does it get much better than this? Well, not really. In fact, our attraction to him can get the better of our common sense, most of the time! 

And, not only does he have sex appeal inside the bedroom, but he seems to ooze with it outside as well. The way he walks, talks and acts just has your head spinning with all the delicious things you’d like to do with (and to!) him! 

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7. He’s Driven And Ambitious

As if his sexiness, sensitivity, sensuality and depth wasn’t enough, Scorpio men are often extremely ambitious, driven and successful. He’s ruled by the planet Mars, which is the planet of drive and work. He goes after what he wants with single-minded determination, knowing he will win! 

This quality also tends to make him a classic protector and provider, and he wants to look after you. He wants to take care of you, and he wants to succeed in life. He’s not content with staying at the bottom – he wants to be top dog! 

Career success therefore comes naturally, and his sense of control and leadership is highly attractive to any woman. No wonder we a fall head over heels in love with him! It’s irresistible to watch a man go out there and conquer the world, and then come back to protect his ladylove. 

Now, I’d love to know from you, my reader – are you head over heels for your Scorpio fella? What is it that you love the most about him? His seductiveness? The air of mystery around him? His successfulness, or his deep sensitivity? There is so much to adore, right? 

I just love hearing your romance stories – and they will remain completely anonymous, of course! So, go ahead and share yours in the comments section below. 

If you want to know more about how the sexy Scorpio man ticks, what gets under his skin, and how to win (and keep) his heart, then check out my Scorpio Man Secrets Book right here.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

3 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why Women Fall In Love With Scorpio Men

  1. I’m a Scorpio male…i ex wife sent this to me to read. And the Capricorn and Scorpio relationship. If you have any questions form me I will respond.

    1. Hi 1Cassanova!

      Thank you for chiming in. I hope that there was semblance of truth from your perspective. I personally love it when the men write in and give me their voice. It’s fantastic! I wish you the best!

  2. Hi Anna. I was deeply touched and extremely honored by your description of a Scorpio man, who I am. I do believe what you say is true, though I did not really know this until the last few years. I am now 51. Thank you so much for sharing such a powerful vision of the Scorpio man.

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